The Ferret's Corner
Hello, my name is Olly. I am what they call a sable ferret. I am the quiet one of the two of us ferrets.  That's because I had a bit of a rough life up til the past year with Mom. I was passed onto family to family, with the last one being the hardest to live in. There was a little boy that was really rough with me. He was only 3 years old when I came to that family, and not understanding that ferrets were not toys. He even spray painted me in my cage one day, and so his Mommy had to cut most of my fur off to get the paint off me. I was always very nervous in that family.

About a year ago Mom finaly got to take me home. She took real good care of me feeding me the right foods, not dog food like before, and letting me have the run of the house. Ben was already there when I came, but he was easy to get along with.

I was with Mom, Dad, and Ben for quite a while before Mom brought Brat home. Oh my goodness, what a wild one he was! he gave me a run for my money everytime we got came out of the cage to play.

Not much time after Brat came we moved to a new home and with the new home came a kitten. She and Brat played all the time and pretty much left me alone.

Once again we moved and in time Mom brought home another pet. This time it was a dog named Bobo. Is our family complete? Will it ever be? Goodness who knows.
Ok let's make this fast. I'm  the one they call Brat, and I'm an albino ferret. I know, I know you know I'm a ferret. Anyways, I'm not as bad as what everyone say... I'm worse!

Mom brought me home from a pet shop. I was the biggest and bratiest of all the ferrets there. Mom got me for just the reason and because I was an albino. She said I had a lot of personality. So home I went with her. That was when I met Ben and Olly. They were fun, but not much pep in either of them.

Now when Shadow came I had a good time with her. She was small and gullible and I could run circles around her and beat the bageebees out of her, but she never gave up trying to get the best of me. Notice the work trying.

Recently Mom brought Bo home to us. Now there's another easy target. He's fast but I can still get the best of him. I send him off and running all the time.

Well now does that about sum it up for me? I'll be a year old soon and still wild and crazy, and proud of it. if you have any doubt just take a look at the pictures of me. If you don't see too many well that's cause Mom's camera isn't fast enough.

Well catch ya later....
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