Agility seems to be the most favored sport of the kids in this club. We have very limited equipment--but will have an A-frame by winter!

The dogs "get" most of the equipment. We're working on sequencing and basic body language from the kids. A goal for next summer is for the kids to be able to look at a course and do a real walkthrough where they consider what side they want the dog on.

As for the dogs, we are working on go-outs and pause box/tables. We'll also be working them up to full jump height in the spring, as we only have one meeting this fall.

Homework: 10/24-11/1


Supplies: Leash, flat buckle collar, stinky treats, small tupperware-like container. (i.e. Margerine tub).

Directions: Take treats, and make big show of putting them in the container. Let dog sniff and lick them, but NOT eat them. (This is best done one dog at a time). Treats should be chopped up into reasonably small pieces. Take dog on leash and put the treat container on the ground. Walk dog towards treats, and in very excited voice, encourage dog to walk ahead of you to the treats. Once he's there, stand about two steps back and tell him to "Sit." Repeat ONLY if he looks to you for guidance. Otherwise, stand perfectly still and wait for him to frustrate himself trying to get the treats. (If dog appears to be interested in destroying the container, prevent him from doing so.) As soon as dog sits, begin praising loudly and happy, and continue until you give the dog a few treats from the bucket. Repeat. As the dog begins to catch on to the game, begin asking for quicker sits and longer distances.

Please e-mail me progress reports on 11/1 or shortly after. Thanks :)

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