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Ah... A lovely YAOI anime story.  Would you believe that a guy actually recommended this to me?  Yup.  A guy ^^;;  And boy was he right.  I love it and I have my dearest neko-imouto-bear to wholeheartedly thank for that.  Whilst my search for Fake's VCD, she offhandedly told me that she has it and, lo and behold, she gave it to me.  Just like that.  

I love you Afuna-neko-bear!!!!!  *huggles and kisses*

Ryo and Dee just cracks me up.  This anime has humor, action, romance, and a touch of drama.  What's not to like, ne?  Anyway, as for the fics.. expect almost the same spice except for a touch of angst here and there from time to time.  Hey, life wouldn't be colorful without a touch of drama now wouldn't it?

[Note: August 11, 2007] Hey guys.... Long time no see ^^  Er, no new Dee/Ryo ficcie but Kraken's still continuing her series.  Just check out the link below.

Updated: 08/11/2007
Anniversary Present

by: Happyberry
Lemon / Smut

It's Dee and Ryo's first anniversary and Dee has special plans for them!
Away from Home

by: Swordy
Romance / Lemon

What happens when life starts to get in the way of romance? Is there a temptation to look elsewhere?
Blondie Ambition

by: Christi C
Slightly AU / Crossover / Lime

Dee and Ryo stumbles into the Blondie world and meets Iason and Riki. (I love Iason and Riki ^^;;)

by: Wildefyre

Dee and Ryo spend a fun filled day at the beach Things really begin to heat up when the sun goes down and a walk along the beach turns into some playtime under the boardwalk.
Comforting Pleasures

by: Wildefyre
Threesome / PWP / Lemon

Dee, Ryo, and JJ find a way to let loose after a particular nasty case and when they do the fun begins!
Dance with Me

by: Swordy
Romance / POV

A little New Year's tale told from Dee's POV.
Elevator Passion

by: Wildefyre
PWP / Lemon

During the blackout Ryo finds himself trapped in a stuck elevator with a very horny and very determined Dee.
Fake: After the Manga

by: Kraken
Angst / Violence / Lemon

The story of Dee and Ryo's relationship after the manga. (Just lovely....and still in progress ^^)
Falling Into You

by: Christi C
YAOI / Lemon / Mild Angst

(A sweet fic about Dee and Ryo finally getting together.)
Good for the Soul

by: Swordy

At a meeting with Bicky's principal, Ryo is up for some fun once the other man leaves the room. Dee's not sure, but will he ever be able to say no?
Horsing Around

by: Wildefyre

When Ryo suggests that he and Dee go horseback riding, Dee never dreams that such a leisurely activity could be so erotic until Ryo shows him the reigns.
If Only You Could Hear Me

by: Wildefyre
Romance / Mild Drama

Ryo has a talk with the two people who mean the world to him in hopes of understanding his feelings towards Dee
One Good Turn

by: Swordy

Ryo overhears Dee commenting on their relationship and decides that he deserves some special attention...
Park Time Love

by: Wildefyre

Ryo wants romance so Dee is going to give him just that! It's Valentine's Day and Dee goes all out to show how much he loves Ryo.
Randy's Addiction 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

by: Wildefyre
Sex / Violence / Drugs / Bad language

Randy and Dee find themselves in a situation unlike anything that they have dealt with before. Will this spell the end for our dynamic duo or can they find a way out before it's too late?
Randy's New Game

by: Wildefyre
Romance / Lemon

This is the much more detailed and ORIGINAL opening scene that I had in mind for "Two Men A Boy and... A What?" One Ryo as seme lemon, hold the plot please! Coming right up!
Ribbons and Bows 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

by: Wildefyre

Ryo springs a series of surprises on Dee that are bound to have Dee begging for more! Erotic sequel to "Park Time Love".
Ryo's Christmas Wish

by: Wildefyre
Romance / NC 17

During an office Christmas party Ryo is determined to make his wildest Christmas wish come true and it's Dee who's in for one hell of a surprise.

by: Dragonflower1

When Ryo gets all tense from a hard day of work, Dee helps him relax with a nice backrub.
The Big Decision 1 2 3 4 5

by: Wildefyre
Angst / Lemon / Romance

Ryo has to decide if entering into a relationship with Dee is what he truly wants. While Dee offers to give him the space and time he needs to decide, he also lets it be known that he won't wait forever. Can Ryo make a decision that makes everyone happy or will he wind up hurting those he loves?
Thunder Under Cover

by: Roo
Sap / Angst / Lemon

Ryo is afraid of thunder and Dee helped him the best that he knew how.
Time for Healing

by: Wildefyre & Irish
Angst / Mild Violence / Drama / NC-17

Sequel to THE BIG DECISION! Co-Written by Wildefyre and Irish:: Dee's injuries from a gay bashing begin to drive a wedge between his budding romance with Ryo. Can these two overcome it or will it be their downfall. 
Time for Healing: Aftermath

by: Wildefyre & Irish
Angst / Mild Violence / Drama / NC-17

Sequel to THE BIG DECISION! and Time for Healing... Co-Written by Wildefyre and Irish:: The Saga continues as our boys deal with the aftermath of the latest beatings. With three hospitalized and one left to pick up the pieces, can things ever be normal again?
Tragedy and Triumph

by: Wildefyre
Sex / Violence / Bad language

Randy gets assigned to the Victim's Crime Unit to help catch a serial rapist of gay men. What happens when he becomes one of the victims? Is Dee's love strong enough to pull him through or will the horrors of what has happened be too much for Randy?
Two Men, A Boy, and a WHAT? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

by: Wildefyre
Lemon / Violence / Romance

Dee's past comes back to haunt him in a BIG way! Can the bond that brought Randy Dee together remain strong during this time or will it falter just when Dee needs Randy's strength the most?
Wilderness Survival 101 1 2 3 4

by: Irish
Romance / Lemon

Dee and Ryo are sent into the wilderness to track down a group of drug dealers. Totally out of their element, they find survival in the great wild outdoors, a little tougher than expected.




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