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The Willow Moon Rattery is located in Louisville, CO, about 45 minutes away from Denver.  We ahve owned rats since 1998, when we fell head over heels for the lovely creatures, and have just started our breeding programs.  You can expect from us about 3 litters in 2002.  One in August, and two in November.  However, we may fall into certain situations where we will be breeding at different dates.  For example, a couple does from the litter in August may be bred in December, but also may not until January, or not at all if we don't see fit.  We DO set up a waiting list, as we are having such a small amount of litters.  We may be breeding more next year, so you can set up a reservation for a much later rat.  You may put yourself on the waiting list at no charge.  I can e-mail you with litter updates and such on request.  Please, even if you live in a far away place, don't hesitate to ask, for we may be traveling there sometime.  Never know :~)
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