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I began designing websites shortly after I got requests from friends after seeing my sites, and then after getting experience with them, adding counters, site trackers, learning more HTML, applying to search engines, etc. I decided I knew enough to start charging a bit for the time, effort and knowledge I had incurred.  I believe, considering the amount of time involved in developing a new website, that my rates are really quite reasonable.

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My services include:

Site development

Addition of Counter, Guestbook, Music midi files, Site Tracker, Web Rings, Awards, as needed.

Application of site to at least the major Search Engines, such as Yahoo, Alta Vista, Excite, etc.

Work with the client on theme and content.

Scanning and editing of any photos submitted, appropriate compression as needed.

Uploading of all files to server of choice

Location of free server and application for services if desired.

Notification to client of all changes, additions.

General follow-up maintenance, corrections, additions at additional charge after initial site has been approved for the first year..

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Some of the Web Sites I have designed:

Aggie Beagles

Bay-Manor Bassets

Blanco County, Texas, Webpage

Blanco County Historical Commission

Buena Vista Am Staffs

Dal-Tex Basset Hound Club

Highland Lakes Basset Hound Association

Mithril American Staffordshire Terriers

National Beagle Club of America, Inc.

San Jacinto Beagle Club

Singltrak German Shorthaired Pointers

Wildair Kennels



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