Spirit's Herd
Here you can go to other Spirit sites on the web. There's not much now but there will be later.
Official Dreamworks Spirit Site
The official site for Spirit. Has cool stuff. Trailers,coloring pages and some cool game. Be sur to check it out.
Spirit Fan Club
Come and join us all at the Spirit fan club. You can talk to awsome people about the greatest new movie and post your own pictures too.
Dreamworks Fansite
The Dreamworks Fansite is a great one. It has images,links,trailers and more. It has updates all of the time so come here for all of the latest news. Its also has special secions with the makers of the movie.
This is another awesome fansite. Loads of images,music and much more can all be found at this site. Definatly one to see.
Spirit,Stallion of the Cimarron
The Little Creek Tribute
The Little Creek Tribute is a great spirit/lakota mix. It has Spirit stuff and I must mention all of the stuff about Little Creek. The name says it all. It has great Lakota Brave info and more!
Julia's Spirit Fansite
This is my sister's Spirit Fansite. This site has some cool screenshots and even though its a new and small site, its still worthy of looking at, after its a tribute to the greatest horse of all!
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