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What can I say but --- OUCH!!!  Don't expect a summary or something coz' you ain't gonna get it.  But, let me just tell you that this anime is angst on film, not to mention lemony good ^^;; I just love it.  

The OAV runs like an hour or something and though it left me wanting for more, the story was okay enough that it left a deep impression on me.  Hence my craving for fics of Riki and Iason.  However.... Much to my disappointment, I find that there are only a handful of stories written of this pair that are worthy of this story.  *sighs*  If you know of a fic worthy of a recommendation, do send me an email so I could add it to this list.  Thanks in advance.

So, for the fics, expect ANGST though in a rather romantic way,  *is there even such a thing?* and well, whatever the writer thought of adding to the mix.

[Note: August 11, 2007] Hey guys, long time no update.  Sad to say but, I only read one person's AnK ficcie; Kira's Taming Riki series.  And since it's a restricted site, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to share the link of it's latest update :(  You can still enjoy the first series though. Links regarding the HOW to enter the restricted site is in her page. 

[Note: July 17, 2008]  I've removed Taming Riki coz' well, when it stops being 'fiction' and starts becoming 'business' then.... Nope, I won't read it.  No matter how good a fiction is.  So, sorry folks, I've no intention of following this particular series anymore.

Oh, feel free to email me of fics you wanna recommend.  I'll definitely enjoy a new Iason/Riki story *winks*

Updated: 08/11/2007
A Midwinter's Day Kiss

by: Kira Takenouchi
Romance / NC17 / BDSM

The Elite of Eos converge a the Midwinter's Day Festival on Lake Erphanes.

(A holiday side story of Taming Riki)

Blondie Ambition

by: Christi C
Shonen-ai / Slightly AU / Crossover / Lime

(This is a Fake/Ai no Kusabi Crossover)
Bread Without Water

by: Arishia
Shonen-ai / Slightly AU / Crossover / Lime

Riki and Iason share a moment sometime after Riki was recaptured.
Cup of Desire

by: Roo
Sap / Angst / Lemon

It took one night, one drink, one compassionate blondie, and one declaration of love to turn the tide between pet and master.
Dark Side of the Moon

by: Roo
Sap / Angst / OOCness / Lemon

A sort of different look on how Iason and Riki reacted after being separated for almost a year.

by: Becca Abbott
Angst / Drama / Romance / AU

Jupiter wants the fugitive Blondie, Raoul Am, but the only man capable of bringing him in is Iason Mink, who loyalty the god-computer has reason to doubt. To insure Iason's cooperation, therefore, Jupiter takes Iason's pet, Riki, as hostage, forcing the most powerful Blondie in Tanagura all to choose between his best friend and his lover.
My Soul to Take

by: Kim Gasper
 Sap / Romance / Lemon

Iason wants everything from Riki.  Demanded his all.  Would Riki finally give in? 

by: Mimea
 Shounen-ai Romance

What if Riki's encounter with the Elite Bodyguard wasn't just a coincidence? Speculation
Small Freedoms

by: Fuyu
 Mild Angst / Romance

Iason and Riki contemplate each other, and the allowances their lives together allow them.

by: SarahQ
Angst / Drama

The tie that binds Iason and Riki together; something unnamed.

by: Becca Abbott
Angst / Drama / Romance

What if Iason and Riki got another chance in life and love? What would the people around them do? What would their love's fate be?
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