Annie's Corner
Warning... This is not just another cute face!
As you can see I'm a very tiny puppy. I was born 3/26/05. Mommy says it's almost exactly 1 year after Bo was born and so it must of been an omen that I came to live here.
When I first came here Bo was very jealous of me and tried to keep mommy from me, but as the days went by he and I soon became good friends. Now he lets me eat from his dish and sleep with him in the bed. We are the best of friends now.
When I first met the ferrets they scared me something awful, but I soon got brave with them and now I chase them around... even though they're the same size as me.
I love to go outside with the boys, but I use to get cold easily at first and so Mommy made me a sweater out of a sock to keep me warm.
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