Bo's Corner
My early days were mighty adventurous! When I left my real mommy's side I went home with a nice lady and had a good time with her and the others that lived with her, a little later in my short life I went on a  plane trip. That was scary, but I braved it out.

At our new home there was a mighty big dog that looked alot like me. .. Well in color at least. Everyone was afraid she would hurt me so they tried to keep us apart. I wasn't scared of her! It was desided I had to go, I'm not sure why, but that was everyones decision.

My next home came about when I went home with the lady that took me from the people I knew and loved. I cried all the way home and tried to get out of the car, but she held me close and talked really nice to me. I gave her a couple of kisses and she kissed me back. I knew she was going to be really nice and so I settled down next to her as she drove.

When we got to my new home I was greeted by both people and animals. Everyone made a big deal out of me and I really liked that. The only one that wanted nothing to do with me was Ben, but that didn't stop me from trying to play with him. In no time at all I was feeling right at home in this new place.

Now I'm happy to be here cause I got lots of playmates and toys, and man oh man does my new mommy spoil me! She always lets me sleep in her lap so I can stay close to her, sometimes when I get cold she covers me with her own shirt. When we go out if it's cold she put nice warm sweaters on me so I won't get cold.  I love her bunches!!!

Recently a new little girl puppy came to live with us. At first I hated her, but after awhile she sort of grew on me. Now we're as close as close can get.

I've heard that she spoils us guys too much. I don't believe so.. She just loves us and she knows how to share her love with all of us.. 
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