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YAMI no MATSUEI (Descendants of Darkness)

Can I say.. kawaii  TSUZUKI?  Yes!!!  And I love Tsuzuki and Hisoka together.  Okay.. So I have entertained the thought of Muraki getting Tsuzuki or even Hisoka but then... I am into true love.  So sue me.  I have this fantasy that Tsuzuki and Hisoka are indeed in love with each other. *smiles

[Note: August 11, 2007] Waaaaa... I miss my Tsuzuki!!! But, but, I can't find any good fics out there.  Care to point me to one?

Updated: 07/01/04
A Wing Short of Flying

by: Kireira
AU / Drama / Angst

(I have no summary for this fic... Can't find the words.  I'm still choked on some emotional high and well, I'll probably write one as soon as I get down from it.)

by: Sleeps With Coyotes

He loves me, He loves me not.

(Boy, this is too cute for words. Talk about misunderstandings to certain degrees ^^ But, everything worked out just fine in the end.)


by: WolfPilot06

Sometimes, Hisoka was positively adorable. This was not, of course, something Tsuzuki ever dared say out loud to his volatile partner, but he thought it nonetheless.
And Thou  

by: Sleeps With Coyotes
Humor / Fluff

True confessions and whipped cream

by: Kaori and Karasu
Drama / Romance / Epic

YnM/X crossover. The Shinigami are sent to investigate Kotori's death and get caught up in the end of the world. With our special changes, of course.
Black Leather  

by: Rina K. Fenderson
Angst / Drama / Romance / Lemon

The much awaited sequel of Rope Tether.  This time, the tables are turned and it's now Tsuzuki's turn to save the one that he loves.  Would he finally save Hisoka from Muraki? Or would Muraki forever play puppeteer in their life? (Archived @ Everlasting)
Breakfast in Bed

by: Rinoa
Smutt / Lemon

A sequel to Dinner For Two, the morning after. Will they go at it like rabbits now? Will Hisoka be grumpy and sore? Will Tsuzuki do something stupid? WHO'S ON TOP?! Read and find out.
Can You Keep a Secret  

by: Nashi Hane
Sap / Fluff  / Lemon / POVs

Here is a cute POV of Hisoka and Watari about their respective loves.  Read on.  This is one nice and sweet NC17 that had the misfortune of being taken down when banned the said rating. (Archived @ Everlasting)
Comfort Comes  

by: Katsue:
Sappy / Lemon / PWP

After a tough assignment Tsuzuki & Hisoka find comfort in one another.
Dance Partners

by: Lady Jade
NC17 / Romance

Watari has plans to help Tsuzuki get together with Hisoka.

by: Lockeheart
Romance / Angst

Everybody wants something, whether they deserve it or not. Strange and disturbing events are being set in motion and uncertainties abound. Tsuzuki and Hisoka are drawn into chaos that will leave no one unchanged. Post Kyoto fic. (Finished....)
Dinner for Two

by: Rinoa
Fluff / Lemon

Tsuzuki offers Hisoka a nice dinner in a fancy (ok, cheap) restaurant. It proves to be a blush fest for poor Hisoka, with an oblivious Tsu-puppy, yaoi-crazed waitresses, and oh, yes, the dessert!
Drowning in Dreams

by: catalytic
Angst / Romance

A demoness possesses Hisoka and feeds on his traumatized soul, and guess who's got to save him?
Falling is like this  

by: Kouri Arashi
Angst / Drama / Romance / POV

Sequel for Live Through and Somewhere I have never been. The 3rd and last arc. Hisoka starts losing his powers, new characters show up to screw with the plot, and of course there's a bunch of cliffhangers and Muraki is a bitch.
Finding a Place to Belong

by: Snowdancer
Drama / angst

Post Kyoto - Tsuzuki and Hisoka struggle to overcome their fears together, or perhaps recent events might drive them even further apart...
Five Years in five days

by: Rina K. Fenderson
Romance / Lemon

Fallen victim of one of Watari's concocted potions, Hisoka experienced life as an adult for five days. How did he spend it?  How would he react come the 6th day?  (Archived @ Everlasting)

by: Sushisama
Romance / Lemon

First part to my YnM trilogy, which I am re-uploading. This part is set during the Devil Trill Arc, when Tsuzuki is under possession.

by: Sushisama
Angsty / Lemon / Romance

Sequel to Forgiven. Hisoka finds out about Hijiri and Tsuzuki and lets himself get involved with another. Het, my friends (my one and -only-), between Hisoka and Tsubaki. During the third arc of the series

by: Shusisama
Lemon / Romance / Sap

Last part of my ynm trilogy. Hisoka finally admits his feelings for Tsuzuki after the last episode of the anime
Heart to Heart 

by: Starza

An in-depth look on Tsuzuki and Hisoka's relationship.   What happens when Tsuzuki confesses a secret to Hisoka?   How does Hisoka handle it?
"Hisoka, You're Blushing" 

by: Rinoa and Starza
Fluff / Lemon

Co-written with Starza. We played in AIM, and this is what happened. Remind me never to let Tsuzuki in my head again ^_^ Plot? Is there one? Well, Hisoka's buying dinner and Tsuzuki acts stupid. What more do you need? And there's lemon!

by: Nataku

Post-Kyoto, pre-GenSouKai. Can Hisoka shed the shackles of his past and forge a new history for himself and his partner?

by: Lockeheart

Watari has plans to help Tsuzuki get together with Hisoka.
Kyoto Epilogue 

by: Sailor Mac
Lemon / Romance / Sap

Tsuzuki and Hisoka go to a seaside resort to recover from the events of the last arc of the TV series. But what was Tatsumi's *real* motivation for sending them there. . .and what about those couple of presents Watari snuck into Tsuzuki's suitcase?
Little Things  

by: Sleeps With Coyotes

Little things that happened in Hisoka's life, ones that lead him to where he is now... in Tsuzuki's arms.
Lineage of Blood  

by: Rina K. Fenderson
Angst / Romance / Dark / Lemon

A dream is connecting Hisoka to Muraki, but what is it?  What is the connection that made Muraki want, not only to torture, but to kill the boy as well, permanently.  (Archived @ Everlasting)
Live Through

by: Kouri Arashi
Angsty / Drama / POV

In a word...: Post-series fic, trying to come to terms with what happened and get back to a normal (after) life, when things start to go wrong. Do check out the doujinshi made for this fic below....
Nothing if not by your side  

by: Crimson
Romance / Fantasy

Depressed for being forever trapped inside a 16 year old body, Hisoka sought Watari's help.  The consequence?  One that would change Hisoka's life forever ^^;;  (Archived @ Everlasting)
Outside looking in

by: Asidian
PG13 / Angst / Romance

Certain that he has a fail proof formula, Watari makes Hisoka a potion to dampen his empathy around crowds. And it would have worked. But... no one counted on Tsuzuki helping himself to the rest
Rest of forever

by: Asidian
Angst / Romance

Fighting his way through an assignment with no evidence to start from, Hisoka falls into Muraki's hands. Tsuzuki would give anything to get his partner back... but the doctor doesn't seem interested in bargains.
Rope Tether

by: Rina K. Fenderson
Angst / Drama / Romance / Lemon

In this fic, Hisoka saves Tsuzuki from Muraki's clutches and ended up saving not only Tsuzuki himself but maybe Tsuzuki's soul as well.  A must read for all Tsuzuki and Hisoka fans.  (Archived @ Everlasting)


by: Amet
Read warnings on different parts

Since shortly before his death, Hisoka has been plagued by dreams foreshadowing events as they will come to pass in Kyoto. As he begins his new life in Meifu he must make a choice, to allow himself to love his new partner as his visions predict, or push him away in the hope that the timeline will be altered enough to avoid the destruction that awaits them both in Touda's fire. An AU series that follows the timeline of the anime with a slightly different perspective. (Still in progress...)
Somewhere I have never been  

by: Kouri Arashi
Angsty / Drama / Romance / POV

The much-requested sequel to Live Through. Lots of Akimiya's back story and Hisoka trying to figure his new partner out, while having some difficulties along the way.
Summer's Day

by: Brigdh
Lemon / Angsty

Hisoka and Tsuzuki on a freaking hot day with a cup of ice and some freaking hot sex. Existentialist porn, you’ve gotta love it.
Sunday-Morning Quest

by: Talya Firedancer

Tsuzuki takes Hisoka on a Sunday-morning quest
The Exorcism of Demons

by: Akasha
Romance / Mild Horror / Lemon

Hisoka is learning to deal with his demons with the help of Tsuzuki. Muraki can't have that! He wants his doll back...  (Archived @ Everlasting)

by: Sephy
Read warnings on different parts's the quiet of a storm approaching that I fear the most ...

Acting on unspoken desires, a dangerous encounter binds Tsuzuki and Hisoka together. As past consequences return to haunt them, falling in love may prove their undoing. An AU storyline that loosely follows the anime/manga beginning with events in the Devil's Trill as Sagadalius' actions irrevocably alters the timeline. (Still in progress...)

(This series is not a new recommendation or a brand new fic, I just used the image that represents this series... This series includes, Sympathy for the Devil and Falling into Grace.)

Though I Walk Through the Valley

by: Kouri Arashi
Romance / Mild Horror / Lemon

This is basically a case-fic; souls are turning up too early and with no memories to boot. Hisoka and Tsuzuki are sent to investigate and get in heaps of trouble, naturally compounded by Muraki being a bitch.
The Pool Incident

by: Rinoa
Fluff / Mild Angst / Smutt

Tsuzuki makes a tiny mistake teleporting himself. Results?
Touch of Joy

by: Brigdh
Sap / Ficlet

Waking up is hard to do.

(I don't normally recommend ficlets but... this fic just touches something inside me, so, here it is.)


by: Whitney
Sap / Lemon

(A very cute Tsuzuki and Hisoka fic... )
Your Heart, My Soul 

by: Rina K. Fenderson
Angst / Romance / Lemon

Warning: Hisoka torture at best.  
Rape... Physical abuse... Mental torture...  experiences that Hisoka had undergone once and now... twice.   Would Hisoka survive it?  Read on and see how this angst became one of my favorite YnM fic.  (Archive @ Everlasting)
Yami no Kenzoku  

by: Kira 
Angst / Romance

An aftermath of Yami no Matsuei story (TV series)
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