Links that we think are good
Here are some great links we think you'll like as much as we do.
Ben's List
Pet People Place is a great 'All Pets' Site to visit.
Pet Finders is a great place to go when you're looking to adopt a special friend..
Supreme Pet foods is a good site with a lot of articles on small pets.
Rainbows Bridge is a wonderful site dedicated to all creatures in their finaly resting ground.
ASPCA's website is full of articles on things from animal abuse to success stories of adoptions.
Bo's List
Go see this site. There are some really funny picture of animals are here.
Pet Humor is another funny site to see with jokes and all.
At this site it explains what type of chihuahua I am.
This site tells about the Famous Taco Bell chihuahua.
This is my absolute favorite. A online store for chihuahuas
Shadow's List
Amby's feral cats is a good site to read about poor abandoned cats.
Cat Breeders Referral Service is a good site to learn about the many breeds of cats.
Animal friendly Sayings is a site where some sayings are hurtful to us animals.
KittyCatFurballs is a great place to stop by to find some good cat sites.
The Ferret's List
Ferret Central is the best site to learn all about us ferrets.
Ferret Newsletter is full of imfo for you to read. They even have food recipes!
This place is a good place to learn about medical things on ferrets.
Yah gotta see this dance!! This is too cool!!
This is the top magazine just for ferrets. At least I think so.
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