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January 16, 2002

They can't take the real X-Files away from me… or you.

Updated May 21, 2001

David Duchovny fans placed a full page ad in today's issue of Variety, thanking David for his eight years on the X-Files and all that is yet to come.

Updated April 10, 2001

Mulder is back…big time.

Updated March 2, 2001

In the recent L.A. Times article, Chris Carter was quoted as saying "There's a very vocal group of people on the Internet, that's a very small group of people. There are certain rabid campaigns afoot - I try to take everything with a grain of salt."

We figure, given the article focused on the X-Philes for Mulder effort, that it's not much of a stretch to believe Chris may have been talking about us when labelling 'rabid' campaigns.

With that in mind, the ever artful Jo has created a few designs which can be used for posters, flyers or t-shirt transfers. Here ya go!

These are .doc files

size 355k

size 230k

size 160k


Updated February 25, 2001

Ratings: Here's the figures, you do the math!

LA Times Article - scan of newspaper article

X-Files Creator ignores online Phile response to season 8

Updated December 29, 2000

Missing. One hit television show.

Updated December 9, 2000

The Day The X-Files Died

Updated November 26, 2000

Updated November 14, 2000

"I despise Chris Carter with the white hot passion of a thousand burning suns."

Updated Octobor 28, 2000

We currently have one flyer complete and will be posting more as they are designed. Please support this effort by printing the flyer and posting it at your areas High School's and College's bulletin boards. Flyer page

Updated Octobor 25, 2000

It’s raining men, hallelujah!

Updated Octobor 22, 2000

"If they're true fans of The X-Files, if they want the show to go on, it seems to me that they would eventually grow to like John Doggett."

Updated Octobor 20, 2000

"Oh, isn’t it nice to be suddenly so highly regarded."

Updated Octobor 15, 2000

Campaign Statistics page!

Updated Octobor 14, 2000

We have mail!

As indicated below, on 2 October, I sent a letter to Chris Carter with the hope of making him aware of our concerns, including with it a copy of the first 325 guest book entries and banner samples. A copy of the letter was also sent to several other 1013 and Fox representatives.

On Friday (12 October), I received a letter from Frank Spotnitz. The letter is dated 6 October - which isn't a bad turnaround time when you consider my letter was sent a mere 4 days earlier... from Australia.

Frank's letter doesn't say much - and I doubt it ever could have - but it *is* an acknowledgment that my letter was received and, *perhaps*, that our concerns have been heard by at least one person. (How seriously they are being taken, we may never know.)

In any case, as the letter was a response to a letter I wrote on behalf of all supporters of the X-Philes for Mulder effort, we've put a copy up for all to see. (Frank's Letter)


We’ve added a links page.

Updated Octobor 13, 2000

We are now an Email List - Join us!

We’ve got this site up and running. We’ve spread the word. We’ve posted in the guestbook. And we’ve sent a letter and website data (including guestbook entries) to CC et al. There is more we can do and accomplish… especially if we work as a team.

To facilitate ease of communication between all of us supporting this effort, we’ve established an email list through egroups called http://www.egroups.com/group/XPhiles4Mulder. We know most of you are probably on a few email lists already, so perhaps the thought of joining another is a little daunting. (I know my inbox often runneth over.<g>) But except for organizing specific strategies and keeping people informed, I expect it may be low-generating. Then again… maybe not.<g> We’ll suck it and see.;-)

In any case, if you support this cause, and would like to be involved in the ongoing efforts to be heard (even if its something as simple as writing a letter), send a blank email message with the word subscribe in the subject area to:



Note: This list is a moderated list – which means myself and Jo will be approving all members – and it is for supporters of this effort only. We don’t expect that everyone in X-File fandom agrees with our concerns, and we have absolutely no problem with that… to each their own. By the same token, we expect the same degree of respect. If you disagree with us, fine. But don’t join this email list. If anyone who joins attempts to undermine or denigrate our efforts, they will be banned from this list. (No, we’re not afraid of opposing opinions… but a) we’ve already heard them and b) we haven’t got time to listen to them again!)

So… join us at XPhiles4Mulder@egroups.com, introduce yourself, then we can keep the ball rolling.

Support your local Post Office – and give CC et al. a piece of your mind!

Updated Octobor 11, 2000

How much would you pay to advertise on FOX this year?

Information gleaned through one of the email lists we’re on has indicated that some rather odd replies have been received when comments, expressing concern about Mulder’s fate, have been sent through to The X-Files email address at the official site. From claims of ‘we haven’t forgotten Mulder, he’s featured in the opening montage on the website’ (yeah, like one reference there makes up for all the lack of same everywhere else!) to "we can’t comment on your accusations regarding another year" (accusations? Isn’t an accusation a negative? Like blame? Is it our fault Chris Carter has mentioned it as a possibility? That it has been revealed as part of the deal for Gillian’s revised contract and Robert Patrick’s initial contract?), it would seem the folks at 1013 et al. are hearing the message we’ve been trying to deliver.

And we’ll keep endeavoring to deliver that message. But if you’d like to send a message directly yourself, the email addy on their website is: askus@thexfiles.com

Updated Octobor 8, 2000

Leading horses to water and trying to make them drink

"I want to reinvent the series for the character of John Doggett."

Updated Octobor 5, 2000


Updated Octobor 4, 2000

As we indicated in our email notification to many lists, part of this effort included sending a letter to Chris Carter and several other people connected to 1013 and 20th Century Fox. That has now occurred. Included with the letter was a copy of the main text from the website, samples of the banners created to support the cause, and copies of the guestbook entries. All in all, over 100 pages of information. Including DD and GA, this pack of info was sent to 12 people. A 13th set will be mailed today to MVP Media, who run the Official Fan Club.

As a letter representing all who have supported this campaign, we felt you should all have a chance to see what it said. So here it is.

The Letter

Updated Octobor 3, 2000

We have several new banners posted at the end of the banner page.

Updated Octobor 1, 2000


We have two guestbooks. If you are having problems with:


Please try the other guestbook at:

All guest book entries are being archived at:

A poll about "X-Philes for Mulder" has been posted over at About.com: http://xfiles.about.com/tvradio/xfiles/library/links/blnewlinks.htm

We've removed the Homepage URLs from the guestbook. Call us paranoid, but we didn't want them available just in case we have visitors from Fox.



Fox forgets Mulder.
Philes forget the X-Files.


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