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Expect nothing but some of the best written fics of RuHana out there.  These selections are written proofs that SD writers can be up to par with writers of other fandoms.  Yeah, they could.   Just stick around and try some of the fics down below.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  

[Note: August 11, 2007] Hey there... Sorry for the long absence.  Just an FYI... RuHanaRu IS STILL my One True Pairing.  However, there aren't any fics out there, I know of, that catches my attention.  If YOU have a rec, then feel free to email it to me.  I'd be happy to look at it ^^

Updated: 08/11/2007
A Conversation in the Bleachers

by: Annie D
Romance / Fluff

Rukawa's watching but then got interviewed by someone unexpected.
A Redhead's Guide to Ballroom Dancing 

by: Liez
Slight AU / Romance

Set in Sakuragi Hanamichi's third year. The annual school prom is impending. Hanamichi realizes that his dancing skills are less than adequate, and goes in search of a dancing instructor. Who looks suspiciously like Rukawa Kaede.
A RuHana Trilogy

by: Liez
Romance / Sap / Slight Angst

(I don't have a summary of this but you guys know it's from Liez, right?  So.. Do I really need any summary to hint what's inside? ^_~)
Black and Red

by: Tsuki
AU / Romance / Dark

Sakuragi is a very powerful vampire, and falls in love with Rukawa
Bouncing Baby Sakuragi 

by: Shi-chan
Romance / Fluff

Sakuragi is a victim of Kogure's experiment. Now that he is a toddler again, he has opposite views on Rukawa, the boy who secretly loves him greatly. The toddler loves Rukawa but will feelings be the same when he is back to normal?

by: Chibi Angel
Romance / Fluff / Slight Humor

Valentine's day is close at hand and Rukawa decided that he would bake chocolates to declare his love for his Do'aho.
Cookie Jar Smile

by: Annie D.
Romance / Fluff / Slight Humor

During a study session at Akagi's place, the boys are acting rather strangely.
Cuff Me

by: Dementia_12
Lemon / Romance

Sakuragi's teasing lead to a confession which almost left him... unsatisfied.
Dating Problems

by: Ewon

(Sequel of "Watching Him") New into the relationship, how would the two star basketball player face their new found relationship and the troubles that lays ahead?
Do I Really?

by: Luv Angel
Romance / Fluff / Slight Humor

Hanamichi is having a tough time dealing with his unstable emotion towards Rukawa.

by: Rali
Slight Angst / Romance / Drama / Lime

Sakuragi's got amnesia and Rukawa offered to take care of him.  Would something develop between the two?

by: Glacier
Humor / Fluff

Rukawa gets teased by wearing glasses
I Want A Divorce

by: KT
Lemon / YAOI

Rukawa came home one night and was shocked to hear that Sakuragi was divorcing him.  What would Rukawa do?
Just Pretend 

by: White Fox
Angst / Lemon / Dark

Someone from Sakuragi's past claimed the redhead from Rukawa. Would Rukawa be able to save his love or would he forever lose him?
Our Day

by: Sailor Mercury
Romance / Fluff

A special RuHana day fic
Outside, Looking In

by: Chibi Angel
Romance / Fluff

Sendoh's feelings towards a love he fails to have.
Pay Attention Please 

by: Annie D
Romance / Fluff

Written for the sole purpose of bringing Rukawa and Sakuragi together within a relatively canon setting.

by: Laree
Humor / Male Pregnancy

How does Rukawa, Sendoh, and Mitsui cope with their respective pregnant lovers?
Reminisce With Me

by: Ju
Romance / Fluff

RuHana day special fic, 2003

by: Glacier
Humor / Fluff

Time to get pictures for the school yearbook and bets were flying as to who gets to make Rukawa smile.
That Sunday

by: Noor
Humor / Shonen-ai

Yohei finds our Hanamichi's secret.  (Sequel to "The Play")
The Big Day

by: Laree
Humor / Male Pregnancy

(Sequel to Pregnancy)  Thoughts that ran inside a father-to-be's head.
The Blackenwhite Academy of Esoteric Studies  

by: Nagyra
AU / Mystery / Slight Angst / Romance

Hisashi Mitsui thought of himself as a normal 17-year old boy who lived with his three other friends and took in various part-time jobs for a living. That was until a brick wall opened up into an archway right before his eyes and out of it stepped a kind-looking boy who brought with him a whole new world altogether.
The Gifted society is a variety of human beings possessing certain abilities that "normal" people aren't capable of. In the center of this community are four elite Academies that focus on cultivating the Gifts of their young members. Mitsui finds himself thrust into the world of Blackenwhite Academy--the top school among the four--and in the middle of a conspiracy that may very well involve the fall of the whole Gifted race.
The Birthday Present

by: Noor
Sappy / Romance

A special gift worthy for our beloved redhead. Rukawa's love.
The Carnival

by: Noor
Humor / Fluff

How does the Shohoku team spend a day at the carnival? With plenty of noise and trouble! (A sequel to "The Play'" and "That Sunday").
The Importance of Being Straightforward 

by: Nagyra
Romance / Humor

When Rukawa finally decides to confess his feelings to Sakuragi, Mitsui and Miyagi enter and insist that he do it with a little more "style". Needless to say, disaster strikes.

The Letter

by: Asura
Angst /  Drama / Lemon

Hana's secret drove a wedge into his and Rukawa's relationship whilst Rukawa's drove them apart. Could true love salvage their relationship or would it forcibly keep them apart?

(Here's the fic that spurred me to write.  At that time, this fic truly made me feel.  Truly made me wanna reach out and do something.  I even pleaded with Asura to make it a happy ending ^^;; Good thing that she did.  She dedicated the epilogue to me ^_^)

The Key

by: Shi Lin

Sometimes actions speaks louder than words
The Play

by: Noor
Humor / Shonen-ai

The Shohoku Basketball Team is in a play.  And guess who plays what and what came out of it ^^
To Love You Again

by: Noor
AU / Romance / Slight Angst / Lime

A fic about love that transcends through time (A parody of the Hong Kong movie "Dream Lovers")
The Tensa's Devil

by: Crystal Arie
Romance / Supernatural

Hanamichi's himself, Rukawa's the son of Satan...

by: Shi Lin
Lemon / sort of PWP

Sakuragi follows Rukawa home one day after practice and things just progress after that.
Watching Him

by: Ewon

Rukawa's silent pursuit of Hanamichi....
You First, Me Next  

by: Nagyra
Lemon / Romance

Sakuragi has been going out with Rukawa for more than a year. Everything was blissfully perfect until it came to a point when Hanamichi started finding the relationship "boring". It was time to do some spicing up with a little help from Sendoh and Koshino. (This fic is archived here @ Everlasting)
You Knew

by: Zeynel
Lemon / PWP

A steamy moment between Rukawa and Sakuragi witnessed by their peers.  How would Rukawa react? 
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