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Heero and Duo... 1x2/2x1... What can I say?  I have just fallen in love with this pairing. Hence the number of fics listed below.  I just can't help it.  I find myself drawn to this pairing as much as I am towards my first love -- Rukawa and Sakuragi of Slamdunk. 

I really can't say much about Heero and Duo though that hasn't been said and done by those who adore this pairing like I do.  All I can do is to point you in the right direction.  Check out the links page and you might just find what you need.

As for the fics.... Expect angst!!!  Yup.  After skimming through the selections, I couldn't help but notice that the majority of fics I've chosen were of angsty nature.  Expect some Duo torture, beatings, rape, and so forth.  BUT... like in most stories or fairy tales, where there's a damsel in distress, there awaits her knight in shining armor.  In this case, a knight in gundamiun alloy piloted by the darling Heero Yuy. *winks*  OOCness is a given if you consider the fact that we haven't really seen the Gundam Pilots 'in love'.  

It was a rather taxing job finding the fics I want since there are tons of Heero x Duo fics lying out there.  TONS!!!  I highly suggest reading the other fics written by the respective authors.  I linked most fics to the authors' websites so you guys have the option to read some of their works as well.  Like I said, your taste may not be the same as mine but we might have something in common.

By the way... the contests I linked there on your left IS the current/ongoing contest for this year -- 2003.  If you wanna read the entries for 2002 then I suggest clicking this page's sister ^_^ (look's down on Author's S-Z)

And oh... A clarification of sort... the sites you found on your left is in by no any means sorted by any classification.  I didn't place those links on the first or second page with favoritism as basis.  Nope.  That's not the case.  I urge you to visit each sites I linked in both GW page since they are all worth it.  Believe me.

As for the fics, I apologize for the shortage of choices for now. Rest assured that I'll add some new fics soon enough.

Note: I didn't include the fics listed below in any 'authors' pick list' since there are various authors who have written stories specifically for these arc. 

The Sabintha Stories are the "Captures" these women have submitted to be admitted into Sabintha's exclusive yaoi video club.

The Death ARC

A Gundam Wing/Yuu*Yuu*Hakusho crossover. Winner of "Best Crossover" in the Nanashi fanfic contest (GW)

[Authors A - F] ------- Updated: 02/28/2008 (look for the * on your left) ------- [Authors G - L]
A Boyfriend for Daddy

by: Artemis
Romance / Slight Angst

(Prequel for All I want for Christmas) Two lonely hearts meet.
A First Time

by: Fancy Figures
AU / NC17

Written as a follow on from True Colours.
A Lesson Learned

by: Fancy Figures
NC17 / Angsty / slight BDSM

Duo is the most tolerant, the most easygoing of young men. His friendship is taken for granted — perhaps even abused. But he's not prepared to let that situation continue — there's been a change of plan. (An entry in Moment's of Rapture's 2004  2x1 Lemon Contest Reader's Choice Check out the site for the prize art and other wonderful entries.)
A Life of My Own  

by: Dia-chan
Heavy angst / Duo's POV

(Before you start reading, let me warn you that this is a male preggie fic.  Expect OOCness but don't let that deter you from reading this.  It's good.  It's a POV, and I seldom read one let alone recommend it.  Catch my drift?)

by: Caroline
Romance / AU / Lemon

A serial killer is stalking the streets. Duo has a psychic vision which could lead him into danger. Can Heero keep him safe while they try to solve the crime?  
All I Want for Christmas

by: Artemis
Romance / Slight Angst

(A very cute fic... Just when you thought Santa's not all that 'appealing' what with huge tummy, beard, and being old and all ^^ But this... Heh, I wouldn't mind believing in Santa again if he comes with dark-unruly-brown hair, and clear cobalt eyes :p )

by: Dev-Aki Basaa

(This is the first sidestory for Mission Details...  Do read, Shoul've Been You, Mission Details, this one, and then Traumatizing the dog.. In that order.)

by: Fancy Figures
AU / NC17

Another one-shot written to follow on from True Colours.
An Invitation

by: Dyna Dee

Heero reflects on his life and he finds himself twenty-years old and bored. Then one day, out of the blue, comes a strange card in the mail, an invitation, but to what?

by: Artemis
Angst / Violence / Lemon / AU

A Japanese businessman gets more than he bargained for when he arrives in Chicago.
Best Wishes

by: Fancy Figures
Lime / YAOI

What do you get the boy who has everything for his birthday? Duo knows what he wants. Heero knows what he's going to get. Enjoy their journey there!
Blood of Peace  

by: 0083
Angst / Sap / Violence /  Hint of citrus / AU

(I don't have a summary for this fic as of now since I couldn't formulate the words just yet.  I have just finished reading this and may I say that it is one fine work.  Though it's AU, the story didn't steer far from the story itself yet it has allure all on its own.  I love the YAOI part of the story and the characters as well.  Slight OOCness are to be expected but the story calls for it.  Read this.. I recommend it.) 
Breaking Predestination  

by: Erin Cayce
 Heavy angst / Duo's POV

Heero checks out an unidentified ship and comes face to face with his estranged lover, Duo. But it's a Duo who has aged 20 years.
Children of the Revolution 

by: Amethyst Maiden
 LEMON /Angst / Sap / Strange Humor

The proverbial wartime introspective, set some time after Siberia. In the wake of Heero’s attempt at self-destruction, Duo’s insecurities come out to play. In a world where love is a liability, is there any hope for their relationship?  (Here's a fic that depicts what 'reality' is supposed to be for two people trying to hold a relationship amidst the hardships of war.)
Close Proximity (scroll down below)

by: Fancy Figures
AU / NC17

Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy are members of the highly specialised Project Team, dealing with those matters that are too sensitive for normal political channels.  But there was a time when they were something very much more than that – until one particular mission went horribly wrong. Duo is in retreat from this past when a visit from his colleagues brings shocking news. They also bring him a most unwelcome visitor – Heero Yuy.  Now he’s forced to work with Heero again, in a situation that’s both claustrophobic and highly dangerous.  He will have to reconsider his perceptions, his loyalties – and his desires.
Coming Home

by: Dyna Dee
Angst / Romance

A Christmas story. Heero returns after eight years hoping for closure as well as answers to questions that have plagued him regarding Duo's unexpected marriage to Wufei. But getting answers from Duo Maxwell was never an easy task.
Cross My Heart 

by: Becca Abbott
Drama / Slight angst / Slightly AU

After the war, Preventer Heero Yuy goes undercover in a Martian prison to hunt for an illegal weapons factory. However, his mission takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that his inside contact is none other than Duo Maxwell, convicted felon -- and former lover. (I just so love a protective and sweet Heero.)
Dance with the Demons

by: Blue Soaring
Violence /  AU / Lemon /' Swearing

Duo's a hunter who hunts for evil and was a good one at that.  So good that his aid was enlisted by a high ranking vampire by the name of Heero Yuy.  Could Duo resist the dark haired lord's charm?  (Man, this fic is really... Just don't let the pairings weird you out.  At first, I admit, I was confused.  But you'll be enlightened as you read along.  Promise.)
Dark Cloud Rising

by: Dyna Dee
AU / Fantasy

A young boy labeled as a dark cloud, an object of superstition and charity, rises unexpectedly from his lowly state.
Darkness at Dawn

by: Ashkara
AU / Action / Adventure / Romance

The world faces nothing less than complete annihilation at the hands of an ancient evil, and all that stands in its way are four chosen warriors, an angel warrior, one King, a nobleman, and hope...
Disinhibiting Heero 

by: Becca Abbott
Drama / Slight angst / Slightly AU

When an assault and battery incident landed Heero Yuy in his office, Preventer staff psychologist, Zechs Merquise, faced the challenge of his short career. Fortunately for them both, they had an unexpected ally -- Duo Maxwell.
Down the Road

by: Dyna Dee
AU / angsty

The road to nowhere leads to something special.
Duo's Demise  

by: Dyna Dee
 Heavy angst / Duo's POV

Feeling betrayed by his lover and friends, Duo makes a drastic decision.  (This is not a deathfic mind you but a turnabout and for the better)
Enslaving Heero

by: Akuma
Lemon / BDSM / Adults only


After the war, Heero realizes he can't live without orders and sought to find someone who will not knowing that the next orders he'll get would be quite different from the ones he was used to. (This is fic is not for those who ARE NOT into any sort of bondage whatsoever!!!  I've been following this story for like... I dunno, months, and though I would normally find this type rather... OOC, seeing how docile Heero has become, it kinna drew me in.  Take the BDSM's acts aside, there is a certain charisma of reading a submissive Heero and a dominant Duo.  Finished)

Falling Sideways

by: Blue Soaring
AU / Romance / Sap

Ticked by how their peers' often calls then a 'couple', Duo concocted a plan to have him and Heero act the part, just to prove a point that they weren't. However, much to both boys' surprise, the joke turned on them.  (Do read this fic, it's fun I tell you and it's not really sappy.  Just... cute ^^;;)
Firting with Death

by: Dyna Dee

Duo's often death-defying antics earn the concern of his fellow pilots, and Heero is about to become privy to the reason for his friend's rash behavior

by: Dev-Aki Basaa
Angst / Profanity

Heero dreams what he fears, and fears what he desires.

by: Calic0cat
Angsty / Romance

Heero got amnesia in the middle of the mission and thinks that he and Duo are actually married.
Gifts of the Heart

by: Becca Abbott
Shonen-ai / Romance / Fluff

Struggling to make it after the war, Duo and Heero discover Christmas has a magic neither of them ever expected. (If there's more 1x2 Christmas fic lying out there, I doubt that it could move me like this fic has.  This fic... It is, for me, what Christmas represents. And... I LOVE IT!!! I have no words to describe the feeling I get whenever I read this fic.  *sighs*)
Gifts of the Heart: Memories and Miracles

by: Becca Abbott
Shonen-ai / Romance / Fluff

Sequel to Gifts of the Heart. It's a year later and life is much better for our boys. Heero has a job, he's in love, and he's pretty sure things couldn't get much better. Holidays, however, can be full of surprises.
Gundam Wing: Genesis

by: Ashkara
Romance / Sap / Angst / Lemon

It's been years after the war and the Gundams were only a thing of the past.  But then, something is threatening the peace once again and our 5 pilots are called to defend it. 
Heero's Fourth  

by: Dyna Dee
Violence / Humor / NCS / Citrus / Angst / Fantasy / AU

As in generations before him, Prince Heero of Bronwyn begins his personal quest to find his Four, four youth specially chosen and bonded to him as life companions and protectors. His Fourth, his Heart, proves to be a bit of a challenge. (My favorite so far.... Here's an AU that has one of the sweetest shonen-ai that I've ever read -- over and over again.  I enjoyed reading this fic.  It has spices all over.  And oh, I really really envy Heero.)

by: Calic0cat
Romance / NC17

Set when the guys are in their late twenties and, for once, it's not a get-together fic. They're already in an established relationship.
Illusions of Love

by: Artemis
Minor Angst / Romance / Lemon

Heero leaving because of Relena was a terrible blow on Duo thus, in order to forget, he traveled and wandered from places to places, jobs to jobs, not knowing that a former enemy would be his loneliness' salvation.  But would it be enough?  Would he be able to forget the 'perfect soldier?'  Read and find out.

by: Dyna Dee
AU / Drama / Romance

Two boys, conscripted into one of the government's youth training facilities, become the focus of curiosity because of the unusual order that came with them, their backgrounds and close attachment to each other.
I've Waited Long Enough

by: Dyna Dee
Drama / Romance

Two individuals who happen to be in love with Heero, listen to the same song on the radio and search their hearts with regards to their relationship with him. At the end of the day, they'll both know where they stand
Just Like Scrooge

by: Fancy Figures
Slight Angst

"Duo is struggling with life; and Christmas seems the worst time of all on your own. Help comes from unexpected quarters."
Law of the Heart

by: Becca Abbott
AU / Romance / Angsty / R / AU

At eighteen, Heero Yuy is the youngest detective in the Farmington Police Department. Rich, brilliant, ambitious and talented, Heero isn't accustomed to failure. Unfortunately, he isn't accustomed to falling in love with his suspects, either.  (Wish the next law enforcer I see is someone as sweet and wonderful as Heero... *sighs*)
Legends of the Five

by: Daimeryan Rei
AU / Fantasy

Heero Yuy's life is turned upside down after a tragedy happens to his adoptive family and close friends, the Darlians. Together with the surviving daughter, Relena, he goes to travel in search of the mythical kingdom of Sanq, meeting new and mysterious friends and allies, and facing enemies along the way, in the hopes of bringing peace and freedom back into a world caught in the claws of a mighty usurper.
Little Red Corvette

by: Artemis
AU / Romance

Duo meets a handsome stranger who drives a red Corvette.
Lights Out

by: Artemis
Duo's POV / Slight AU

Heero's interactions with Duo at night contrast sharply with his daytime behavior.
Mission Details

by: Dev-Aki Basaa
Angst / Language / Lemon

An extended mission goes wrong, leaving Heero, Duo and Zechs to pick up the pieces and get back to what's most important in their lives.
Mission: Marriage

by: Calic0cat
Shonen-ai / Romance / Fluff

To get away from Relena and to, finally, get the person that he really wants, Heero sought his friends' help in writing up his next mission.  One that would undoubtedly change his entire life and success is the only thing he has in mind. (This is really cute and I won't say anything else except... I love Heero!!!)
New Canvass

by: Fancy Figures
AU / NC17

A one-shot written in 2007 to follow on from True Colours

by: Ais
Slight angst / Shonen-ai

A misunderstanding splits Heero and Duo's friendship apart. One night in a secluded rustic cabin they get another chance to overcome their differences, but will they ever know what they want or are they destined to be separated forever? Based on the song "When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky" by Bob Dylan. (The depth of this story is quite confusing at times but touching at most.  It's a fic about Heero's and Duo's feelings for one another though not the usual bouncy Duo or grunting Heero fic.  No. The story 'shows' the gradual realization and admission of those feelings.  I really can't explain it further.  You just have to read it to understand.) 
One Love

by: Artemis
Romance / Slight Angst

Heero is besotted with his best friend's new boyfriend.
Paper Hearts

by: Chiya
Sap / Fluff / Lemon

It's in the middle of the war and Heero's starting to feel... Feelings that were slowly getting recognized and acted upon.

by: Fancy Figures
AU / NC17

The partner one-shot to Ambush, written to follow on from True Colours.

by: Dev-Aki Basaa
NC17 / Angsty

Heero struggles to find peace in his life, though the wars have been over for nearly four years.
Play My Game

by: Blue Soaring
PWP / Lemon / BDSM

(No summary as yet since how in the world could I shorten the steamy scenes in this fic.  It's PWP but by golly it's good.  And don't forget yummy ^_^)
Pop-Up, Drop-Down

by: Fancy Figures

"Don't you just hate the pop-ups and the adverts? Don't you wonder sometimes what's behind them? Don't you wish there was something more exciting going on in your Christmas holiday plans? Duo does!"  (This is but a short fic, a ficlet as it is always termed but I found it really... FUN to read ^^)
Prom Planning

by: Anthy
Romance / Shonen-ai / Slight Angst / AU

(High School romance!!!  Prom... Jealous girlfriend's plotting against the one vying for her boyfriend's attention... The sabotages... The realizations.... The confessions... Everything.  Read and enjoy like I did.)
Reclaiming the Past  

by: Danyale
Romance / Angsty / Drama

Revelations always come when one least expects them, and usually at a higher cost than one is willing to pay...

by: Artemis
Mild Angst / Lemon / Drama

(Sequel to Unfettered After listening to Quatre's advice about dating, Duo got more than he bargained for when Heero starts wanting something more.

by: Caroline

Heero hungers for something only Duo can give him.

Second Chances  

by: Dyna Dee
YAOI / Some language / Mild angst / Possible NCS

Duo goes to Earth seeking a home and haven, only to be crushed by disappointment. He learns once again that when one door closes, another opens.  (Ah... This is a really really sweet, though a bit angsty, and romantic  fic.  Better read and be entertained with a very sweet Heero.)
Sex Education Arc

by: Caroline
NC17 / PWP

A series of PWP fics which take place at various schools. (Yeah, I know. PWP? Heck, if it features 'steamy' 1x2 scenes... wouldn't you want to read it too? *winks*
Shall We Dance  

by: Caroline
Romance / AU / Lemon

Heero takes dance lessons and falls for the dance teacher.  (Sweet AU.  Don't read if you are a Relena lover though)
Should've Been You  

by: Dev-Aki Basaa
Angst / YAOI

Duo has trouble coping with the circumstances surrounding his and Heero's relationship.  (This is a prequel for the fic Mission Details... Read and find out how Duo copes after a year without his 'missing' lover.)
Sí Beag, Sí Mór  

by: Caroline
Romance / AU Fantasy / Lemon

What happens when two members of warring fairy clans fall in love? (Sweet, romantic, and oooh... Fairy Tale, how I wish I could live in one... sighs)
Sick Leave  

by: Danyale

Have you ever wondered what might happen if Duo ever falls sick? Welcome to a doctor's worst nightmare....  (This is rather fun to read ^_^)
Sparks Fly

by: Fancy Figures
AU / Angsty / Lemon / Romance

Duo Maxwell is this year's brightest young entrepreneur. Heero Yuy is his sharpest and best programmer. Together they created the successful dating agency, Sparks, with a new and refreshing approach to matching people. A year on, their lives are very different -- Duo has all the trappings of success and all the company he could want; Heero is solitary and disapproving of such a lifestyle. But they both have secrets to keep, and both are in need of something -- or someone. When Duo decides to update the agency's unique matching program, he and Heero are thrown back together again, and there's a different kind of sparks flying. What with their very contradictory natures, a malicious hacker, and a crisis at the agency, it's not surprising they don't find it easy at first to get along." (2nd top entry for the 1x2 AU Novella Challenge contest given by GW YAOI org `2003)

by: Caroline
NC17 / AU

Duo's adventures inside a Turkish bath
Sudden Impulse

by: Fancy Figures
AU / Angsty / Lemon / HOT

"Duo gives way to a sudden impulse - one that seems to be someone else's, as well. And so he's drawn to something - and someone - that he finds both thrilling and unnerving. Heero is like no-one he's met before; he's used to being in control. What develops between them is hot, and fierce and potentially very, very dangerous... "

by: Eos

The sunset... a serene setting for lovers. What does Heero think about it?
Tactical Maneuvers  

by: Anne Olsen

AC 206
Duo and Heero are blessed with a weekend void of children, their first since Michael was born. Whatever will they do with themselves?
(Written for the Moment's of Rapture 2003 Spring Contest.)
Tangled in the Web

by: Dyna Dee
Mild language / Angst / Talk of past NCS / Lemon

Having physically healed from the injuries he'd acquired in the penal colony, Duo still struggles to over come his overwhelming fears. Unfortunately, he and Heero are about to find out that not all his fears are unfounded. (Dyna Dee has written a sequel for Web of Betrayal ^^ Don't know how this will go as yet but, knowing the writer, rest assured that it'll be GOOD. Hence my recommending it.)
Tangled Webs  

by: Danyale
Romance / Angst

A mission gone horribly wrong causes Trowa to seek comfort in Duo's arms... with terrible repercussions for all five Gundam pilots.... (Okay, a little bit of 3x2 on the side but... it is still a 1x2 in the end.)

by: Becca Abbott
Fantasy / AU / Lime

To atone for his disobedience, a young Angel of Death is stripped of his magic, memory, and immortality and sent to earth. If he cannot find someone to take him as a servant and serve that new master successfully for a quarter-year, he will be banished to the very depths of hell -- the Chasm of Sighs!
The Cost of Honour Trilogy

by: Calic0cat
YAOI / Angst / Sap / Romance

Trust.. Once it's broken, can it be, again, be mended?  Can it be again, learned?  Read and find out how a broken trust pushed an old love away whilst a growing trust filled the love left by the one who walked away.
The Deal

by: Dyna Dee

Duo has had it. He's thrown in the towel, tired of failed dates and matchmakers. He decides to give up dating altogether, then receives an offer for help that's too good to pass by.
The Holiday Series

by: Calic0cat
Shonen Ai, Fluff, Sap, Romance, Holiday Fic

Tis an arc of Holiday stories which follows Heero's and Duo's life together. (A lame summary, I know.  Hope Calic0cat won't kill me.  Anyway, it's basically an arc full of celebrations ^_^) (Work in progress............)
The Long Hard Road  

by: Dyna Dee
Slight angst / Mild language / YAOI

Much to Duo's consternation, Heero distances himself from their relationship after he was injured on a mission. (I can't believe I haven't recced this before *baps self* Good thing I found it again... in my collection of good GW fics ^^ Where else?)
The Medallion

by: Caroline
Romance / AU Fantasy / Lemon

After Relena insults him at a party, Duo steals an ancient-looking medallion from her for spite. Little does he realize that the medallion is cursed... but not all curses are necessarily bad ones.

The Paths We Choose  

by: Danyale
Romance / Slight Angst

(Sequel to Tangled Webs) Will the paths we choose in life ever lead us to the love destined for us from the beginning of time? (*sniffs*)
The Refined Touch

by: Blue_Lightning
Major and Minor Angst / AU / Citrus

Based on the universe in Frank Herbert's Dune Trilogy (but centuries before the story line), Heero is a prince who marries Relena to become heir to the emperor's throne. However, Heero has one little idiosyncrasy; a male concubine who goes by the name 'Duo'. Relena, disgusted by the relationship (and blaming it on Duo, of course)has Duo kidnapped and shipped off to an uninhabited planet (Arrakis) on her wedding day, while she is still more powerful than Heero. Upon discovering the kidnapping, Heero sets out on what seems to be a futile rescue mission across the empire, with only his faltering sanity to maintain him.

The Secret  

by: Dev-Aki Basaa
Slightly angst / Romance / Yaoi

Heero has a secret he's keeping from Duo, causing Duo to worry over the future of their relationship. (This one is amongst the sweetest 1x2 fics I've ever read.  I simply adore it.)
The Trinity Arc  

by: Caroline
Romance / Slightly AU / Lemon / Slight angst

Duo must say good-bye to Heero but can Heero let him go?
The Variable

by: Artemis
AU / Angsty

Heero Yuy is a genetically altered weapon in a top secret project. When his behavior becomes erratic, his handlers propose an unorthodox solution. Is the cure more than they bargained for? .
Third Time's a Charm  

by: Dyna Dee

They say that third time's a charm... Would it work too for former Gundam Pilots Heero and Duo who tried making a go at dating but failed? (This fic won first place in Moment of Rapture's 2003 Spring contest which can be found here.)
Time and Time Again  

by: BarBieBoy
Angst / Slightly AU (??)

Imagine having to live a life over and over again... Imagine yourself thinking of ways to change its outcome for each recurring day, but failing miserably...  Imagine feeling the pain of witnessing the death of a love one by a direct result of that changed outcome, then feel relieved when you wake up living the day all over again.  Imagine yourself as Heero Yuy, the one fated to stop the recurrence of time. (You guys have to read this fic.  Nicely done and the story is not that predictable, believe me.)
Tonight's the Night

by: Fancy Figures
YAOI / Lemon / Humor

"This week is one of the most important landmarks of Duo and Heero's young lives. They're both feeling romantic and enthusiastic. Is that why nothing seems to go right?" (Second Place winner in the #gw_yaoi 'Bad Sex' contest !!)
Trail to Wonderland  

by: Daimeryan Rei
Adventure / AU / Action / Angst

In an ongoing war, Duo Maxwell and his rebel group are forced to take drastic measures. After the discovery of dangerous Gundam designs, he and his friends decides to kidnap Relena Darlian, daughter of the visiting Vice Foreign Minister. However, he did not count on her bodyguard - Heero Yuy. (Top entry for the 1x2 AU Novella Challenge contest given by GW YAOI org `2003)

Traumatizing the Dog

by: Dev-Aki Basaa
 YAOI / Humor / Lime

Heero and Duo clear up a little misunderstanding.  (This is the second sidestory for Mission Details, a sort of ending for this series.)
True Colours

by: Fancy Figures
AU / NC17 / Angst / Drama

Duo Maxwell had a glowing future ahead of him, a young man full of talent and a lust for life; but it was all slipping through his fingers. Heero Yuy already had the successful life; but was struggling to enjoy it to the full. Neither knew what to do to change things; to find what they were missing. But then, neither of them had met the other yet
Truth or Dare  

by: Arigatomina
YAOI / Lemon-lime / Angst / Mean Relena

(Wanna read a very mean Relena out for Duo's blood?  Read this fic and wait in line before throttling her.  I'm still trying to hold convince Heero to leave something for me to beat on ^^;;)

by: Artemis
YAOI / Slight Humor / Lemon

After finding out about Heero and Duo's rather casual 'relationship', Quatre decides to meddle in and teaches Duo to not just let Heero have his way with him.   (Prequel to Restrained)
Web of Betrayal  

by: Dyna Dee
Mild language / Angst / Talk of past NCS / Lemon / Relena lover's won't care for this fic.

While trying to help free his friend, Trowa discovers a web of betrayal that ensnared Duo, much to his detriment. (Here's a tearjerker if I may so myself.  I love how it's written though I've kept asking myself why writers want to torment Duo so.  Anyway, expect a lovable Trowa.  I love him in this fic.  Really.)

by: Becca Abbott
Lemon / Rape / Adventure / Angst / Violence / Romance

It's two years after Endless Waltz and Duo Maxwell is in big trouble. But who should he fear the most? The sadistic vice-lord into whose hands he's fallen or the man's hired assassin, Heero Yuy?  (Ah.. I love this fic.  Becca had me finishing this arc in one sitting.)  
Wildflower 2: White Rose

by: Becca Abbott
Violence / Bad language / BDSM (kinda) / LEMON / OC / Sap / Angst

While Duo struggles to put his life back together, Heero has problems of his own. A mysterious organization has Heero in its sights and his best chance to defeat them may lie with a man he would rather see dead -- Arcane!
Wildflower 3: Promises

by: Becca Abbott
Violence / Bad language / LEMON / OC / Sap / Angst / Adventure

What would Heero do if fate seems to dictate that he and Duo should part?  Could love really conquer all?
Wildflower 4: Reflections

by: Becca Abbott
Violence / LEMON / OC / Sap / Angst / Adventure

MDI may have made a deal with Zechs Merquise that freed Heero from their clutches. But dealing with the devil is always tricky. The question is, how long will MDI honor the bargain and what can Duo and Heero do about it if they don't?
[Authors A - F] ------- [Authors G - L]
A Reason For Living

by: Karen, The Huntress
AU / Angst / Language / R

After Heero Yuy, Agent 01, rescues Quatre Winner, Agent 04, events are set in motion that finally give Heero a reason for living. (Finished... but not yet up)
A Touch of Human Kindness  

by: Heartfelt
AU / Angst / Lemon / Violence / Language

After being asked if he was gay, Heero sought to prove to himself if he was or wasn't by venturing in a place where pleasures are found in a form of both male and female.  Surprisingly, his choice turned out to be the one he wanted to spend his life with. 
Baby Mine

by: Kelly-Mama
Sap / Fluff / Romance / Slightly AU

What would the God of Death be like when the impossibility of bearing a child becomes a reality to him?  And how would fatherhood affect the 'perfect' soldier?  (Read and find out.  This is a really sweet story and a light fic to boot.  It'll relax you in no time.)
Break Point

by: Kracken
Angst / NC17

Duo is missing and when Heero finds him, he discovers that something terrible has happened to the one time pilot of Deathscythe.
Burning Candles

by: Kracken
Language / Angst / YAOI / NC17

Heero and Duo are partners, but what happens when Duo disappears and Heero discovers that he really didn't know Duo at all?

by: LoneWolf
Shonen-ai / Moderate Angst

(Here's a POV that left me feeling.... warm inside.  This is not your usual spice of two people already in love with each other.  This fic is more like a 'coming out' of sorts.  It's about finding the truth of one's feeling within one's self then accepting it and living with it.  There's no sappiness or fluff, just plain --- real.  Yeah, that's how I would describe this fic.  Real.  It's what I thought someone would typically react given  the circumstances. *sighs* To LoneWolf, congrats for a good POV done.)
Crossing Paths

by: Kracken
Angst / Abuse / Violence / Lemon

Heero finds Duo after the war, but all is not well with the former Deathscythe pilot. Heero quickly finds himself embroiled in government intrigue and a life or death struggle to save the self proclaimed 'Shinigami'. 

by: Lady Archer
Fluff / Light romance

(Ever wondered how Gundam Pilots date?  Read on and see how Duo staged a very intriguing, stressing, but loving date for our 'former' Perfect soldier.)
Daystar's Prophecy

by: Gypsie1201
AU / Fantasy / Romance

Four gundam pilots are transported to an alternate dimension where they must fight along side the Seeker to prevent the world's destruction.


by: Kracken
Angsty / Romance

Heero decides not to kill any more, but can he keep to that personal promise?


by: Karen, The Huntress
AU / Action / Romance / Fantasy

(As expected from Karen, another fic that has action and romance mixed into it. Heero's a soldier and Duo's a 'dragon keeper' ^^ Heh, just with what Duo does... it has fantasy written all over it, doesn't it?  So expect lots things from this fic.)
Duo's Braid

by: KC
Humor / Slightly AU 

(This fic is more like a PWP, for me that is, since it, more or less, tackles how Duo reacts when his braid is touched or toyed with.  Why am I recommending it?  Call me weird or a sap, whatever, I just love reading how Heero becomes possessive. *smirks*)
Fire Down Below

by: Kracken
Violence / Language

(Part of the 'Tin Soldiers Series" This is the Epilogue, actually c")

(An entry in Moment's of Rapture's 2004  2x1 Lemon Contest Reader's Choice Check out the site for the prize art and other wonderful entries.)

Flight Control

by: Kebzero
NC17 / Romance

Dup gets horny. Heero gets a test on how good he is in handling Wing's controls. (An entry in Moment's of Rapture's 2004  2x1 Lemon Contest Reader's Choice Check out the site for the prize art and other wonderful entries.)
getting caught, giving chase, giving in series...

by: Jana
Kinna AU / Romance / Lemon

A Heero and Duo get together fic.
Heero in the Garden  

by: LoneWolf

(I won't have a summary for this fic.  Not that I don't want to but I just can't.  It's a deathfic of sort and well, for the life of me, I don't know why I read it.  I never go for deathfics since it depresses the hell out  of me -- sorry for the swearing -- but this one... This one got pass that rule of mine.

Why am I recommending it?  It made me cry.  Really it did. I dunno why but it happen.  It's not long.  More like a ficlet actually but it has a plot, for me that is.  The story spoke of a love so strong that even death could not altogether destroy it.  Somehow, love made it possible for two people who are in different realms of reality come together and continue sharing that love still.  It's heartbreaking yet heartwarming at the same time.  I dunno how else to describe it.  

I love it.  Even if it's a deathfic.  There, you had your warning.  So proceed at your own risk. 

Oh, by the way, this is the first time I've commented this long on a fic in this webbie of mine and a first that I have done it after having just finished reading the story.  I want to preserve the feeling I had while reading it in writing and well, here it is.)

If Only For A Moment  

by: Katie Marie
Angst / Drama

A moment in one's life is sometimes enough to last a lifetime yet sometimes, you'd want to hold on to that one moment and never let go.  An accident tore Heero away from Duo.  What's keeping Heero away?  Would Duo get him back? (Seldom has a fic moved me into tears but this one almost did it.  It has feelings and I give the writer a thumbs up for a fic well done.  Kudos!!!)
Innocence Faded

by: Hana and Yume
Alternate POVs / NC17 / Angsty

What if everything you had ever known suddenly came to an end? What would you do? Where would you go? What purpose would you have in life?

AC 196. The Eve Wars are over, Gundam is a memory. A world of life and experience awaits Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell. The only question is... do they have the strength and will to survive a world at peace? Will they choose death... or each other?


by: Kracken
Language / Angst / YAOI / NC17

Duo is a were lion and Heero is a were wolf in a land on the verge of war.  (This is kinna a bit different seeing how the characters aren't entirely human. But I urge you to read this since the way it's written is really something not to be missed. )
Lawless Heart

by: Kracken
Language / Angst / YAOI / NC17

Duo was hardly making ends meet selling scrap, but when someone made him a deal he couldn't resist, he found it more than too good to be true, he found it against the law. When his one time war comrade, Heero Yuy, arrests him, he makes an offer Duo can't refuse.

by: Kebzero
YAOI / Lemon / Language.

Heero gets a lesson he'll never forget from no other than the source of his fantasies :p  (Second Place Reader's Choice Winner in Moment's of Rapture's 2004  2x1 Lemon Contest Reader's Choice Check out the site for the prize art and other wonderful entries.)
Loneliest Star

by: Itsuki
Shonen-ai / POV

(It's Heero's thoughts after he shot Libra down. It's been done you said? Yes, but still, there's something about this fic that gets me. Maybe the words used? Or the song? No matter, just go and read.)
Momentary Lapse of Reason  

by: Jana
shounen-ai/yaoi, angst, duo/heero torture, language, sap, citrus

An accident brought repressed feelings to the surface, wanting to grasp what was solely held back years ago.  But, in light of emotions being revealed and returned, something comes up to keep those feelings at bay again.  (Wanna read a really really nice shonen-ai?  Read this.  I love the courtship and the 'gettin' to know again part of this fic.)
One and Only

by: Gypsie1201
AU / Fantasy / Romance

Little did Lord Heero Yuy know that a simple bet made during a private card game among his closest friends would change his life.  However, whether the change is for the good or the bad, remains to be seen.


by: Kracken

Duo is in love with Heero and Heero is in love with Duo, but their skill at romance has a lot to be desired.

Over the River and Through the Woods   

by: Jana
Lemon / Romance / Sap / POV

Duo finally convinces Heero that the two of them should go camping. (For a 'tagged' PWP/Lemon fic, this sure is nicely done.  Really ^^;;  It's sort of Duo's telling of how his and Heero's life is after the war. Sweet and romantic.... *sighs*)

by: Kracken
AU / Angst

Duo is a slave and Heero his Roman master.

Pretty in Pink  

by: Lady M
Humor / Shonen-ai

(I seldom recommend one-shots since I've only read a few with solid enough story but, this one, this fic is funny and cute enough to merit a recommendation.  It is.)
Shinigami's Lover Arc I

by: Kracken
Angst / Drama / Violence / Lemon

After several bad missions, Heero and Duo find that they have feelings for one another. Unfortunately, Duo's past may keep them apart. (Read on and find out how the perfect soldier could very well be the perfect lover as well. I love this arc, I really do.)
Shinigami's Lover Arc II

by: Kracken
Angst / Drama / Lemon

(The sequel for Shinigami's Lover Arc I.  I advise that you read the first arc before proceeding.)  Heero and Duo move into their dream house, but find that things are far from ideal. 
Shinigami's Lover Arc II: (side story) Xmas Arc

by: Kracken
Fluff / Romance

Duo and Heero both got a wonderful surprise when they found out what each got the other for Christmas day.  (This story is sort of like a breather for the former pilots' strive towards living a normal and peaceful life after the war.)
Shinigami's Lover Arc III

by: Kracken
Angst / NC17

(The continuation of Shinigami's Lover Arc II.  I advise that you read the first 2 arcs before proceeding.)  Heero is injured on the job and Duo must care for him while still trying to pursue his career with the Preventers. When a serial killer surfaces with a taste for Preventer agents, Duo finds that task harder than he ever imagined and he is torn between duty and lover. 
Shinigami's Lover Arc III: (side story) Xmas Arc

by: Kracken
Fluff / Romance

What did Heero and Duo give each other this time?
Shinigami's Lover Arc IV

by: Kracken
Angst / NC17

Duo and Heero try to find out what normal is. (The continuation of Shinigami's Lover Arc III.  I advise that you read the first 3 arcs before proceeding.) 
Shinigami's Lover Arc V

by: Kracken
Angst / NC17

Duo and Heero try to weather the storm. (..  work in progress)
Simple Devotion

by: Karen, The Huntress
Romance / Lemon

Even though Heero doesn't have much money he is determined to give Duo a happy Valentine's Day.
Small Miracles

by: Heartfelt
AU / Angst / Lemon / Violence / Language

Will Duo’s past ruin his and Heero’s chance to have a family? Set one year after the end of.... A Touch of Human Kindness. 
Soldier Boys

by: Kracken
Language, angst, yaoi, lemon, violence, attempted NCS

Is there room for love during wartime?
Strike Force Five  

by: Karen, The Huntress
AU / Action / Romance / Lime

(Here's the very first GW fic I've archived ^_^  This fic's got action, action, and action galore.. not to mention romance, of course.) In order to stop OZ, Quatre Raberba Winner gathered five individuals to form a so called Strike Force that would eliminate one of OZ's strongholds near their area.  And in doing so, he not only formed the greatest weapon ever assembled to face OZ but he also managed to brought himself peace as well as two souls scarred by the past, together.  

by: Kea

Duo surprises Heero by celebrating 'his' birthday.
The Best Laid Plans   

by: Jei
Shonen-ai / Romance

Heero Yuy had resigned himself to being a grump for the rest of his life, and he was well on his way, too, until he met one Duo Maxwell, who somehow managed to turn all his notions upside-down.
The Cost

by: Kracken
Angst / Romance

Duo saves a baby from a burning building, but at what cost to himself?

The Scepter  

by: Heartfelt
Angst, OOC, AU, Yaoi, Violence, Language

(Here's a wonderful AU fantasy fic that will certainly leave you awed.)
Tin Soldiers

by: Kracken
Angst / Drama / POV / Violence

Duo has a great job, and it seems like his life is on the right track, but he can't help dreaming about a certain someone from the war. When he takes a job with Quatre Winner, he finds his dreams suddenly becoming a reality.
Virgin Sacrifices

by: Kracken
Yaoi /
Language / Violence / Angst / Abuse / Humor

Duo discovers that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned when he turns down the advances of a coworker.
What Are You Eating?

by: Gypsie1201
Angst / Fluff / Humor / Lemon

It is the night of the party and the two young lovers made a huge hit with their matching leather outfits. However, as the party drags on, Duo becomes quite bored and the fresh desserts look just too good to pass up. (Sequel to “What Are You Wearing?!”)

What Are You Saying?

by: Gypsie1201
Angst / Fluff / Humor / Lemon

As the party begins to wind down, Duo lets the depression that has been threatening all week since he and Heero became lovers take over. Will Heero be able to pull off the biggest surprise of his life and finally tell his lover how he feels; or is it already too late to save their relationship? (Sequel to “What Are You Eating?!”)

What Are You Watching?

by: Gypsie1201
Angst / Fluff / Humor / Lemon

Duo and Heero have been living together as roommates for five months. Duo's in love with Heero but afraid to tell him while Heero feels the same. So what happens when a good friend comes up with a plan to get them together?
What Are You Wearing?

by: Gypsie1201
Angst / Fluff / Humor / Lemon

After finally deciding to start a relationship, with a little help from Relena, Heero and Duo are trying to decide on what to wear for the party being held at the royal palace on Friday night. Only problem is that neither one seems too happy with the other's idea of appropriate attire. (Sequel to “What Are You Watching?!”)
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