I had a GREAT birthday. Mom bought a cake (I got to try to blow out the candles, but I couldn't eat any because it was chocolate.) I did get to eat a little bit of ice cream, though. Everyone sang happy birthday to me, and I had to wear a funny looking cone shaped hat. Everyone thought it looked really cute, but I thought it looked stupid!!
Buddy and April
  I think that Hailey kind of enjoyed wearing that funny looking hat. Right after this picture was taken I tried to get mine off my head using the ground, but Hailey just trotted around with hers on. I think she thought she looked cool!
birthday picture
  This is a picture of Hailey and me eating our ice cream. Mom really had to hurry to take this one, because she knew that ice cream wouldn't last long! It was REALLY GOOD! I wanted more, but Mom said no because she didn't want me to get a tummy ache. She said that if I slowed down and took time to taste it, I wouldn't need more, but that is beside the point!
Buddy and Hailey eating ice cream
  Mom bought me lots of presents. I got new bones, a new squeaky toy, some pig ears, and some of my favorite treats. I guess that Mom didn't want Hailey to feel left out, because she bought her a present, too. She got her this t-shirt that says "Mean Wagger." They thought it was funny because Hailey really shakes her behind when she is happy to see someone and because of this, Dad calls her "Waggler." I'm just glad I don't have to wear the dumb thing. It is bad enough when I have to wear a sweater in the winter!!!
  Well, I hope you enjoyed my birthday pictures. Mom tried to take lots more, but I don't like to cooperate. When I see the camera coming, I run! Hailey's birthday is in about 7 months, so there will be more pictures on the birthday page in February. Hailey likes to get her picture taken, so there should be plenty. Be sure to stop back and see them!
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