THE NABs were a joke at first.  A name bestowed upon a few lovely ladies after a night of Partying at the Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous held in Grey Rocks, Wyoming 2000.
A few of us were working the bar at a party Leo threw one night.  We were getting drinks for people and serving CHERRY BOMBS.  (For all of you out there that aren't familiar with what a cherry bomb is, It's a cherry that's been soaked in Rum or Vodka for a while.)
Well...You can only serve so many cherries with your mouth before you've eaten a few yourself.  One of the young ladies working the bar decided to pass a cherry to her friend, who was also one of the NAB destined. 
It caught on.  Next thing you know, a few of us were sharing cherries between ourselves.  We eventually ran out of cherries, but that didn't stop us!  we just kept right on pretending there were cherries among the few of us.  Originally there were 3 named NABS.  I will not release the names of the original NABS as not to create akwardness with other's such as husbands or un-approving parents. 
KAREN, LIBBY, and PENNY. if youre a freak enough to find this.
The last day of Rendezvous came.  I was conversing with the girls, and it came up that Jess and Monte had
nic-named the few from the night before the N.A.B.s
It stands for
N.asty B.itch.

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