What is it about? Quite simply, it's about recognition, justice, respect and dignity. It is what Philes united in this cause are seeking from 1013 and 20th Century Fox Television.

The latest statements issued from X-Files Central (most particularly those recently printed in the September 22, 2000, issue of Entertainment Weekly) have led us to conclude that the amazing contribution David Duchovny has made to the success of The X-Files over the years - in his portrayal of Mulder, in his writing and direction, and in his sheer dedication - has been all but forgotten in the face of 1013 and Fox Inc.'s pursuit of a new format for the show. *Mulder* himself appears to have been forgotten.

That a new format was required is not in dispute. Many fans supported David in his decision to begin to bow out of the show - in fact many fans have long believed the show should have wrapped up and simply continued the film franchise it launched so successfully with Fight the Future - and therefore understood the need for a new character to be brought in and for the focus to shift.

While many will not be watching The X-Files after David's departure, *that* is not the issue. Never was, and never will be. Philes have long accepted the show must come to an end at some point, that somewhere along the line the possibility of one or both lead characters leaving might occur. It is the way in which 1013 and Fox have pursued their new ideals which has Philes riled.

Read on, if you will, to find out why.


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Updated April 4, 2002



Fox forgets Mulder.
Philes forget the X-Files.

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