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At this point in time, we ahve 5 lovely ladies being housed in the rattery.  All are petshop ratties but little Rizzo (ECR Albino Rhino).  Whover tells you petshop rats don't make great pets is wrongedy wrong wrong wrong!  Course, some are ill tempered or unhealthy, but it's rare that ANY rat is ill tempered.  It's not intheir nature.  My rats for many years have been petshop rats, mostly feeders.  They may take a little work on trust, and may be a little shy, but they're worth it in the long run.  But you can generally trust a breeder more then you can a petshop...for health, personality...and possibly a pretty colour or pattern.
Purple = Being bred/expecting/mothering
Blue= Not a breeder at this time
PR- Pet Ranch
PL- Pet Land
TT- Tony Thomatus
TRR- Trenier Rattery
WMR- Willow Moon Rattery

Well, enjoy my ladies!
PL  Harley
PR Maggie (RIP)
PL  Mozy
PL  Shadow
TT Albino Rhino
More Coming Soon!
TRR Juno and TRR Stella Luna expected in the fall
What's with the Rhino?
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