We have a large lot and house, however, the two car garage is filled to capacity with my Mopar restoration stuff and my 70RR convertible.  So late last year I embarked on a crusade to build a separate garage.  Since the property and area is zoned for horses, I decided to purchase a Raised Center Aisle (RCA) barn similar to the one pictured at left, with a cement floor suitable for storing vehicles and restoration gear.
30Nov04: signed a contract with MD Barns of Ontario CA for a 24ft x 36ft steel barn.  The contract specified the buyer arranges for the foundation.  In my case a 4in slab with 10 foundation piers.  So, in December I began clearing the area....and the old sheds...
Sheds demolished and
excavation underway
9Jan05:  Then THE RAINS CAME>>>  35inches in SOCAL, leaving little time for excavation work.  Local radar picture on 9 Jan: left is regional view, right is closeup showing squal line just west of my location.  Pretty intense..
12Jan:  The quagmire after the storm.  The record rainfall left only a day or two every couple weeks in Jan/Feb/Mar where the area was dry enough for tractor work.
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