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My Special Section
                                   My Special Section
Here's where I'll tell you why Spirit is more special to me than anyone.

Ok, Well, I'm a Christian and I beleive in Jesus Christ.
For over a year, we've been getting signs to go to Colorado. At first we thought it was the Denver area. But just up untill a little bit ago, we've found out that we're supposed to be in Northern Colorado. Sorry, As soon as I wrote that Homeland just started playing on my Spirit soundtrack. So I know Its Special. Ok, When I got Shrek for Christmas and sat down to watch it I  saw a preveiw. It looked as if it was in the place I always wanted to go to for my whole 11 years of my life. It was the mountians. I saw horses. I loved horses. I wanted one ever since I was three. I knew this movie was special when I heard it was called SPIRIT. Because in the Bible theirs special spirit horses. When I waited 5 months I heard there was a sneek preview. I begged my parents to take me, and so we went. It was SPECTACULAR. It reminded me of everything. So now after that my parents were also convinced that this movie was special. Special for us. Because it talked about going West. Well, guess what happend next. Well today it is May 15th. At the end of the month we're moving!
To Colorado. We're getting what I never in my whole life would have believed to get starting out again. We're getting a ranch house with 2 acre's where we can have 2 horses! I couldn't beleive my ears. Well, that should explain it.  This movie will always be in my heart.

                            THANK YOU SPIRIT
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