Impressions of the wonderful Den Bosch
Sint Jan
We start our tour at the Sint Jan. The Sint Jan is the most wellknown cathedral in Den Bosch. It is a huge medieval building in the center of the Parade square. Sint Jan has beautiful interiordecorating. The People of Den Bosch are religious and light candles for Maria, who is believed to be the safe keeper of our town.
The parade square
To the left of the Sint Jan we see the animated Parade Square. Many people visit the pubs there on the weekends. It is a very animated and lively place and filled with youngsters in the summer holidays. The best place when you are a tourist.
The North Brabant Museum
In the Verwerstraat you can find our hometown's museum. It is just behind the parade and easily to find. In this museum you can get to know everything about the history of Den bosch. There is a lot to find out cause we are a cultural town.
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