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Old Updates


New fic recommendation in Gundam Wing page... *chuckles* I don't read much of any fandom anymore *winks*


Updated: Naruto and Gundam Wing section....  I have a Yami no Matsuei in progress of reading so maybe that's for the next update.

Thank you again to those who emails me recs!!! Appreciate it much :D


Nope.. Not DEAD yet... And I don't think it will ever be.  I love reading fics, and as long as I do then... ^^ I'm just sorry for the delay. 

Anyway, for the updates.

I have lots in the GW and Naruto section, as to be expected since I mostly read about those two fandom nowadays ^^ The others I have updated also; broken links of FMA and author name change as requested.  As for the others, I have notes :) 

That's all folks.  Hope I update soon ^^


Guys!!! I am terribly sorry for the DELAY!!!  Work's been taking too much of my time ^^ However... I just wanna say that I'm not gonna close down this site, EVER! Since this is like HOME away from HOME for me, if you guys get what I mean. 

Anyway, for the updates, I still only have Gundam Wing and....

  • GW: New fic and updates
  • Fake: Fake: After the Manga Arc is still being continued by Kracken ^^  Help me push her into writing more by feeding her some plot bunnies c")  Go visit her site and journal
  • Fake: Also, updated link to the fic "Shiatsu".  Huge thanks goes to the author herself for pointing me in the right direction ^^ (mild edit - 03/15/2006).
  • Slamdunk:  Removed a fiction by author's wishes.
  • Ai no Kusabi: Taming Riki is now finally finished!!! (mild edit - 03/15/2006)

That's all folks.  Hope I update soon ^^


Not much update since all I have are all GW fics.  Sorry, this is the fandom that I read fiction the most. Can you blame me? Damn good writers, a bunch of them is ^^

  • GW: New fic and updates


Sorry for the delay, again, have no reason this time except being busy with stuffs.  I"m not gonna leave or close this site, however, no matter how long it takes before I update.  I love this site. This is MY site and it'll keep on going as long as I have fics to read.  And in line with that, I am inserting a new page for new animes/mangas that I'm following right now.  . 

  • FMA: New fic
  • GW: New fic and updates
  • Saiyuki: New fics posted and fixed broken links
  • Other fandom: Created this one and will be adding more later


God, it's been more than a month!!! I'm terribly sorry, everyone, for making you guys wait that long.  Well, I hope this update shows that I'm still here and this site's still alive and keeping. I'll try to update sooner next time. *crosses fingers behind back*

  • Ai no Kusabi: New Fic and Update from Taming Riki
  • Slamdunk: New fics posted as well as fixed broken links
  • Saiyuki: New fics posted and fixed broken links


First off, I'm really really sorry for the long delay in updates, I'll try to speed things up along next time.

  • NEW
    • Full Metal Alchemist: Added --> A Thorough Study // Accidents Happen // And On This Night // Boys Like to Play // Blue Fiction // Foreplay
    • Gundam Wing: Added --> Thanatos  // Shinigami's Lover Arc V // Midnight Tea
    • Ai no Kusabi: Taming Riki --> updated with new link to author's fic archive
    • Gundam Wing: Tangled in the Web // The Ion Series // Broken Warriors
    • Gundam Wing: Lawless Hearts --> Finished
    • Naruto: Of Sacrifices and Love --> Finished

    I'll update Saiyuki next time, promise.



  • Hikaru no Go: Added --> Immeasurable Time
  • GetBackers: Added --> Estre and Written
  • Gravitation: Added --> Cheap Perfume
  • Naruto: Added --> Evolution, Random Mission, Initiation, Of Sacrifices and Love, and Spiral Falling.
  • Prince of Tennis: Added --> A Medicine with Spice, Table Games, For 9500 Yen, Perfect Schedule and Sweet Silence.
    • Ai no Kusabi: Taming Riki --> updated with new link to author's fic archive
    • Gravitation: Fast Forward by: Aja ---> Finished
    • Fixed Naruto and PoT links.


    • Hikaru no Go: Balance by Sailor Mac ---> Finished


  • NEW:
    • Gundam Wing: Broken Warriors by pyrzm
    • Hikaru no Go: Balance by Sailor Mac
    • Fixed dead "fanfiction" links: Hikaru no Go

    (I'll fix the other links in a day or two, promise. Major thanks to, if not for her, I'd still be clueless about's changing the story display URLs from the old "/read.php to shorter forms.)

    (If you guys have any other fics to rec, just drop me a line ^^ I'll be updating within the month again)


  • NEW:
    • Fake: Two new fics by Wildefyre's
    • Get Backers: Three new ficcies
    • Gundam Wing: One ficcie by Dev-Aki Basaa
    • Fixed dead "fanfiction" links: Fake // FMA // Get Backers // Gravitation // Gundam Wing

    (I'll fix the other links in a day or two, promise. Major thanks to, if not for her, I'd still be clueless about's changing the story display URLs from the old "/read.php to shorter forms.)


  • NEW:
    • Gundam Wing: Two new fics from Dyna Dee, and the Fics I loved from the "Moment's of Rapture's 2x1 Lemon Contest Reader's Choice"
    • A winamp slin of Hikaru and Akira (Hikaru no Go)
    • Gravitation
    • Ai no Kusabi
    • Gundam Wing


  • NEW: Ai no Kusabi / Gundam Wing
  • UPDATED: Gravitation / Ai no Kusabi / Gundam Wing


  • NEW: Gundam Wing / Yami no Matsuei
  • UPDATED: Gundam Wing
  • NEXT UPDATE: Gundam Wing / Prince of Tennis / Naruto

06/28/04: MAJOR UPDATE!!!!

Sooooo sorry for the long delay in updating but as you can see, I've been busy :p Some links - on your left - won't work since I'm still working on it. I only rushed finishing this site so you guys can have fun reading my new selections.

  • Finally revamped this site and added five (5) new anime fic recs; Full Metal Alchemist, GetBackers, Hikaru no Go, Naruto, and Prince of Tennis ^^ Hope you guys get to enjoy!

  • Added fic recs for: Ai no Kusabi, Gravitation, Gundam Wing, Slamdunk, Saiyuki, and Yami no Matsuei.

06/06/04: Fixed Gravitation broken links ^^ No new recs or anything but I'll be posting something very sooooooooooooooon!!!

05/28/04: No updates really. Just wanna inform you guys that I'm currently busy with revamping this site. Not a whole new layout thingy or anything. I haven't developed the knack to be a creative webmistress or anything overnight ^^ It's still pathetically simple but with some additions to the page.

Watch out for recommended fics of Naruto, Prince of Tennis, and Full Metal Alchemist just to name a few :p Hope you guys don't get impatient with me or anything :p I'd still be updating the other pages. So watch out for it.

04/09/04: So sorry for the delay everyone. And to answer some of the emails I've been receiving... NO! I am not sick and NO! and I am not closing EVERLASTING. I have been having trouble getting online lately since my sister started hogging the PC. I know that's really not an excuse but that's what's happening. 

Anyway, have new fic recs for FAKE, GW, and Yami no Matsuei. Also, I would like to inform you that I might be moving this site very soon. But don't worry, I'll have the link up and posted before you guys could email me again ^^

03/20/04: So sorry for not updating for quite a time, everyone. Been rather busy with other animes ^^ Anyway. I don't have an update for now but I do promise that I'll have something new for you guys very soon.  Promise. I won't abandon this webbie of mine, be rest assured of that.


01/24/04: New fic recs for Gundam Wing, Fake, and Yami no Matsuei

01/03/04: Happy New Year everyone!!!!!  So sorry if it took me this long before updating ^^  Anyway, I have some stuffs for you guys to enjoy.

  • Gundam Wing: Dragonheart (Finished) // New fic recs up for reading // New contest // New Fanfiction site linked // Got an AFFILIATE

  • Slamdunk: New fic recs up for reading.

  • Ai no Kusabi: Finally!!! Got something new for this anime and it's from an author who is really good at writing.  Go check it out.

  • Fake: New Fic Recs

  • Gravitation: New Fic Recs

  • Yami no Matsuei: New Fic Recs

  • Saiyuki: New Fic Rec

[Older Updates]



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