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Edward and Alphonse Elric... their story alone is enough to make me watch FMA till the end. And watch it avidly, mind you, since I love it. But then Roy Mustang... *sighs* there's just something about the way he treats Edward that makes the YAOI girl in me go *sigh* Bah, I can't express myself that well. How about I show what I mean in the form of fics? Not mine but of some wonderful writers out there.

[Note: June 05, 2005] Hey, by this post, I've long finished watching this series and may I say that it was worth every damn CD and space in my hard drive. It's a wonderful anime. A MUST for everyone to watch.  As for the YAOI girl in me... well, let's just say that though it's still there, it's not as strong as it was when I first started watching the first few episodes. Watch it, you'll understand.  HOWEVER... I'm still keeping my love for the pairing alive, hence the fics. Just bear with me from time to time since I might not be updating this page much. 

And that is where you guys come in. 

I have had emails before from readers about fics they've read which they think were worth recommending for the mass. So I guess it won't be too much of a workload for you guys to send me a heads up once in a while and point me to a ficcie which you think should be here.  I'll read it. Promise.

[Note: August 11, 2007] Hey guys, long time no update. 2 years.  Imagine that.  Anyways, though am still a fan, am not that rabid enough to read fics of this pairing anymore.  So... I guess this is the end of the line for me.  BUT!!!  I am not closing the door just yet.  Who knows, I might just catch that Roy/Ed bug again in the future *winks*.

Oh, feel free to email me of fics you wanna recommend.  Er.. no assurance that I'll read it though ^^

Updated: 08/11/2007
A Perfect Morning

by: Andrea Weiling

Ed wakes up before Roy one morning and contemplates.
A Thorough Study

by: Gryvon

If there was one thing you could say Edward Elric was truly good at, it would be studying.
Accidents Happen

by: Sleeps With Coyotes
NC-17 / Slight AU

Why children should never be left unsupervised.
Air Feeds Fire

by: Branch
NC17 / Slight AU

On a night that Ed needed someone to comfort him the most, Roy found him.
Altered States I: Albedo

by: Sleeps With Coyotes

The Stone has many names and many forms, and they seek it in many ways....
Altered States II: Citrinitas

by: Sleeps With Coyotes

The morning after.  Al gets answers, Ed gets suspicious, and Roy gets busy
Altered States III: Rubedo

by: Sleeps With Coyotes

They say the third time's the charm.
And on this Night

by: White Cat

It is the moments right after waking that things are strange, when Fullmetal's yellow eyes open dark and misty.
Boys Like to Play

by: Vestige

Roy bent down until Ed could feel his hot breath ghosting across his lips.
Blue Fiction

by: Spinny Roses
Drama / Yaoi

Ed hated taking orders from Colonel Roy Mustang.
Circumstances Arc

Circumstances // This Time // Gyre // Rough // The Upper Hand // Enough // Relaxed // Gift // Rare // Rosin // Sustained

by: Branch
AU / Romance / NC17

What if it were suddenly in their contract for Roy and Ed to be lovers? And what would happen next?

by: Sleeps With Coyotes
NC17 / Romance

He always says they'll do it next time.  Well, it's 'next time.'
Equivalent Trade

by: Tormalyne
Humor / Romance

The road to ruin is fraught with perils, or just a week of owing Roy Mustang a favor.
Ever Arc

by: Branch
NC17 / Romance

After a year staying with Winry and Pinako Rockbell, Ed and Al return to Central with Winry to settle for a while. Roy pays them a visit...

by: Sleeps With Coyotes
NC-17 / Slight AU

He'd never put so much sheer effort into seducing anyone before.


by: Branch

(Part IV of the Ever Arc) Ed gets home after a rather rough trip.

by: Branch
NC17 / Romance

(Part II of the Ever Arc) How Roy and Ed deal with the way Ever ended
Ring of Fire

by: Kracken
NC17 / Romance

Mustang suddenly won't let Edward search for the philosopher's stone. When a rival proposes a way to remove Mustang from command, Edward finds that he can't refuse to help. (One of my favorite GW writers has finally started a FMA ficcie ^^ And since I know her stories, I'm reccing this even if it is still ongoing....)
Situation Normal

by: Sleeps With Coyotes

Ed figures out why folks are acting so weird.  Then he figures out why he is.
The Hairbrush

by: cneko2

In which there is Roy, Ed, and the fact that sometimes you have to just force another person to relax.
The Rain

by: Branch

(Part III of the Ever Arc ) Ed and Roy go for a walk in the rain... at least that was Ed's intention.
Under Cover

by: Branch

Ed in a dress with Roy as his escort.. need more enticement than that? *snickers*

by: Scarlet Dream

A stubborn-in-denial Edward is no match for the persuasive-suave-bastard Colonel Mustang who gets his way in the end ^^





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