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         Why the White Wolf?
                      "Why the white wolf,"do you say, here I'll tell you why.

When I first saw the movie Balto, I was very young, only 4 years old, well , I'm eleven now and I am the only person I know who likes wolves and huskies as much as I do.

It probably had something to do about balto. After the balto craze died down I forgot about the movie.

One day, sometime last year, I remembered Balto. I hadn't seen it for over 5 years. I tryed to remember something about the movie. The only thing that poped into my head, was a mysterious,huge white wolf. I asked my mom we could go to the movie rental place..............And so my Balto/White Wolf Craze began and that's how today I'm: White Wolf (55/550)
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