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     This is the journey I am on. I invite you to join me as I go along. I will add to this journal as I take each step in becoming friends with and working with Dragons. There may be entries every day, there may be days or weeks that go by with no new entries -- I don't know. It all depends on how my journey progresses.
     You are all invited to join my mailing list so you'll know when there are new developments. I may add a chat room eventually -- I'm not sure.
     This is all new to me, so if anyone has suggestions for me, or comments, as I go along, please feel free to let me know what they are.
     On that note, scroll below and meet the Dragon who will help guard this site and guide you -- and me -- along.

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Little Pink - the little guardian to this sitenoneLittle Pink's Adoption Certificate

This little guy's name is "Little Pink". He was the first Dragon who made himself known to me - my very first encounter! You can read about him on the "1st Meeting" page.

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