X-Philes for Mulder Mail List

We’ve got this site up and running. We’ve spread the word. We’ve posted in the guestbook. And we’ve sent a letter and website data (including guestbook entries) to CC et al. There is more we can do and accomplish… especially if we work as a team.

To facilitate ease of communication between all of us supporting this effort, we’ve established an email list through egroups called http://www.egroups.com/group/XPhiles4Mulder. We know most of you are probably on a few email lists already, so perhaps the thought of joining another is a little daunting. (I know my inbox often runneth over.<g>) But except for organizing specific strategies and keeping people informed, I expect it may be low-generating. Then again… maybe not.<g> We’ll suck it and see.;-)

In any case, if you support this cause, and would like to be involved in the ongoing efforts to be heard (even if its something as simple as writing a letter), send a blank email message with the word subscribe in the subject area to:


Note: This list is a moderated list – which means myself and Jo will be approving all members – and it is for supporters of this effort only. We don’t expect that everyone in X-File fandom agrees with our concerns, and we have absolutely no problem with that… to each their own. By the same token, we expect the same degree of respect. If you disagree with us, fine. But don’t join this email list. If anyone who joins attempts to undermine or denigrate our efforts, they will be banned from this list. (No, we’re not afraid of opposing opinions… but a) we’ve already heard them and b) we haven’t got time to listen to them again!)

So… join us at XPhiles4Mulder@egroups.com, introduce yourself, then we can keep the ball rolling.


Fox forgets Mulder.
Philes forget the X-Files.











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