Things Ben Knows & His Opinions
Fist of all let me say I know everything that needs to be known by any dog and if I don't know it I don't need to know it.
Now as for as my opinions....
*I AM the boss of the house no matter what anyone says and that's all there is to it.
*My mom does not always have the best ideas. Things like hair cuts, medicines, and more pets are  just some of them.
*My mom's good ideas are going for car rides (except when going to the vet), giving people food, going for walks in the woods, and yelling at Bo when he pesters me.
*I know I'm the best there is anywhere and the others can't tell me different..
*There should not be dog food. Only people food. But wait.. some doggy treats are good so maybe some of those too.
*All dogs should be created the same size. I hate being so small.
*There should be only one pet per family.. I should NOT have to put up with all the others, but wait.. Maybe sometimes when I want to play.
*About the weather.. There should only be warm summer days, no cold damp falls or freezing winters. Late springs are ok too.
*Little kids are not little people.. They're little mosters that likes to chase me and scare me, possibly hurting me if they can catch me.
Here are some of the things I like and don't like.
* I like anything to eat that Mom likes to eat, or at least I'll have a try at it.
* I like to stay close to Mom at all times, except when Dad has more room on the couch without Bo.
* I like to go for walks with Mom, Dad, and Paige.
* I like to go for car rides except when they end up at the vets.
* I like to boss everyone around. Even Mom when I can.
* I like when Mom treats me like the special one that I am.

* I don't like rain or snow. It's cold and makes me itchy.
* I don't like most dog foods, and won't eat them unless that's all there is to eat.
* I don't like anyone touching my bones. they're mine and that's all you need to know.
* I don't like when Bo takes my bed. It was mine before he came to live here, so he shouldn't use it.
* I don't like little kids. Paige is an exception as long as she knows her boundries.
* I don't like it when Bo tries to make me play with him.
* I don't like when people yell and fight. it makes me very nervous.
* I don't like being picked up unless I want to be picked up.
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