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All of usHere is a picture of Hailey and me with Dad and Ben on the trampoline. When they put me up here, I was trying to tell them that I would really rather hang out UNDER it, where it is nice and shady. There is also a tree in the backyard that I like to lay under. It is not too far away from the sidewalk, so I can easily run over to the fence and say hi to the people who walk by. Dad always tells me to be quiet, but Mom tells him that I have to be able to talk somewhere, and better outside than inside! I don't know why Dad gets so upset...he talks all the time!!

Buddy and Hailey before
We went and saw the groomer recently. This is the picture that Mom took of us before we went. Below you will see the "after" pictures. Mom is so excited! She keeps telling us how cute we look. I was really nervous about it--even though I have been through it before. The groomer told on me, too :( She said that Hailey did great, but that I was very nervous. We were both happy to see Mom and Dad, though. I have never been so happy to get home in my life!
Buddy after Hailey after

pawfect day

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