Here you'll Find information about the movie Balto. Balto is based on a true story. Balto is Half-wolf Half-Husky and is a total outcast in the tiny city of Nome, Alaska. He lives on an old boat on the edge of town with his friend, Boris, the snow goose. Balto travels to town once in awhile. He has a crush on a pretty red/brown siberian husky named Jenna. But Steele, the big shot black and white alaskan malamute, has stuff for Jenna too. Everyone, even the Trio, three dogs on Steele's team, teases Balto. One day the townspeople discover a dangerous epidemic called Ditheria, is sweeping through the town. The only curing medicine is in Anchorage, more than 600 miles away. There are no roads to get through so the only way is by dog sled. Balto wants to help, and has a chance, but then Steele ruins it on purpose. So the sled dogs leave, Balto is not one of them. And Jenna's owner, Rosie, a young girl, is seriously ill with Ditheria. Then the team becomes lost and stranded in a blizzard, and the musher is hurt badly. That's when Balto, Boris and the two polar bears, Muk & Luk, all set out on a journey to find the lost team. When Jenna follows and is hurt by a grizzly bear, Balto sends them all back to Nome and continues on his own to find the team. He goes far and fast with his wolf like paws and soon finds the team. But Steele won't give up. He refuses to let Balto take the medicine back to Nome. So Balto and Steele have a ''show-down' on a cliff. Balto is strong and defeats Steele. But after awhile he makes mistakes too. He takes the team over a cliff, saves the team, but risks his own life and the medicine when he tumbles over. During this time, he finds his true heritage, when he meets an unlikely creature that is really part of his own. He finds strength, endurance, intellegence and the courage to go on and climb the cliff with the medicine from the Wolf. He makes the journey, and his story is one you'll never forget.
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