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Joining W&W

First, please go over this site to make sure that we are the type of club you're looking to join. We are not a positive-only club, though we use lots of positive methods to teach our dogs. We encourage kids & adults alike to train with our club. I have no problems with adults training with us for practice.

Secondly, we are a dog-only club. While you may compete in other venues through our club, you must train with us to be a member. You must have a dog to work with, as they are not provided by the club (of course).

Thirdly, we do not allow people-aggressive dogs to be part of our club. This is for safety reasons. If your dog will bite if handled by anyone but yourself, we reccomend finding an experienced behaviorist to work your dog through its issues.

Fourth, if you cannot follow directions, please do not join our club. By this, I mean that I will not tolerate hissy fits, temper tantrums, or deliberately disobeying the rules that are set in place for the safety of both humans and dogs in the club setting.

So, still interested? If so, please e-mail for a membership application. Include your mailing address. If you are under 18, please talk to your parents FIRST as you'll need permission to join our club. You also must live in the Monroe County area (Milan included for the purposes of this club). 4-H members in Michigan are encouraged to only compete in one county's fair each year, so if you are competing in Lenewee or Washtenaw County, you will be able to train with us but not compete.

Dues & Club Money

Club Dues & Payments are as follows:

Each family is required to pay $5 for the purchase of your Membership Packet. This is a binder with club information, as well as other important notes and such about competing with your dog in 4-H and other venues. I may pass out additions to this packet at various times, and you'll be expected to keep records of your experiences showing dogs.

Dues of $5 per child per year are collected at Registration meetings. This will include Dundee District dues. When you fill out your registration card, you will be required to pay this money.

A "Bad Dog" fund is also in effect. This is a jar that we use to encourage sportsmanlike conduct and good behavior in class and at shows. Each child that exhibits poor behavior, including complaining about the judges, other exhibitors, their dog, etc., at shows or practice, will be required to deposit a quarter for each incident, at MY discretion. Parents that exhibit poor sportsmanship will be required to deposit $1. This is a REQUIREMENT of being in our club.

Club Bylaws

Attendance Policy

Certain meetings each year will be required, as noted on the meeting schedule. Members who miss any of these meetings in the previous 12 months will be ineligible for fair passes and, should you miss a registration meeting, you may not be able to compete at fair or State at all.

Members are required to attend 10 of 12 monthly club business meetings. If you cannot make a meeting, you are required to get in touch with the club leaders as soon as you know you won't be able to attend. Members who do not meet this requirement will not receive fair passes.

Members are required to attend 75% of the non-rained-out "with dog" meetings. Members who fail to attend dog meetings will not be able to show at fair or state, for safety reasons. If you are more than 20 minutes late, you may not be marked as in attendance.

Dog Requirements

Dogs must be on leash at all times at "with dog" meetings. You are not to let go of the leash at any point without being instructed to do so by the trainer. Loose dogs will end up in the drainage ditch that runs next to my property, or may wander into the road and be hit by a car or tractor.

Your dog is required to wear either a flat buckle collar or a "choke chain" style training collar to classes. In certain circumstances, I may recommend a prong collar, head halter, or other device. Your dog must wear a flat buckle collar without tags on all agility equipment. Dogs may only wear training collars on jumps during obedience training, if the dog is at advanced levels.

Leads must be 6 feet long. This is the length required in the ring and the length you need to train at.

Dogs that act aggressively towards their handler, their handler's family, myself, or other members will be removed from the class setting. Aggression includes growling, snapping, lunging, and barking aggressively. I recommend that you contact a reputable behaviorist if you are having aggression problems with your dog, and I will help you find one. Dogs that mouth in play will not be considered aggressive, but I expect that it stops quickly.

Dogs that act aggressively towards other dogs will not be removed from the class setting if the handler can properly control their dog.

Dogs will be handled by members, not their parents. Parents may handle a dog, but only if their child does not intend to show it.

Dogs are required to have the following vaccinations/preventatives: DHLPP combo shot, rabies shot, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventative. I also recommend a good flea & tick preventative. I prefer Frontline, but there are many out there.

You are not to walk your dog near the fenced part of my backyard. This is extremely upsetting to my dogs. If you need to walk your dog, walk along the drainage ditch or back towards the field.

Hitting or abusing your dog will get you removed from my club, except by my direction or if you are being bitten.

Family Rules

Each club is assigned certain fair duties, including kitchen and guard duty. Each family is required to fill at least one slot during the week, unless you prove to me that it will be impossible, or I have more families than slots. I will not be assigning myself or any other leaders to any given slot so that we are available in emergencies.

Parents are not to drop their children off and leave. Children that are old enough to drive themselves may, but any child that is too young to drive must have a parent or guardian present.

Each family is required to assist with all fundraisers.

I reserve the right to exclude any person or persons from the club at my sole discretion, based on their inability to follow directions, behave in a sportsmanlike manner, or other reasons related to the club and it's members safety and security.

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