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The Doylestown Daily Intelligencer - June 1, 1980

Here's a game description for the Phils' May 31 victory over Chicago. Steve Carlton pitched seven shutout innings to win his 9th of the season, while Mike Schmidt hit two home runs, his 15th and 16th of the season.

From The June 1, 1980 edition of The Doylestown Daily Intelligencer:

Schmidt's 2 Help Carlton Beat Chicago

by the Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Mike Schmidt's home-run hitting in Wrigley Held has become legend, but the Philadelphia slugger insists it wasn't always so.

"I've had great success in the last four or five years here," said Schmidt, who blasted two homers Saturday to lead Steve Carlton and the Phillies to a 7-0 victory over Chicago.

"When I first came to this park I had a lot of trouble hitting," said1 Schmidt. "It took me awhile to learn that you don't have to pull everything to hit it out. All you have to do is sit back and wait and don't overreact."

Schmidt sat back and waited, "went with the pitch" and homerd onto the right field catwalk.

"It was a good pitch out and away," said Schmidt. "I got the meat part of the bat on it. I'll admit the wind took it out but even on a normal day it would at least have been a double. But I'll take the homer."

His homer in the seventh, and major league-leading No. 16, came off reliever Bill Caudill.

"It was a fastball, out," said Schmidt. "I know Caudill has a good fastball and when the count went to 2-2 I figured he'd challenge me."

Carlton didn't get a chance to complete his third shutout of the season and was lifted by Manager Dallas Green in the seventh.

"He pitched three very quick innings in a row," said Green, "and he struggled a little in the seventh, so I decided to give him a rest. Shutouts and complete games aren't important to me and I'm sure they're not to Lefty (Carlton)."

Carlton was asked the same question but refused to answer.

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