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Detective Conan


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Detective Conan is the intriguing story of Conan Edogawa, a little boy with his own share of secrets, and his adventures against the shady world of crime. Himself a victim of a crime of most unusual circumstances, he's formed a band called the Junior Detective League [Detective Boys] and is setting out to solve crimes, one mystery at a time.



At the age of 17, Shinichi Kudo was a high school detective. One day he was knocked over and fed an experimental drug that was meant to kill him. Instead, it changed him into a kid. To protect his family from the men that poisoned him, he changed his name to Conan Edogawa (which he pieced together from the authors Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Ranpo).



Shinichi Kudou was a bright student who attended Teitan High School, and often helped police officers solve crimes. Then one day he was investigating two suspicious people in black suits. Those men, later recognized as Gin and Vodka, found him spying on them and then gave Shinichi, a medicine that was supposed to have killed him, but that actually just shrunk his body. He then began his adventure as Conan Edogawa, and stayed with Ran Mouri, his best friend. As Ran's father, Kogoro Mouri, is a not-so-great detective, Shinichi/Conan started to help him behind the curtain, which made the detective quite famous. What Conan really wants is to track down Gin, Vodka, and the Black organization so he can get find a cure for his predicament.



As the time goes on, Conan starts attending Teitan Elementary School, and make friends with some 6 year-old kids, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Genta. With the help of Dr. Agasa who makes some useful equipment, such as communication badges, they started a club called Detective Boys.



Conan later encountered Haibara, the inventor of the tonic that transformed Shinichi into a kid. She ran away from the black organization by drinking the medicine. She later joined Conan and his friends, and also entered Teitan elementary while living with Dr. Agasa.



As everything seemed to be settled down, Jodie Saintemillion, a new English teacher in Teitan High School seemed quite suspicious. She arrived by the time Chris Vinyard, the third member of Black organization, arrived from USA to join Gin and Vodka. Conan and Heiji, his rival, are currently working together to investigate the teacher.




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English Name
Japanese Name
Amy Yoshida  


Ayumi Yoshida
Booker Kudo  


Yusaku Kudou
Dr. Agasa  


Prof. Agasa
George Kojima  


Genta Kojima
Jimmy Kudo


Conan Edogawa



Shinichi Kudou


Conan Edogawa

Inspector Meguire  


Inspector Megure
Mitch Tsuburaya  


Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya
Rachel Moore  


Ran Mouri
Detective Richard Moore  


Detective Kogorou Mouri
Saguru Hakuba  


Saguru Hakuba
Serena Sebastian  


Sonoko Suzuki


Anita Hailey



Shiho Miyano


Ai Haibara

Vivian Kudo   


Yukiko Kudou




Akemi Miyano
Eva Kaden   




Eri Kisaki




Harley Hartwell   




Heiji Hattori




Jodie Saintemillion




Kazuha Toyama
Phantom Thief Kid   





Kaitou Kid




Kyogoku Makoto




Masafumi Yokomizo




Sato Miwako




Shiratori Ninzaburo




Sonoko Suzuki
Officer Wilmer   




Takagi Wataru







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Since 1997, a movie based on the series is screened during the Golden Week of Japan. Because of the series' general popularity in Japan, most of the movies are number one in box office rating at debut, if not for several weeks. The list of movies screened so far include:




The Time-Bombed Skyscraper  

(名探偵コナン 時計じかけの摩天楼  

Meitantei Konan Tokei Jikake no Matenrō?)

1997, 2006 (English version)



Detective Conan - The Fourteenth Target  

(名探偵コナン 14番目の標的  

Meitantei Konan Jyuuyon banme no Tagetto?)

1998, Distribution income: 1.05 billion yen.



Detective Conan - The Last Wizard of the Century  

(名探偵コナン 世紀末の魔術師  

Meitantei KonanSeikimatsu no Majutsushi?)

1999, Distribution income: 1.45 billion yen



Detective Conan - Captured in Her Eyes  

(名探偵コナン 瞳の中の暗殺者  

Meitantei Konan Hitomi no Naka no Ansatsusha?)

2000, Box office: 2.5 billion Yen.



Detective Conan - Countdown to Heaven  

(名探偵コナン 天国へのカウントダウン 

Meitantei Konan Tengoku He no Kauntodaun?),

 2001, Box office: 2.9 billion Yen.



Detective Conan - The Phantom of Baker Street  

(名探偵コナン ベイカー街の亡霊  

Meitantei Konan Beikā Sutorīto no Bōrei?),

 2002, Box office: 3.4 billion Yen.



Detective Conan - Crossroad in the Ancient Capital  

(名探偵コナン 迷宮の十字路  

Meitantei Konan Meikyū no Kurosurōdo?),

 2003, Box office: 3.2 billion Yen.



Detective Conan - Magician of the Silver Sky  

(名探偵コナン 銀翼の奇術師  

Meitantei Konan Ginyoku no Majishan?)

2004, Box office: 2.8 billion Yen.



Detective Conan - Strategy Above the Depths  

(名探偵コナン 水平線上の陰謀  

Meitantei Konan Suiheisenjō no Sutoratejī?)

2005, Box office: 2.15 billion Yen.



Detective Conan - The Private Eyes' Requiem  

(名探偵コナン 探偵たちの鎮魂歌  

Meitantei Konan Tantei tachi no Rekuiemu?)

2006 (10th Anniversary Special)



( The Eleventh Case ) Confirmed



Thanks to Case Closed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for movie info




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Who's Who:



Shin'ichi Kudou

A high school detective who regularly helps solve cases for the police department. He's been best friends with Ran Mouri ever since they were little. He likes Ran very much, but he could never get himself to realize his feelings for her. After investigating a case in Tropical Land he follows a suspicious man in all black (Vodka) and witnesses an illegal deal relating to the smuggling of weapons. Not paying attention to what is behind him, Shin'ichi is knocked unconscious by another man in black (Gin). Both men in black realize Shin'ichi is the so-called Heisei Holmes and Vodka nearly shoots him. Gin stops him though, because there were too many policemen nearby. Gin then decides to test a new type of poison, APTX-4869, that is untraceable in the human body on Shin'ichi. The men in black soon leave Shin'ichi by himself. Instead of the poison killing him though, Shin'ichi shrinks to the size of a six-year-old!

Conan Edogawa

Shin'ichi Kudou's shrunken self. Shin'ichi's alias comes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (writer of Sherlock Holmes) and Ranpo Edogawa (a famous Japanese mystery novel writer). Shin'ichi decides to keep this disguise up in order to protect the people he cares about, especially Ran. If the Black Organization were to find out Shin'ichi is alive, all the people Shin'ichi knows could be put in serious danger. Shin'ichi is determined to someday regain his normal body in order to tell Ran his true feelings for her. Until then, he is living as Conan in Ran's father's detective agency. As Conan, Shin'ichi helps Kogoro (Ran's father) solve mysteries using gadgets created by Professor Agasa.

Ran Mouri

Shin'ichi's childhood friend and the captain of the karate club. She likes Shin'ichi very much and became very worried once she realized he was missing. To help ease her fears, Conan, using a voice-changer to make himself sound like Shin'ichi, occasionally calls her on the phone. Ran cares about Conan very much, but sometimes is suspicious about how much he reminds her of Shin'ichi.

Kogoro Mouri

Ran's father and a detective. He's known as "Sleeping Kogoro" because most of his deductions come when he seems to be in an unconscious state. (The truth is that Conan puts Kogoro to sleep with a dart from his watch and then gives his deduction in Kogoro's voice using a voice-changing bowtie.) He's not very good at deductions by himself and regularly gets hints (although he doesn't want them) from Conan. Despite his flaws, (such as being regularly drunk) Kogoro is quite a sharp shooter and also cares very deeply about his daughter and friends.

The Detective Boys (Shounen Tantei-dan)

Consists of Genta, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Conan (reluctantly). Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko are classmates of Conan in Teitan Primary and become fascinated with the idea of solving mysteries after hearing of Conan's involvement in one. Thus the group forms their own detective agency, The Detective Boys. The group later receives a few nifty gadgets (like Conan) from Professor Agasa.

Heiji Hattori

"The Great Detective of the West". Heiji hails from Osaka in the western part of Japan. He's the son of a police chief so it only makes sense for him to be interested in solving mysteries. His childhood friend is Kazuha Tooyama. Like Shin'ichi, Heiji can never seem to admit his feelings for Kazuha and denies them. Heiji is the self-proclaimed rival of Shin'ichi ("The Great Detective of the East") and eventually finds out Conan is Shin'ichi.

Sonoko Suzuki

The rather loud and outgoing friend of Ran. She enjoys talking about cute guys, fawning over Kaitou Kid, and teasing Ran over Shin'ichi.

Professor Agasa

Shin'ichi's next-door neighbor. He was the first person to find out about Shin'ichi's mishap. Professor Agasa is also the inventor that creates the gadgets Shin'ichi uses as Conan in order to help solve mysteries.

Inspector Megure:

 A police inspector of the local police department. Not much to say about him, except that he refuses to remove his hat and wears it at all times no matter what.

Eri Kisaki

Ran's mother who is a lawyer. Eri doesn't live with Kogoro and Ran due to an event in the past. It is important to remember that Kogoro and Eri are not divorced; they just don't live together.

Yuusaku Kudou

Shin'ichi's father a world-famous mystery novelist. He's best known for writing the Night Baron mystery novels.

Yukiko Kudou

Shin'ichi mother who used to be a famous actress. She's excellent at disguises, but claims her actress friend Sharon Vinyard is much better at it than she is. Both Yukiko and Sharon studied the art of disguise under the watchful eye of a famous Japanese magician. Yukiko is also a very skilled (yet terrifying) driver. In America she is known as the "Night Baroness" since she's solved a mystery or two (or so everyone thinks) and is the wife of Yuusaku who writes the Night Baron novels.

Kaitou Kid

An infamous thief sometimes referred to as "Kaitou 1412". (1412 is supposedly the code number given to him by Interpol.) Kaitou Kid is best known for stealing gems and artwork and wearing an outfit of mostly all white. He seems to announce all his heists before they occur using messages with riddles on them.


Member of the Black Organization with long silver hair and a black hat. He's extremely brutal and seems to be extremely good at deductive reasoning, or at least making sure he can cover his tracks and eliminate all who find out about him. He's usually seen with Vodka.


Member of the Black Organization who always wears sunglasses and a black hat. Vodka seems to have a habit of getting caught/not covering his tracks and it's usually Gin who fixes the problem. He's usually seen with Gin.

Kazuha Tooyama

Much like Ran is to Shin'ichi, Kazuha is Heiji's childhood friend. Both argue with eachother alot, but Kazuha and Heiji clearly care a great deal for eachother.

Sharon Vinyard

The mother of Chris Vinyard and a good friend of Yukiko's. She died about a year before the Tropical Land incident.

Chris Vinyard (Vermouth)

Daughter of Sharon. Upon the death of her mother, Chris was bombarded with questions as to her private life with her mother to which her only response was, "A secret makes a woman, woman." Akai Shuichi refers to her as a "Rotten Apple".

Akai Shuichi

A man of few words. He is working for the F.B.I. Ran mistook him at first for the serial killer on the loose in New York. He's had a confrontation with Vermouth before, but Vermouth escaped.

 Thanks to Case Closed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for who's who



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All Seasons



All Seasons

1. Roller Coaster Murder Case

First aired: 1/8/1996

Shin'ichi helps solve a murder on a balcony. Afterwards Shin'ichi goes with his childhood friend, Ran to Tropical Land; an amusement park. When someone is decapitated on a roller coaster, they're riding on, Shin'ichi solves the case quickly. As he and Ran are about to leave, Shin'ichi follows a suspicious man into an alley where he is knocked out and given a poison by a man in black. The poison however doesn't kill him but shrinks him to the size of a kid instead.

2. Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case  

First aired: 1/15/1996

Shin'ichi tries to come to terms with his new size and convinces Professor Agasa of who he is and assumes the identity of Conan Edogawa. He moves in with his girlfriend Ran and her father Kogoro. Conan helps to find a kidnapped daughter of a wealthy businessman.

3. An Idol's Locked Room Murder Case 

First aired: 1/22/1996

Pop idol Yoko Okino asks Kogoro to investigate a man who is harrassing her. But when Kogoro, Conan and Ran go to her flat they find a man murdered in the middle of the floor with a knife in his back. It looks like a murder, but the door had been locked. Who is the killer, and how did it happen?

4. The Coded Map of the City Case 

First aired: 1/29/1996

Conan reluctantly forms "The Detective Boys" with his new classmates, Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko after they find what they think is a treasure map. They go around Beika to places listed on the map hoping to find the gold in the end. Unfortunately, someone else is after the gold as well.

5. The Shinkansen's Bomb Case  

First aired: 2/5/1996

The Detective Boys go for a trip on the Shinkansen (bullet train), but so have the men in black that poisoned Shin'ichi. The men have given a bomb to one of the passengers with the intention of blowing up the train. Can Conan find out who has the bomb in time to save the train?

6. Valentine Murder Case 

First aired: 2/12/1996

Ran goes to a new friend's house on Valentines Day for the annual giving of chocolate to the boys. Conan tags along and has work to do when one of the people in the house is found dead in the garden with a half eaten bar of chocolate.

7. Once-A-Month Present Threat Case 

First aired: 2/19/1996

A doctor comes to Kogoro carrying a pile of toys that have been sent to him every month with large amounts of money for the past two years from an un-named person. Later, flowers are sent to the doctor, but why? Also Ran starts to suspect that Conan is Shin'ichi.

8. Art Gallery Owner Murder Case  

First aired: 2/26/1996

Conan, Ran, and Kogoro visit an art gallery which is on the verge of being closed down after being bought by a businessman who intends to turn it into a hotel. While they are looking around they stumble accross the impaled body of the businessman and after watching the security video they find out he was killed by a someone in a suit of armor. Luckily the victim was able to write a clue on a piece of paper before being killed.

9. Tenkaichi Night Festival Murder Case  

First aired: 3/4/1996

A photographer shoots his partner in their hotel room and makes it look like someone else did it, he even has photos of himself taken at the night festival at the time of the murder, how can his guilt be proved?

10. Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case 

First aired: 3/11/1996

A girl comes to Kogoro's office claiming to be Shin'ichi's girlfriend and asks them to help her find him, but Conan doesn't know her at all. It turns out that it was just a lure to get them to find out who kidnapped her brother after Conan finds the kidnapped boy's room in a mess.

11. Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (One Hour Special) 

First aired: 4/8/1996

Kogoro gets called to investigate a matter on an island by a man called Asou Keiji but it turns out he died over a decade ago in a fire in his house. He could be heard playing his piano during the fire. They find the piano is still kept in the town hall and that it is said to be cursed after some mysterious deaths. Soon after the new candidate for the chief of the island is found dead slumped on the piano with the piano still playing but this turns out to be just a tape recording. Conan and the rest stakeout with the piano to make sure nothing else happens. More murders follow.

12. Ayumi-chan's Kidnapping Case  

First aired: 4/15/1996

Conan and the Detective Boys are playing hide and seek in the park when Ayumi decides to hide in the trunk of a car. The trunk is locked and the car drives off with Ayumi still inside. Luckily Professor Agasa had given them communicators so they can talk to her. There are reports going around about a child killer on the loose and when she finds a bloodied up saw and a girl's head in the trunk Conan fears for the worst. Conan, Genta, and Mitsuhiko chase after the car on his new solar-powered skateboard.

13. The Strange Person Hunt Murder Case

First aired: 4/22/1996

Professor Agasa gives Conan a new pair of glasses with tracking capabilities. A woman comes to Kogoro wanting to find her long lost father. They find him quite easily and soon the two are re-united. The next day the father is found dead; strangled. They then find another detective who was looking for the same man. They soon find out that the woman, Masami, may not be who she says she was.

14. The Mysterious Shooting Message Case  

First aired: 4/29/1996

While the Detective Boys are fishing they are witnesses to someone practicing with a sniper rifle from the top of a nearby building. Conan goes up to investigate and finds a calculator with a bunch of numbers still on the screen, but what does the code mean? It turns out the sniper is a policeman who had disappeared. Will Conan be able to work out the puzzle before it's too late?

15. Missing Corpse Murder Case 

First aired: 5/13/1996

Conan and the Detective Boys are searching for a classmate's cat when they find a dead body in the bathroom of a local house. They rush to fetch the police but when they arrive fifteen minutes later there's no body. They search all over but cannot find any trace.

16. The Antique Collector Murder Case 

First aired: 5/20/1996

Kogoro has been investigating an affair and is reporting his findings when his client is drawn away and murdered. He is found pinned to the wall of his kendo practice hall with a kendo sword. There are sword marks all over the room. A man who practices kendo, a sculptor, and the wife's boyfriend are all suspects.

17. Department Store Highjacking Case 

First aired: 5/27/1996

The Detective Boys go to see a Kamen Yaiba show but Genta leaves his Yaiba signature at the shopping centre so they go back to get it. The doors are locked before they get out but when they go to ask to be let out they find the security staff bound and gagged in the office. It seems thieves have taken control and now they are after them.

18. A June Bride Murder Case 

First aired: 6/3/1996

Ran's teacher is getting married, she always drinks lemon tea but when she drinks it today it turns out to be poisoned. While she is treated at the hospital the police and Conan examine the video tape made by Ran's friend to try and find out who gave her the poison.

19. An Elevator Murder Case  

First aired: 6/10/1996

A friend that Ran, Kogoro and Conan are visiting has asked Ran to model some clothing that she has designed. The secretary that is quitting because she stole the latest fashion designs from her and sold them to another company. What will happen now?

20. A Haunted Mansion Murder Case 

First aired: 6/17/1996

Ayumi thinks that an old house is haunted. Conan is dragged along by the Detective Boys to investigate....only to find something more

21. On Location, TV Drama Murder Case 

First aired: 6/24/1996

A man is murdered on the set of a movie. Conan has to figure out who is behind the murder, with the prop knife and the clues before him.

22. Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case (Part 1) 

First aired: 7/1/1996

Kogoro, Ran and Conan end up on a Luxury Liner after Kogoro misses their boat off the island. When the head of the family is murdered, the family jumps on the New Husband, Takeshi of the daughter Natsue as the murderer. Then more people died, the store room where Takeshi has been unlocked. Did Takeshi strike again?

23. Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case (Part 2) 

First aired: 7/8/1996

The case goes on as another person is attacked. This time, the victim lives. With everyone in suspicion, can Conan find the killer before the liner reaches port?

24. The Mysterious Woman With Amnesia Case  

First aired: 7/15/1996

At the racetrack, a woman bumps into Kogoro who seems to have amnesia. Can Kogoro, Ran and Conan help regain her memory?

25. The False Kidnapping and Hostage Case 

First aired: 7/22/1996

A wealthy man's daughter is kidnapped. In order to save her he has to pay a five million dollar ransom, though he pays in couterfiet money the kidnapper escapes with the van because the cops were there. The van goes off a bridge and into the water. The police presume his daughter dead. But is she really dead? That's for Conan Edogawa to firgue out.

26. Pet Dog Jon Murder Case  

First aired: 7/29/1996

When a neighbor watching over a man's dog is killed by the dog attacking him, the dog is led as the main suspect. If it does get convicted, he could be put to sleep. Can Conan help save his favorite childhood friend?

27. Kogoro's Class Reunion Murder Case (Part 1) 

First aired: 8/5/1996

At the reunion of Kogoro's old Judo club, one of his friends is murdered. With the police out of reach, they suspect one of the people at the reunion is the murderer.

28. Kogoro's Class Reunion Murder Case (Part 2) 

First aired: 8/12/1996

Kogoro vows to find the killer of his friend in anger and frustration. Conan gives him help along the way of course.

29. Computer Murder Case 

First aired: 8/19/1996

When a high ranking computer businessman dies of a "heart attack", Conan notices something rather odd. Did he really die of a heart attack? Or was it murder?

30. Alibi Testimony Murder Case  

First aired: 8/26/1996

A famous lawyer calls for Kogoro at a fancy hotel asking him to follow his wife who may be having an affair. Kogoro, Ran and Conan then going to the man's house discover that the wife in question has been murdered? Who did it, and how was it done?

31. The TV Station Murder Case  

First aired: 9/2/1996

During a Primetime TV Mystery show, a man who worked at the station was shot in the head. Though no one had come into the room at the time. How was the murder commited?

32. Coffee Shop Murder Case  

First aired: 9/9/1996

Ran tells Conan she's meeting someone at a coffee shop. Conan suspecting something, follows Ran. Meanwhile, a murder is committed at the coffee shop. Someone still there committed the murder. But who?

33. Detective Boys' Survival Case  

First aired: 10/14/1996

Professor Agasa takes Conan and the Detective Boys on a camping trip. Agasa gives Conan and the others a treasure map and tells them to go hunting for it while he fishes. The thing is, two others have this map as well. Where did they get it? And what is in the end?

34. The Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 10/21/1996

Conan and Ran go to a mountain house were they meet Sonoko and her sister and some of her friends. During the night at dinner they see a man wrapped in bandages swinging away with one of Sonoko's friends. Later they find the friend dead in the woods the telephone line cut and the bridge cut. Who is this mystery man?

35. The Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 10/28/1996

The mysterious man tries to kill Ran. Though Ran never met anyone of Sonoko's older sister's friends. Conan must figure out who the masked man is before this mysterious man tries to kill her again.

36. Monday Night 7:30pm Murder Case  

First aired: 11/4/1996

A murder was committed at 7:30 pm on Monday. The discoverer of the body was Ayumi's dentist, who was checking Ayumi's teeth at the time of the killing.Further inspection showed that the dentist had a good reason to kill the victim. But she had an alibi, so the police turned away their suspicion of her. Conan thought that there was a trick. What was it?

37. Cactus Flower Murder Case  

First aired: 11/11/1996

A woman approaches Kogoro asking to find a man she said met in the mountains and fell in love, but lost touch...though as Conan follows her, she has other plans on her mind instead of meeting him. Can Conan stop her before it's too late?

38. Akaoni Village Fire Festival Murder Case  

First aired: 11/18/1996

Conan sees Kogoro spying on a man a company owner asked to watch for three days. The next day, the watched man is discovered in a bonfire at the Akaoni Village Fire festival. The company owner recieves the inheritance money, and he wreaks of guilt. Though he was on vacation at the time of the murder. Can Conan crack his "perfect alibi"?

39. The Wealthy Daughter Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 11/25/1996

Kogoro, Ran and Conan are invited as special guests to a wealthy company owner's daughter, Reika for her twenty fourth birthday. Though as the guests are about to leave, Reika, and the team of suitors following her throughout the party discover that their tires are flat. Not wanting to drive with a stranger, Reika stays at the mansion, along with the team of suitors, Kogoro, Ran, Conan, the caretaker and a gentleman to watch over everyone. Though things turn strange when Reika doesn't return from changing. In persuit of her, one of the suitor's is discovered drowned in the front fountain....why was he murdered?

40. The Wealthy Daughter Murder Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 12/2/1996

The case continues as Conan tries to figure out who tried to kill Ran. Can Conan help Kogoro out, or will the killer get away?

41. The Victory Flag Vandalism Case  

First aired: 12/9/1996

During a high school baseball game all seems to be going down for the Syukyo team. Then, it aburptly ends when Syukyo High finds out their All Country Baseball Championship flag has been shreaded. Then all of the sudden, their star pitcher confesses to the crime. Can Conan prove he's guilty? Or is this man only lying?

42. A Karaoke Box Murder Case  

First aired: 12/16/1996

Sonoko's father has connections that leads both her and Ran to have dinner at a karaoke bar with a popular band. When the head singer is poisoned and dies. It's up to Conan to figure out who killed him. Though uncovering the truth might be more than he expected in the motive.

43. Edogawa Conan Kidnapping Case  

First aired: 1/13/1997

A woman by the name of Fumiyo comes to the Mouri detective agency as... Conan's Mother!? Ran thinking this person is really Conan's mother allows him to go with her...Conan soon discovers that it's a kidnapping...but is this person with the Black Organization? Will Conan get out of this?

44. The Three Hotta Brothers Murder Case  

First aired: 1/20/1997

While Kogoro, Ran and Conan are on the way to work on a case, a man by the side of the road asks for car help. In payment, the man invites them to his birthday party. What they did't expect was for him to die that night from a homemade bomb. Who commited this crime out of the guests invited?

45. Facial Pack Murder Case  

First aired: 1/27/1997

A important CEO is murdered. She was found with a face mask on. Kogoro on the case tries, (not doing a good job) to solve the case. Can Conan crack it with the three suspects there at the time?

46. The Snowy Mountain Villa Murder Case  

First aired: 2/3/1997

Ran, Kogoro and Conan are skiing in the mountains. They meet up with a doctor and his students. They offer the trio to stay at their place during the night due to a dangerous snowstorm. Things get ugly when the teacher is murdered when watching his favorite soap opera. The clues point not to a break in , but to one of his students. Can Conan figure out who did this?

47. Sports Club Murder Case  

First aired: 2/10/1997

The day before the reopening of Saeki Sports Club, Kogoro, Ran and Conan are invited to try it out. That evening Kogoro receives an answer phone message from Inspector Megure informing him that Saijou Naoya, one of the instructors at the club, had been found dead in the swimming pool. Kogoro, Ran and Conan return to the club to help with the investigation. The police believe Saijou's murder was a diving accident, but Conan suspects it was murder. The only people with access to the building at that time were other staff members, but which one of them is a killer?

48. The Diplomat Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 2/17/1997

In the middle of the day, after Ran gets off the phone from Shin'ichi, a teenage boy called "The Great Detective of the West", Heiji Hattori barges in the Mouri office demanding to see Shin'ichi ("The Great Detective of the East") for a showdown. While Kogoro explains that he isn't here, a woman comes in asking Kogoro to help find her son's fiance. They go to her house to discuss things further, when they see the woman they're looking for with her son. then when they get to her husband's office, they find her husband, a wealthy diplomat dead by poison. With the police on the scene with a locked door, they're baffled and determine it a suicide. Heiji thinking Shin'ichi gives the answers to Kogoro waits for him to show, and more determined than ever to solve the case before he does. Meanwhile, Conan, who has a cold, was given alcohol by Heiji to feel better, is now feeling worse...he feels like his body is on fire...what's going on??

49. The Diplomat Murder Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 2/24/1997

The case goes on, and Heiji declares that he has solved it! After explaining his theory, the police are satisfied. Before they can do anything, a man appears saying that his theory is 100% impossible! That man is Shin'ichi!! The case continues and Shin'ichi explains his theory. His being true, the police arrest the right criminal. Though as he's talking to Ran, he body feels on fire again. Is Shin'ichi going to turn back into Conan?

50. Library Murder Case  

First aired: 3/3/1997

After Conan was sick in bed for three days, Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko come and visit him reminding him that he has a book report that was suppose to be handed in during the time of his illness. Stopping his plans in trying to turn back to his former self, he goes with them to the library. Though when an attendant turns up missing, the gang decides to help find him. they stay after hours and soon discover that something's wrong.

51. The Golf Driving Range Murder Case  

First aired: 3/10/1997

Kogoro decides to practice for a pro-am charity golf tournament. Even though he's horrible at the game, he accepted because Yoko Okino (his favorite pop star idol) is going to be there. At 6:30 at the golfing range Kogoro, Ran, and Conan meet some men who are with their boss to relax. Later the men's boss dies from a blast of a bomb when his golf club hit a golf ball! It's up to Conan to find the clues that lead to the culprit.

52. The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case  

First aired: 3/17/1997

While taking a trip to see the mountain cherry trees, Kogoro decides to take a shortcut home. In the process, they're lost, and they get two flat tires. Conan finds a temple, and after the Head Priest Tenei charges them a ridiculous amount of yen, they stay the night. The priest tells them of a legend called the Mist Goblin (Kiri Tengu), which breaks through walls and devours people's souls and only targets young girls. Meanwhile, the priests in training mention about an incident two years ago that sounds like the legend. But the Head Priest reminds them that they vowed never to speak of it. In the morning, the older priest in trainging Kannen-san goes to look for him, only to find his corpse hanging from the ceiling in the meditation room, and a hole in the wall made by a powerful force. Is this the work of the Kiri Tengu?

53. The Mystery Weapon Murder Case  

First aired: 4/7/1997

While taking an afternoon stroll, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro find an unconscious bird in the middle of the road. After Conan picks it up, it awakens and flies away. Soon after that, they hear a woman screaming. They rush to the apartment building and see a woman coming down saying her husband is dead. When they get to the veranda they find a man (Dobashi-san) who claimed he just got into the room. Terasawa-san (A man who came in after Kogoro and co.) who claimed the deceased was a terrible man. All three have supsious alibis, and have a good motive to see him dead. Who really killed Imoto-san, and with what weapon?

54. A Game Company's Murder Case  

First aired: 4/14/1997

The past returns to haunt the president of a popular video game company as a bomb destroys part of his building and a seemingly innocent victim!In addition,Conan comes ever closer to tracking down the men who shrunk him.Can he reach their hideout in time?

55. The Train Trick Murder Case

First aired: 4/21/1997

Kogoro drives with Ran and Conan from the thermal bath Yunoyama back to Tokyo. In the train is a group of doctors, which the three already know from the hotel. They observe a controversy between Dr. Date and Dr. Sato, in whose process Dr. Date leaves the compartment and wants to come back later. On the railway junction in Mizunokawa a doctor from their group been killed.

56. The Ojamanbou Murder Case  

First aired: 4/28/1997

Coming soon.

57. Holmes Freak Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 5/5/1997

Conan wins a contest in which he and several other people, are going to a house to take a Sherlock Holmes exam. The prize? A rare copy of Arthur Conan Doyle's first Sherlock Holmes book A Study in Scarlet. Though when on the night of turning in the exam, The headman, Hiroyuki Kanaya of this contest dies. Does it also help for Conan that Heiji came along?

58. Holmes Freak Murder Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 5/12/1997

Now the murder count is two people, and one injured person. Can Conan and Heiji catch the murder before he possibly strikes again? The plot thickens in this episode.

59. The First Errand Murder Case 

First aired: 5/19/1997

In Beika Park, children are competing in competition called the "First Errand Contest." Entrants must go to Beika Shopping District nearby and purchase items on a shopping list, then return. With the entrants being young children, they are asigned guardians to safeguard their wellbeing while they carry out their task. These guardians follow the entrants and also record their actions on video camera. Later, the tape is to be handed in to a local cable television station and the children are judged and awarded based on what has been recorded. Conan and the Detective Boys have volunteered to be guardians for the competition. When they are assigned to follow a young boy called Hiroshi, they discover there is far more at stake for him than a competition prize.

60. An Illustrator Murder Case  

First aired: 5/26/1997

Hanaoka Kenjin, an artist, is soon to release a book of murder scene drawings. Kogoro is invited to his office to provide an interview for the end of the book. Ran and Conan accompany him. Chouno Izumi is another artist that works for Hanaoka. She lives in an apartment directly opposite the office. Hanaoka is late to his meeting with Kogoro and shortly after he arrives, he receives a phone call. Hanaoka says that Chouno is on the phone and has said she's about to jump from her balcony. Everyone in the office watches helplessly from the window as Chouno plummets from her balcony to the street below. However, this is clearly no suicide, it was murder!

61. A Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 6/2/1997

A ship, believed to have sunk seven years ago, suddenly reappears off the coast of Shiki Island. Before it disappeared it was said to be carrying one billion yen in gold bullion. However, on examination of the ship, no trace of the gold was found. The ship is deserted and in a decrepit state; many believe it is a ghost ship. With the ship's reappearance, the island is enjoying a period of increased media attention. Kogoro is invited to the island to host a presentation. Ran and Conan accompany him. The island's mayor also hopes that Kogoro will be able to find the missing gold. However, during the presentation an attempt is made on Kogoro's life. Perhaps they shouldn't have come to the island after all?

62. A Ghost Ship Murder Case (Part 2)

First aired: 6/9/1997

Kogoro recovers from the blow to the head to find that he's been framed for murder. Hamada's body is pinned to the wall by a samurai sword; the mayor and a group of islanders are in uproar. How can Kogoro talk his way out of this situation?

63. Big Monster Gomera Murder Case  

First aired: 6/16/1997

Professor Agasa's friend, Mikami Daisuke, is the director of the Gomera monster movies. Professor Agasa and the Detective Boys are invited on a tour of the studio. After filming finishes for the morning, someone wearing the Gomera costume goes on a rampage through the movie set. The movie producer, Kamei Osamu, is attacked and killed. Can Conan discover who was wearing the costume?

64. The Third Fingerprint Murder Case  

First aired: 6/23/1997

Unexpectedly, an old friend of Kogoro's from the police force, Teraoka, invites Kogoro, Ran and Conan around for a barbecue. During the barbecue, Teraoka receives a call from Matsuyama, a gang leader. Teraoka explains that Matsuyama had been trying to wash his hands of the organisation, but last night he accidentally killed someone. Teraoka says that he has to go and meet with Matsuyama and attempt to convince him to turn himself in to the police. Kogoro insists on accompanying Teraoka out of concern. Conan and Ran follow them in a taxi. When they arrive, they find Kogoro by Teraoka's car. Kogoro exaplains that Teraoka is meeting with Matsuyama in a nearby alley. Just then, they hear a gunshot! Hurrying into the alley they find Matsuyama dead with a gun in his hand, Teraoka standing over him. Apparently Matsuyama pulled a gun and was killed in a struggle with Teraoka. But why are there three sets of fingerprints on the gun?

65. A Crab and Whale Kidnapping Case  

First aired: 6/30/1997

Whilst at a beer garden with Kogoro and Ran, Conan overhears a man's telephone conversation. The man looks distressed because the person on the other end of the phone is cancelling some kind of transaction. He says that he has brought the money, hasn't contacted the police and wants to hear Keita's voice again. Has there been a kidnapping?

66. Night Road Murder Case  

First aired: 7/7/1997

Oomura, Kogoro's friend, has been hearing strange sounds at his apartment and asks Kogoro, Ran and Conan to come by to help investigate. Kogoro spends most of the evening drinking with Oomura instead of investigating. Suddenly, one of the apartment windows breaks and out in the dark street below they see a man lying dead from a blow to the head. He was a student from Beika University and had been at a nearby apartment drinking with other students earlier that evening. Could one of these students have committed the murder?

67. Stage Actress Murder Case  

First aired: 7/14/1997

Kogoro's mentor, Shiota Heihachirou, shows up at the detective agency to see how Kogoro is doing these days. Kogoro is out investigating threatening messages sent to a theatre. Ran, Conan and Shiota go to the theatre to meet Kogoro. During a play rehearsal a famous actress is poisoned on stage. Perhaps Shiota will solve this case. Is he as good a detective as he brags he is?

68. The Night Baron Murder Case (Part 1: The Case)  

First aired: 7/21/1997

Conan, Kogoro and Ran participate in the "Izu Mystery Tour" competition in the place of Professor Agasa, his friend and his friend's granddaughter. The organiser of the tour is pretending to be a participant and dressing up as the "Night Baron," a character from Shinichi's father's books. The person who finds the organiser/Night Baron will stay at the hotel for free and will receive floppy disks containing a computer program. The program is believed by some of the contestants to be a computer virus, also called "Night Baron." Whilst Conan looks out from his balcony, the Night Baron sneaks up behind him and pushes him off. Fortunately Conan lands in the swimming pool below. Is this competition as innocent as it first appeared?

69. The Night Baron Murder Case (Part 2: The Suspicion)

First aired: 7/28/1997

The Night Baron, or at least one of the participants in the Izu Mystery Tour dressed as the Night Baron, is dead. He fell from a hotel balcony and was impaled on a statue below. Was this an accident or was it foul play?

70. The Night Baron Murder Case (Part 3: The Solution)  

First aired: 8/4/1997

The Night Baron costume was stolen from the body and the Night Baron has returned! When the Night Baron also displays impressive martial arts skills the finger points at Maeda, a former national karate champion. Maeda is Ran's idol; she took up karate because she admired his fighting so much. For this reason, Ran is determined to prove Maeda's innocence. But is he the guilty party?

71. A Stalker's Murder Case  

First aired: 8/11/1997

Ran, Conan, and Kogoro takes a nice morning walk around the neighborhood. Kogoro buys an energy drink called Kasuman, then a person screams out loud and they rush over just to see a man die and a bottle of Kasuman next to him. Was it poison?

72. The Triplets Summer House Murder Case  

First aired: 8/18/1997

Sonoko's older sister, Suzuki Ayako, is getting married to a man named Tomizawa Yuuzou. The Suzuki family and the Tomizawa family have always been good friends and have neighbouring summer houses. Yuuzou's father, Tetsuharu, is visiting his summer house so he can meet Yuuzou's new fiance. Sonoko has invited Ran and Conan along too. After a meal in the evening at the Suzuki house, Tetsuharu is killed whilst returning to the Tomizawa house. Tetsuharu's sons are identical triplets and one of them is spotted committing the murder. How do they establish which one is guilty?

73. The Detective Boys' Disaster Case  

First aired: 8/25/1997

Conan, Ran, and the Detective Boys are taking a vacation on a beach while Kogoro catches fish in a nearby restricted fishing pond. Conan and the others meet up with a woman named Shinobu and her boyfriend. After a few hours the Detective Boys find a note in a bottle saying 'SOS by Shinobu' the Detective Boys find her in a nearby cave but the high tide is coming fast. Can the Detective Boys save Shinobu and themselves before they all drown?

74. The Death God Jinnai Murder Case  

First aired: 9/1/1997

After winning free tickets for a preview showing of the latest Death God Jinnai movie, Kogoro, Ran and Conan visit the cinema. Outside, when the movie's over, Kogoro is approached by Nanjo Miyuke, the wife of the movie's star. She recognises Kogoro as a great detective and would like him to investigate a death threat her husband, Nanjo Hayato, has received. The death threat is signed "Death God Jinnai," the character Hayato plays in the movies. However, Hayato refuses Kogoro's help, believing that the threat is not genuine. That evening though, the threat is carried out and Hayato is found dead in his apartment. Was this the act of a crazed fan or somebody closer to home?

75. The Loan Company President's Murder Case  

First aired: 9/8/1997

Summary to come later.

76. Conan VS Kaitou Kid  

First aired: 9/22/1997

Conan matches wits against the illustrious phantom thief Kaitou Kid in this one hour special. Kid's target? The Black Star jewel that belongs to the Suzuki family.

77. A Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 10/20/1997

Summary to come later.

78. A Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 10/27/1997

Summary to come later.

79. The Bank Heist Murder Case  

First aired: 11/3/1997

Summary to come later.

80. The Wandering Artist Murder Case  

First aired: 11/10/1997

Coming soon.

81. The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 11/17/1997

Ran and Sonoko are off to see a concert sang by TWO-MIX. Meanwhile, Conan and the Detective Boys accidentally bumps into one of the singers for TWO-MIX, Minami. Minami takes the Detective Boys out to eat lunch then she gets up to take a phone call and gets kidnapped by two men. In the car was also the other member of TWO-MIX who was also kidnapped. The Detective Boys report it to Megure and then the kidnapper calls.

82. The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 11/27/1997

The singers of TWO-MIX were kidnapped by two men. Conan and the Detective Boys were with one of the members and tells Inspector Megure what happened. The kidnappers want a tape that TWO-MIX sang because it had hints that led them to a crime they had done a while ago. The kidnappers want the Detective Boys to deliver it but then later, the kidnappers want Ayumi alone to deliver the tape. In the end, the Detective Boys manage to rescue TWO-MIX just in time for their concert.

83. General Hospital Murder Case  

First aired: 12/1/1997

Kogoro broke his leg one day while chasing a criminal and now he's in a hospital. Every night Kogoro sees a person getting murdered from a window, but when he gets there no one was there. Then one night there really was a murder and no one believes him so Kogoro rushes up by himself only to get knocked out by someone. When he wakes up he sees himself next to the victim and people blame Kogoro for murdering a doctor. Can Conan convince the police that the murderer was someone else?

84. Ski Lodge Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 12/8/1997

Coming soon.

85. Ski Lodge Murder Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 12/15/1997

Coming soon.

86. The Kidnapping Location Case  

First aired: 1/12/1998

Coming soon.

87. The Crane's Return of a Favor Murder Case  

First aired: 1/19/1998

Coming soon.

88. Dracula Villa Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 1/26/1998

Kogoro, Ran and Conan go to a famous mans house in which, the man is famous for writing Dracula stories. He also dresses like Dracula. Then, at night, around 10, his servant went to his room with a bottle of juice for him and found him dead in the same way one would kill Dracula. Who killed him?

89. Dracula Villa Murder Case (Part 2)

First aired: 2/2/1998

The case continues. Can Conan figure out who killed this famous author?

90. The Flower's Smell Murder Case

First aired: 2/9/1998

Coming soon.

91. Hospitalized Burgulary Suspect Case  

First aired: 2/16/1998

Coming soon.

92. The Fearful Mountain Trek Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 2/23/1998

Coming soon.

93. The Fearful Mountain Trek Murder Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 3/2/1998

Coming soon.

94. Snow Woman Legend Murder Case  

First aired: 3/9/1998

Coming soon.

95. Kogoro's Date Murder Case  

First aired: 3/16/1998

Coming soon.

96. Caught Up with the Great Detective! Two Murder Cases (Two Hour Special)  

First aired: 3/23/1998

Case One: Kogoro was invited to a crime scene by the victim's wife hoping that Kogoro can find out the real murderer. The victim was a well known magician and one of his three students he is teaching murdered him! Ran starts to think Conan is really Shinichi since she took off Conan's glasses and notices he looks just like Shinichi! Conan has to find away out, or else everyone would be in danger! Just then Yukiko, Shinichi's mom comes by and sees Conan and Ran! Case Two: Yukiko takes Conan to her friends house. Late at night someone gets murdered! Now without Kogoro or Sonoko, who is Conan going to use to solve this case?

97. The Farewell Wine Murder Case  

First aired: 4/13/1998


98. The Famous Potter Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 4/20/1998

Coming soon.

99. The Famous Potter Murder Case (Part 2)

First aired: 4/27/1998

Coming soon.

100. The Memories of First Love Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 5/11/1998

Coming soon.

101. The Memories of First Love Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 5/18/1998

Coming soon.

102. Historical Play Performer Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 5/25/1998

Coming soon.

103. Historical Play Performer Murder Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 6/1/1998

Coming soon.

104. The Mysterious Robbers and Mansion Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 6/8/1998

Coming soon.

105. The Mysterious Robbers and Mansion Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 6/15/1998

Coming soon.

106. Scoop Picture Murder Case  

First aired: 6/22/1998

Coming soon.

107. Mogura Star Man Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 6/29/1998

Coming soon.

108. Mogura Star Man Murder Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 7/6/1998

Coming soon.

109. Detective Club Pursuit Case  

First aired: 7/13/1998

The Detective Boys solve another case and appear on the newspaper! Then while walking home after Kogoro invites the kids to eat, a red car hits Ayumi and takes off. Conan takes out his solar-powered skateboard and the Detective Boys chase after this person. For a while the red car disappears and then reappears and drives to the police station to turn himself in, but thats not all. While the pursuit was going on, a person of a company gets murdered and it happens to be that the man driving that car knew the victim. Is he the murderer? If so, can Conan and the others prove it?!

110. Cooking Classroom Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 7/27/1998

Coming soon.

111. The Murder Case of the Cooking Classroom (Part 2)  

First aired: 7/27/1998


112. The Case of the Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary School  

First aired: 8/3/1998


113. The White Sandy Beach Murder Case  

First aired: 8/10/1998

(Summary to come later.)

114. The Scuba Diving Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 8/17/1998


115. The Scuba Diving Murder Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 8/24/1998


116. The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 9/14/1998

(Summary to come later.)

117. The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 9/21/1998

(Summary to come later.)

118. The Naniwa Serial Murder Case (One Hour)  

First aired: 9/28/1998

Hattori Heiji invites Kogoro, Ran, and of course Conan to Osaka. Heiji takes them around the city and soon bumps into Kazuha, Heiji's friend. Kazuha who meets Ran mistakes Ran for Heiji's girlfriend and also thinks Ran is Kudo, the name that Heiji has mentioned to her. Heiji laughs at Kazuha and says that the Kudo he was talking about was a boy, Kudo Shinichi, the famous high school detective who had shrunk into Edogawa Conan. Heiji who had promised not to tell anyone that Conan was really Shinichi kept his mouth shut even to Kazuha. Conan was freaked out when Kazuha said 'Kudo'. Later 2 people get murdered and its up to Conan and Heiji to solve the case!

119. Masked Yaiba Murder Case  

First aired: 10/12/1998


120. A Honey Cocktail Murder Case  

First aired: 10/19/1998


121. The Locked Bathroom Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 10/26/1998

A two episode story arc. Conan, Ran, and Mouri are on their way to a concert when they run into Ms. Zendai. She needs a ride to the concert and Mouri needs an extra ticket, so Mouri agrees to give her and her sister Mina a ride in exchange for their extra ticket. When they arriveat Mina's house, Mina is nowhere to be found. Ms. Zendai finds the bathroom door closed, apparently sealed shut from the inside. They break open the door to find Mina dead, apparently of suicide.

122. The Locked Bathroom Murder Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 11/2/1998

Continuation of episode 121 Conan's investigation of the bathroom reveals details which lead him to believe the case is not a suicide, but a murder. Can Conan deduce how the murderer sealed the room to make it look like a suicide?

123. The Weather Girl Kidnapping Case  

First aired: 11/9/1998

When Ms. Aki from the TV station calls Mouri, the Detective Boys decide to investigate on his behalf. Ms. Aki greets them kindly, telling them she just wanted to ask Mouri to be on her show. She is called away for work right after they arrive, but takes down Conan's pager number, promising to call if she needs any cases solved. While watching the news taping, Conan starts getting weird messages on his pager. What are these numbers, and where did Ms Aki go?

124. A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 11/16/1998


125. A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 11/23/1998


126. The Traveling Drama Murder Case (Part One)  

First aired: 11/30/1998

Ran, Sonoko, Conan and the Detective Boys go to a play rehersal to meet up with a old friends. Everything is going well until a tragedy happens. Conan must find out when and where the next crime is going to happen before another person gets hurt.

127. The Traveling Drama Murder Case (Part Two)  

First aired: 12/7/1998


128. The Black Corps One Billion Yen Robbery Case  

First aired: 12/14/1998


129. A University Professor and the Girl Who Came From the Black Organization  

First aired: 12/21/1998

A new student named Ai Haibara comes to Conan's class and at that same day, a boy's brother was kidnapped. The brother asking the Detective Boys for help, decide to help find his brother...only it leads to something with something quite interesting.

130. The Stadium Indiscriminate Threatening Case (Part One)  

First aired: 1/11/1999

On New Years day there was a soccer game taking place in Tokyo and the Detective Boys including the new member, Ai Haibara got to watch the game. During the game the TV station was forced to aim the camera below where the Detective Boys were sitting and where the soccer ball was. Then the soccer ball jumped up and deflated. Conan jumps down and realizes that the ball was shot by a gun with a silencer on it. The caller who forced the station to aim the camera also forces them to pay huge amounts of money or else, someone dies!

131. The Stadium Indiscriminate Threatening Case (Part Two)  

First aired: 1/18/1999

The police has found one of the accomplices who took the bag of money the police put there. But then with the person's cell phone on, the other person hears what has happened and threatens to kill someone if the police doesn't let his accomplice go. The police releases him and the TV station was forced again to pay more money that was impossible to get before the soccer game ends. Conan realizes that this person has planned to kill someone in the first place and knows he has to find this person before one gets hurt! But with millions of people in the stadium, is it really possible to find this person before the game ends?

132. Magic Lover's Murder Case (Case Chapter)  

First aired: 1/25/1999

Sonoko has met people on the Internet that are magic lovers. She is invited to a mansion up in the snowy mountains for a meeting of the Magic Lovers Club. Sonoko goes there with Ran, Conan, and Kogoro. When the girls are dropped off, Conan and Kogoro leave to go back home because Conan has the flu. On the way back, Conan and Kogoro hear on the radio that a murder has been committed at a person's house. The radio describes that the person was a part of the Magic Lovers Club and was on his way to the meeting with his fellow club members. Kogoro and Conan know then that there is going to be trouble back at the mansion. So Kogoro turns the car around and drives back to the mansion with Conan. When they arrive however, they see that the only entrance to the mansion, a bridge, is burning down. Knowing what could happen to Ran, Conan rushes across the bridge and yells for her. Ran hears him and runs outside only to find Conan fainted on the cold snowy ground, the bridge destroyed.

133. Magic Lover's Murder Case (Suspicion Chapter)  

First aired: 2/1/1999

After Ran finds Conan on the snowy ground, she brings him inside the mansion and attends to his needs. However, She does not know that she is in danger. When Conan finally wakes up he tells everyone about what he heard on the radio. When they hear about this they run up stairs to inform one of the members that he is in danger like the rest of them. When they open the door to his room they find that the room is empty and the balcony door is open. When they look outside they see the member ten meters away from the mansion lying on the snow, dead, and with no footprints on the snow. How could this be possible?

134. Magic Lover's Murder Case (Resolution Chapter)  

First aired: 2/8/1999

Everything is put together in this chapter. And one guest isn't who they seems.

135. The Search for the Disappearing Weapon Case  

First aired: 2/15/1999

Summary to come later.

136. The Old Castle Investigation Case (Part One)  

First aired: 2/22/1999

Conan and the Detective Boys decide to go camping with Professor Agasa and their new member, Ai Haibara. Their plans change however when they find out that Professor Agasa forgot to bring a tent. When they go looking for shelter, they find a castle. The owner of the castle agrees to allow them to spend the night. They are later told that there is a great treasure hidden in the castle. They also discover that there are clues left behind to find this treasure. The Detective Boys feel they have more than enough time to solve this mystery, but when Conan goes missing their time is cut short. Now they must find Conan before he turns up dead.

137. The Old Castle Investigation Case (Part Two)  

First aired: 3/8/1999

While the search for Conan continues, Professor Agasa, Mitsuhiko, and Genta end up missing too! Now it up to Ayumi and Ai to save their friends and solve the big mystery of the castle. Can they figure out how or who has been kidnapping their friends before it's too late?

138. The Final Screening Murder Case (Part One)  

First aired: 3/22/1999

Professor Agasa gives the Detective Boys (Including Conan and Ai) tickets to go to a small movie theater that shows much older movies. After a quick game, Gomera is the movie that is chosen (Much to Conan's dismay) to be seen. After the first movie ends, the group find out this is the movie theater's last day as it's closing and a rude man continues smoking and littering the theater. During the next showing, the man continues being even more rude. All of a sudden, a shadow has appeared on the screen and there behind them is the man being hung! How did this happen? And in the same room as Conan too?!

139. The Final Screening Murder Case (Part Two)  

First aired: 4/5/1999

Conan is trying his best to figure out this murder case. What is this about a cold chill? And why did that person lie? Especially if they aren't the culprit? What could this really mean? Could a mirror, a cold wind, and a digital camera really hold the keys to this murder?

140. SOS! A Messages From Ayumi  

First aired: 4/12/1999

Ayumi is sick and is at home with a sore throat. Her mom left the house to go somewhere and a daring thief breaks into Ayumi's house hoping to find money. Ayumi has to warn Conan and the others through her Detective Boys Communication Badge without making a sound since she might alert the thief and that she has a sore throat. Will Conan and the Detective Boys save Ayumi in time?

141. The Night Before the Wedding Locked Room Murder Case (Part One)  

First aired: 4/19/1999

Heiji and Kazuha are back again in this case. Kazuha still isn't convinced that Ran and Heiji aren't together and is quite suspicious at first, but soon becomes friends after Ran changes her clothes just for Kazuha. Meanwhile, Heiji and Kazuha are there for a wedding while Kogoro, Ran, and Conan were invited as guests. Running into the bride-to-be at a temple, her tears strike curiousity for our two detectives, especially when a murder is made that evening. But why is there a trail of blood leading to the next room with the dead body? And how did the window break if nobody was there? What is the secret to this secret room? It's up to Conan and Heiji to find out! And maybe Kazuha's claim of the "same" can help them out more hten they know.

142. The Night Before the Wedding Locked Room Murder Case (Part Two)  

First aired: 4/26/1999

Continuing the case, the clues are making more sense even with other matters pursuing. Are those necklaces really the main key to this murder? We'll just have to see!

143. The Suspicious Astronomical Observation  

First aired: 5/3/1999


144. The North Star #3 Express Leaving Ueno (Part One)  

First aired: 5/10/1999


145. The North Star #3 Express Leaving Ueno (Part Two)  

First aired: 5/24/1999


146. The Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (part 1)  

First aired: 5/31/1999


147. The Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (part 2)  

First aired: 6/7/1999


148. The Sudden Streetcar Stopping Case  

First aired: 6/14/1999


149. The Amusement Park Bungee Jumping Case  

First aired: 6/21/1999


150. The Truth of the Exploding Car Case (part 1)  

First aired: 6/28/1999


151. The Truth of the Exploding Car Case (part 2)  

First aired: 7/5/1999


152. The Mysterious Old Man Disappearance Case  

First aired: 7/12/1999


153. Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story (part 1)  

First aired: 7/19/1999

Sonoko,Ran,and Conan are at the beach one day.They have already been there for a day. A man who just got dumped by his girlfriend becomes very interested in Sonoko (Conan thinks that this is an miracle). As they are chatting about murders happening in the forests by the beach, someone yells that the body of a woman had been found in the forest. After questioning the police, Conan finds out that every victim who was killed in the forest had sienna-colored hair and was a woman. The man and Sonoko then planned to meet at outside the hotel Conan and others are staying. But Sonoko is attacked while she goes to find her purse. Why?

154. Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story (part 2)  

First aired: 7/26/1999

As the man,Conan,and other are going to a seafood restaurant for lunch, Sonoko feels sleepy, so she stayed in the car while the others went to eat. As the group are chatting, Conan suddenly notices that the car Sonoko was in was moving, and heading for the cliff! Thankfully Sonoko is saved, but it was obvious now that someone wanted to kill Sonoko for a reason. After the accident the group of people go for a walk. Suddenly they see a suspicious man, which makes them run into the forest. After Ran and Conan are separated from Sonoko, they meet the suspicious man, who turned out to be a policeman!But another trouble comes; they hear Sonoko screaming and they don't know where she is!

155. The Underwater Locked Room Case  

First aired: 8/2/1999


156. The Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2 (part 1)  

First aired: 8/9/1999


157. The Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2 (part 2)

First aired: 8/16/1999


158. The Silent Kanjo Line  

First aired: 9/6/1999


159. The Legend of the Mysterious Pagoda (Part One)  

First aired: 9/13/1999


160. The Legend of the Mysterious Pagoda (Part Two)  

First aired: 9/20/1999


161. The Murder Floating in the Stream Restaurant  

First aired: 9/27/1999

Conan, Kogoro, and Ran are out to eat at a fancy restaurant with a stream that little boats carrying food sail to the rooms they are supposed to deliver the food to. After a while three men enter the restaurant, then after eating a woman screams and Kogoro, Conan, and Ran rush to the frightened women, pointing at a dead person. How was the murder done? And why was the victim in the room he wasn't supposed to be in?

162. The Case of the Flying Locked Room, Shinichi Kudo's First Case (One hour special)  

First aired: 10/4/1999


163. The Secret of the Moon, the Star, and the Sun (part 1)  

First aired: 10/11/1999


164. The Secret of the Moon, the Star, and the Sun (part 2)  

First aired: 10/18/1999


165. The Case of Disappearing Detective Boys  

First aired: 10/25/1999


166. The Monster of the Tottori Spider Mansion (Part One: The Murder)  

First aired: 11/1/1999

Three episode story arc. Conan and Ran accompany Mouri on a case. He has been asked to investigate strange deaths from a few years ago that were attributed to the Spider Monster's Curse. The residents are afraid the Curse will claim another member of their family. Mouri is not the only detective on the scene, since Hattori recieved a letter from another family member asking him to solve the case. Together Hattori and Conan must find the culprit when the oldest brother is found dead, suspended in a spider web.

167. The Monster of the Tottori Spider Mansion (Part Two: The Suspicion)

First aired: 11/8/1999

Continuation of episode 166. While Conan and Hattori are investigating the eldest brother's death, Kazuha helps Ran search for her missing charger. When Ran goes inside for a minute, she returns to find Kazuha missing. Thinking she just walked away, Ran searches for her alone. Meanwhile Hattori and Conan learn about the circumstances surrounding the deaths a few years ago, as well as about the family business.

168. The Monster of the Tottori Spider Mansion (Part Three: The Solution)  

First aired: 11/15/1999

Continuation of episode 167. Hattori and Conan reveal the murderer, and the ingenious method used.

169. Venus' Kiss  

First aired: 11/22/1999

When Mouri, Ran, and Conan go to an aquatic show, they get a full behind the scenes tour where they meet the cast and crew. The actresses, in full mermaid costume, enter a water tank full of beautiful fish through a large shell shaped water lock. When Mouri, Ran, and Conan return to their seats for the show, the diva lead actress emerges from the shell, dead.

170. The Unseen Angle of the Darkness (part 1)  

First aired: 11/29/1999

Two episode story arc. After a slight health scare, Mouri is invited to his doctor's house for dinner. Before dinner there is power outage. When the lights come back on, the doctor is found dead in the bathtub, electrocuted. Conan is distracted from the case by Ran's odd behavior toward the doctor's handsome son.

171. The Unseen Angle of the Darkness (part 2)  

First aired: 12/6/1999

Continuation of 170. Though distracted by Ran's behavior, Conan investigates about the house, finding blood and pottery shards. He finally uncovers the reason there were actually two separate power outages, and figures out not only that this was a murder, but also the killer's identity.

172. The Revival of the Dying Message (part 1)  

First aired: 12/13/1999

Two episode story arc. Ran, Conan, and Sonoko are at a skating rink popular for it's fireworks show. Shortly after arriving, they meet a group of skeet shooters who argue about "that incident last year." Right before the show is about to start, they all disappear to use the bathroom or get something to eat. Sonoko also headed to the bathroom, which had a "closed for repairs" sign. When the fireworks start they have almost all returned, but Sonoko is still waiting for the bathroom when a mysterious figure runs out. She enters the bathroom to find one member of the group dead.

173. The Revival of the Dying Message (part 2)  

First aired: 12/20/1999

Continuation of episode 172. The dead girl has been shot with the gun of one of the skeet shooter club's members. She has left a dying message on her cell phone, which doesn't seem to make any sense. Conan finally deciphers the message and finds physical evidence to support his murder accusation.

174. The 20 Year old Murder Case: The Symphony Serial Murders (2 Hour Special)  

First aired: 1/3/2000

Part 1: Kana Amusement group is putting out a new CD for pianist Tenma Gerald and is holding a party for the release of the CD. However, the wife of the company president, Kana Yoshinori, has been receiving some threatening letters and crank phone calls. Whoever is sending the letters is aware of the party which is to be a private affair. Who could be responsible for these cranks and why are they threatening Kana Misaki? It's up to Conan, with Mouri Kogorou and Ran in tow to solve the mystery at hand. Posing as the Yoshinori's childhood friends, the three pose as the Morita family in order to hide their true identity. Afterall, it wouldn't do to know that the famous detective Mouri Kogorou were present at a contract signing party. At the party, we are introduced to the company heads of Kana Amusement Group who, despite being related, seem at times to barely be civil with each other. When an unknown assailant attacks Misaki in her room however, the accusations start flying. Could it be that Tenma attacked Misaki? What happened 10 years ago between Misaki and Tenma, and why is Misaki's stalker following the lyrics to Gerald Tenma's song Akai Ai no Nocturn? Part 2: Gerald Tenma has been killed and the most likely suspect is Kana Yoshinori. Did Yoshinori kill Gerald or is he innocent as he insists? As Conan searches the room, we find more clues reminiscent of the attack on Kana Misaki. Could it be that Misaki's stalker is the same person who killed Gerald? How was Gerald Tenma killed, and by whom? If in fact Yoshinori didn't murder him, he'll need all of Conan's help to prove his innocence. It certain doesn't help that Yoshinori didn't see the murderer either.

175. The Man Who Was Killed Four Times  

First aired: 1/17/2000

It appears that following the murder of Komiyama, three people stepped forward as the murderer. However, which one of the three is the actual murderer? Katsumata Kengo, Niikura Yumiko, and Hoshino Hariyuki all had a motive, and when questioned by the police, all three admitted to the murder. Katsumata Kengo struck him over the head with a vase after being angered by the man and moved his body into the utility closet. However, Hoshino Haruyuki likewise admitted to murdering the man after being told that Yumiko would never be his by Komiyama and then hit him over the head with... a vase. While at school, Niikura Yumiko admits that Komiyama made a pass at her and came after her at the school and getting frightened, struck him over the head... with a vase. So who is the actual killer?!? It's up to Conan to help Mouri Kogorou and the police solve the case of the four times killed man.

176. Meeting with the Black Organization Again (part 1)  

First aired: 1/17/2000

Three episode story arc. When Haibara spots Gin's car on the street, Conan plants a tracking transmitter in the car. When Gin mentions an assassination scheduled for that afternoon, Conan vows to stop it.

177. Meeting with the Black Organization Again (part 2)  

First aired: 1/24/2000

Continuation of 176. When the police arrive to investigate the incident, Conan notices every guest was given a colored handkerchief. When the police can't hold all the guests, there is a mad rush to the door and after being separated from Conan, Haibara is kidnapped.

178. Meeting with the Black Organization Again (part 3)  

First aired: 1/24/2000

Continuation of episode 177 Having consumed Paikaru, Haibara's body has transformed into her adult body, allowing her to escape via the chimney just before Gin and Vodka show up. Meanwhile Conan sees a picture clearly indicating who the assassin is.

179. The Case of the Coffee Shop Truck's Wild Entrance  

First aired: 2/7/2000

Dr. Agasa invites the kids to the Peach Sunday cafe for a treat. Since they get there first, the kids order without him. Conan finds the other customers more interesting than the menu, studying one customer's odd behavior. Genta eats too much too fast, and has to use the rest room, which is already occupied by the strange customer. The fun is spoiled when a delivery truck crashes into the restaurant, killing the strange customer's aquaintance.

180. The Nocturne of the Red Murderous Intent (part 1)  

First aired: 2/14/2000

Two episode story arc. The president of a music company hires Mouri to protect his wife Misaki, who has been receiving threatening phone calls and letters stating she will die at the upcoming party. Mouri, Ran, and Conan attend the small party where an attempt to kidnap Misaki fails. After the kidnapping attempt, accusations abound since only the guests are supposed to know about the party, with the prime suspect being the absent guest of honor. When Jalal finally arrives, it is revealed he is Misaki's former boyfriend. To retrieve the atmosphere of a party, Misaki asks Jalal to perform a song, but he is found dead in the music room soon after.

181. The Nocturne of the Red Murderous Intent (part 2)  

First aired: 2/21/2000

Continuation of episode 180. After the death of Jalal, Misaki's husband is the most likely suspect since he was heard arguing with Jalal right before, and because he was the first one to discover the body. Conan and Mouri investigate the crime scene, discovering a stain on the piano and marks on the banister that lead to the identity of the murderer.

182. The Big Investigation of the Nine Doors  

First aired: 2/28/2000

The Detective Boys are walking home from school when a wedding ring falls down on them. After reading the inscription, they decide it must belong to a woman who lives in the nearby building. They traverse the building looking at the names on the mailboxes, but there isn't a break in the case until Conan asks one of the neighbors about a certain couple.

183. A Dangerous Receipe  

First aired: 3/6/2000

The Detective Boys are hanging out at the mall, bored, when Mitsuhiko suggests they play the receipt game. They read the unwanted shopping receipts and try to figure out what that family is having for dinner that night. One receipt has strange ingredients that when combined make a deadly combination for gophers. Why would someone in the city want to make that?

184. A Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs (One Hour Special)  

First aired: 3/13/2000

Mouri is invited to a party thrown by a famous singer, Suou. On the drive up, a tree branch blocks the road. There is an ominous note attached to the tree, warning them to stay away. When they arrive, they find the house is two wings connected only by a room on the second floor, where Suou keeps her creepy collection of masks, including cursed masks. Mouri is there to investigate one of the other party attendees, but also learns that Suou has been receiving threats about her charity foundation. That night Mouri relieves a phone call from the Phantom of the Cursed Masks, only to hear noises from the third floor - Suou's room. Locked from the inside, Mouri breaks the over frame glass and drops Conan into the room to unlock the door. Suou is dead in her room, the cursed masks scattered all around. The police arrive and verify there are no prints in the fresh snow, meaning someone from inside the house is the culprit. But how did they get into the locked room, and then how did they relock it?

185. The Murdered Famous Detective (part 1)  

First aired: 4/10/2000

Two parter. Conan, Ran, and Mouri are heading up to a lodge for the weekend. There they meet TV star Sunaoka and the crew for the show. Drinking together that night, Sunaoka drinks too much and is escorted to his room by the producer. A short while later the writer gets an idea and the producer gets a phone call. Sunaoka calls Mouri's cell phone then, but is cut off by a gunshot is heard from across the valley. Everyone peers across the river, but can see no one. Shortly after the shot, the producer appears on her balcony, fresh from the shower, and notices a hole in the balcony door of Sunaoka's room. Everyone rushes upstairs, only to findSunaoka dead. When the police investigate the probably origin of the gunshot, they find a rifle, but no footprints. Since it rained earlier that day, the police decide the nearby rope was how the murderer made his getaway, but since the rope is wet and the gun isn't, Conan has his own doubts.

186. The Murdered Famous Detective (part 2)  

First aired: 4/17/2000


187. The Mysterious Gun Shot in the Dark  

First aired: 4/24/2000

When Mouri is hired to protect the aging company president Tatsua, he, Ran, and Conan arrive at her house to find out that her son Kouji, daughter Etsuko, and maid Azusa were all in debt, a problem Tatsua would not help with. When Etsuko went to Tatsua's room to check on her, they all heard a gunshot. Mouri and Kouji broke down the door to find Tatsua dead. When the police investigated, they found Tatsua facing her open window, meaning whoever shot her probably knew her. They also found her TV remote under her table, but what does that mean when the people in her house all have alibis?

188. The Desperate Revival, The Cavern of the Detective Boys  

First aired: 5/1/2000

The Detective Boys, Dr. Agasa, Conan, and Ai go on a camping trip together. While Dr. Agasa and Ai set up the camp, Conan and the Detective Boys start exploring. Genta finds a cavern. Thinking it might lead to a great adventure, he convinces the others to check it out with him. Conan reluctantly follows them in case they get into trouble. While exploring, they find three men disposing of a corpse. After the Detective Boys and Conan are soptted, one of the three men shoots at them as they run for cover. After Conan and the trio find a place to hide, they discover that Conan has been shot! With the three men on persue of them, can they get out alive?

189. The Desperate Revival, A Wounded Great Detective  

First aired: 5/8/2000

As they Detective Boys are trying to find a way out with a wounded Conan, they come across a four way intersection. the three men also come across this, and figure that they went into one of the tunnels not knowing that they're in front of the intersection in an unnoticed area. Meanwhile, Ai and Dr. Agasa start to get worried. They then go search for the missing Detective Boys and Conan. It's up to the trio of the Detective Boys to carry the unconsious Conan and get out alive. Though they get out, Conan is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctors tell Ran, Kogoro and the others that Conan may not live due to he lost a lot of blood. Ran jumps in and donates her blood to save Conan's life. Has Ran finally figured the true identity of Conan? And what's with Ai coming in with a gun?

190. The Desperate Revival, The Third Choice  

First aired: 5/15/2000

Conan looks in shock at Ai holding the gun. She starts telling him about how the Black Organization has found everything out about Conan, and how everyone he knows and cares for is dead. She then pulls the trigger. Conan opens his eyes to see that only flowers came out of the gun. Ai tells him that this is what would happen if he had decided what he actually followed his gut and told Ran who he was. She gives him three choices. 1) To stay as Conan and live with Ran and her family for the rest of his life. 2) To tell Ran who he really was. 3) .... Under the guidance of Ai Conan must make his decision...which would he chose? (Spoiler in the recap)

191. The Desperate Revival, The Black Knight  

First aired: 5/22/2000

The investigation of the death of Kouhei Kamata is still underway. The Police check the deceased's car and find a vial of poison similar to the one in which he died. Then then mark it as a suicide. Heiji tries talking to Conan about the case, but Conan ignores Heiji and walks away. Puzzled, Heiji continues thinking about the investigation. The the Black Knight appears and tells them that this isn't a suicide, but a murder. The removing his mask we see.......SHIN'ICHI?! Is this the real Shin'ichi this time???

192. The Desperate Revival, Shinichi's Return  

First aired: 5/29/2000

Ran awaits for what Shin'ichi told her eariler, "Meet me later I need to tell you something important." Ai still Conan is upset about Shin'ichi revealing himself at the play, though under the assurance of those there, and the police, his name does not appear for solving the case in the newspapers. At school, Shin'ichi manages to whisper to Ran something about Beika City Building Rooftop Restaurant that night. While Shin'ichi and Ran are having dinner, a murder is commited. This time, Taiji Tatsumi is shot to death in the elevator and no one knows who the murderer is. Shin'ichi gets excited about the case. Ran seeing this, allows Shin'ichi to go solve the case but wants him to come back after he solves it. Now, with Inspector Megure not mentioning his name, he has to solve the case. Who commited the murder, and what was the motive?

193. The Desperate Revival, The Promised Place  

First aired: 6/5/2000

While Ran waits for Shin'ichi, the said name continues to try and solve the case. With the clues he has, he successfully solves it, and proves it was a murder. Though just when he's about to go back and tell Ran his true feelings, he body feels on fire. Can Shin'ichi tell Ran in his true body how he feels? Or will Conan come back to Ran and tell her Shin'ichi had to run off and solve another "extremely diffucult" case?

194. The Significant Music Box (part 1)  

First aired: 6/12/2000

Part 1 of 2 Haruna asks Mouri's help in tracking down her pager buddy, so she can return a valuable gift he gave her. Takagi assists by giving them the address associated with the pager number, where they find out her pager buddy Shuugo was a grandfather who recently passed away. They all stay for dinner, and overnight when it starts to rain. When the girls go to bed, they see a creepy shadow and scream. Then a thud is heard down the hall - a family member has been knocked unconscious. Then Haruna recieves a message on her pager. Who could be responsible for all this?

195. The Significant Music Box (part 2)  

First aired: 6/19/2000

Part 2 of 2 The police determine no one entered the house, so it appears the strange happenings are the work of someone inside the house. But who would go to all that trouble, and why?

196. The Invisible Weapon, Ran's First Investigations  

First aired: 6/26/2000


197. A Super Car's Trap (part 1)  

First aired: 7/3/2000


198. A Super Car's Trap (part 2)  

First aired: 7/10/2000


199. Kogoro Mouri, Suspect (part 1)  

First aired: 7/17/2000

Kogoro,Ran,and Conan are at a hotel. As they proceed to the shopping stores, they find Eri buying a tie for a man, which upsets Ran and Kogoro(a little bit). The man turned out to be a colleague of Eri. The team of lawyers were staying at the hotel as well. A few hours after they part, Eri,Ran,and Conan find the body of one of the female colleagues (they were searching for Kogoro, who had disappeared). What's more, they found Kogoro snoozing on the victim's bed!

200. Kogoro Mouri, Suspect (part 2)  

First aired: 7/24/2000


201. The Tenth Passenger (part 1)  

First aired: 7/31/2000


202. The Tenth Passenger (part 2)  

First aired: 8/7/2000


203. The Black Wings of Icarus (part 1)  

First aired: 8/14/2000


204. The Black Wings of Icarus (part 2)  

First aired: 8/21/2000


205. The Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 3 (part 1)  

First aired: 8/28/2000


206. The Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 3 (part 2)  

First aired: 9/4/2000


207. The Deduction That Was Too Good  

First aired: 9/11/2000


208. The Entrance to the Maze: The Anger of the Colossus  

First aired: 10/9/2000


209. The Falling from Mt. Ryushin Case  

First aired: 10/16/2000


210. The Water Palace of Five Colors (Part One)  

First aired: 10/23/2000


211. The Water Palace of Five Colors (Part Two)  

First aired: 10/30/2000


212. Mushrooms, Bears, and the Detective Boys (Part One)  

First aired: 11/6/2000


213. Mushrooms, Bears, and the Detective Boys (Part Two)  

First aired: 11/13/2000


214. The Mysterious Retro Room Case  

First aired: 11/20/2000


215. The Bay of Revenge (Part One)  

First aired: 11/27/2000


216. The Bay of Revenge (Part Two)  

First aired: 12/4/2000


217. Megure's Locked Away Secret  

First aired: 12/11/2000

When Kogoro and Conan are waiting for Ran and Sonoko to finish shopping, Kogoro spots an attractive woman coming out of the phone booth. Conan spots a pen inside the booth, and tells Kogoro. Immediately Kogoro gets the pen and reaches to touch the woman--boom! Kogoro is knocked to the ground. Actually, the attractive lady was Satou-san in disguise! They were trying to capture the person who was attacking "101 spice girls". Sonoko comes to join Kogoro, but Ran stayed to get something else. Miraculously Ran winds up in the parking lot of the shopping mall and spots a body by a car--a dead "101 spice girl".

218. Megure's Locked Away Secret  

First aired: 12/18/2000

Inspection follows. It is found that the victim had been involved in a car crash a year ago, in the same parking lot. Using information from the previous three victims, Conan figures that the murderer's motive was probably because of the high-top shoes that "101 spice girls" all wear. It if found, then, that the main cause of the victim's car crash was because of her shoes. They weakened the pedal's reaction. After Kogoro and Megure finally get the point (with Conan hinting), they figure out the murderer, but now he's gone! And now Sonoko, wearing a pair of high-top shoes, is stuck in the shopping mall... with the revengeful murderer!

219. The Gathered Detectives! Shinichi vs. Kaito Kid  

First aired: 1/8/2001


220. The Client Full of Lies (Part One)  

First aired: 1/15/2001

An old but pretty woman comes in Kogoro's office, asking him to find the address of her first love. Kogoro gets very interested in her,and Conan quickly finds out the address. Conan is also suspicious about this woman because he noticed that she kept telling lies-- saying that she wasn't married when her ring finger was thinner and saying that she never cooked when she could recognize different kinds of fish just by looking at the gills. But when they arrive, they find an open door. And the open door revealed a bloody crime scene-- the woman's first love lies dead on the floor.

221. The Client Full of Lies (Part Two)  

First aired: 1/22/2001


222. And Then There Were No Mermaids (Part One: The Murder)  

First aired: 1/29/2001


223. And Then There Were No Mermaids (Part Two: The Deduction)  

First aired: 2/5/2001


224. And Then There Were No Mermaids (Part Three: The Solution)  

First aired: 2/12/2001


225. The Secret of the High Sales  

First aired: 2/19/2001


226. The Battle Game Trap (Part One)  

First aired: 2/26/2001


227. The Battle Game Trap (Part Two)  

First aired: 3/5/2001


228. The Murderous Pottery Class (Part One)  

First aired: 3/12/2001


229. The Murderous Pottery Class (Part Two)  

First aired: 3/19/2001


230. The Mysterious Passenger (Part One)  

First aired: 4/16/2001


231. The Mysterious Passenger (Part Two)  

First aired: 4/23/2001


232. The Falling Off The Condo Case  

First aired: 5/7/2001


233. The Evidence That Didn't Disappear (Part One)  

First aired: 5/14/2001


234. The Evidence That Didn't Disappear (Part Two)  

First aired: 5/21/2001


235. The Locked Wine Cellar  

First aired: 5/28/2001


236. The Nanki Beach Mystery Tour (Part One)  

First aired: 6/4/2001


237. The Nanki Beach Mystery Tour (Part Two)  

First aired: 6/11/2001


238. The Osaka 3 "K" Case (Part One)  

First aired: 6/18/2001


239. The Osaka 3 "K" Case (Part Two)  

First aired: 6/25/2001


240. The Bullet Train Transport Case (Part One)  

First aired: 7/2/2001


241. The Bullet Train Transport Case (Part Two)  

First aired: 7/9/2001


242. Genta's Disaster  

First aired: 7/16/2001


243. Mori Kogoro's Imposter (Part One)  

First aired: 7/23/2001


244. Mori Kogoro's Imposter (Part Two)  

First aired: 7/30/2001


245. The Gunshot in the Sunflower Building  

First aired: 8/6/2001


246. The Mystery in the Net (Part One)  

First aired: 8/13/2001


247. The Mystery in the Net (Part Two)  

First aired: 8/20/2001


248. The Alibi of the Soothing Forest  

First aired: 8/27/2001


249. The Idol Stars' Secret (Part One)  

First aired: 9/3/2001

Kogoro is invited to Yoko's engagement--no, Yoko's friend's engagement with a famous actor. When Kogoro arrives, though, he is hit with a tennis racket by mistake! It turned out that Yoko's frind had been blackmailed by an unknown person, and had been very careful when opening doors since. While everyone is watching a video, Yoko's friend goes showering. After quite a time Conan realises that something must be wrong and goes into the bathroom to find Yoko's friend lying in the bathtub with her neck cut.

250. The Idol Stars' Secret (Part Two)

First aired: 9/10/2001

It turned out that Yoko's friend wasn't dead yet- she just suffered from a serious cut. The police arrived quickly (with Megure commenting one how easily Kogoro finds his job),but they couldn't find the murder weapon. All they found was a bloody trail leading to the back to and a bloodied coat. Thus they concluded that the attacker must be Yoko's friend's blackmailer, and was not one of the people watching the videotape. But Conan suspects that the murder weapon had been discarded cleverly. And he isn't going to give up until he finds the brutal killer!

251. The Tragedy at the OK Corral  

First aired: 9/17/2001


252. The Kidnapper in the Picture  

First aired: 10/8/2001


253. The Metro Police HQ Love Story IV (Part One)  

First aired: 10/15/2001


254. The Metro Police HQ Love Story IV (Part Two)  

First aired: 10/22/2001


255. The 14th Round of the Matsue Tamazo Linked Verse Contest (Part One)  

First aired: 10/29/2001


256. The 14th Round of the Matsue Tamazo Linked Verse Contest (Part Two)  

First aired: 11/5/2001


257. The Mysterious Punishment from Heaven  

First aired: 11/12/2001


258. The Man from Chicago (Part One)  

First aired: 11/19/2001


259. The Man from Chicago (Part Two)  

First aired: 11/26/2001


260. The Shaking Restaurant  

First aired: 12/3/2001


261. The Fearful Legend of the Snowy Night (Part One)  

First aired: 12/10/2001


262. The Fearful Legend of the Snowy Night (Part Two)  

First aired: 12/17/2001


263. The Osaka Double Mystery - The Swordsman and Toyotomi's Castle  

First aired: 1/7/2002


264. The Courtroom Battle: Kisaki vs. Kogoro (Part One)  

First aired: 1/14/2002


265. The Courtroom Battle: Kisaki vs. Kogoro (Part Two)

First aired: 1/21/2002


266. The Truth Behind Valentine's (Part One: The Murder)  

First aired: 1/28/2002


267. The Truth Behind Valentine's (Part Two: The Deduction)  

First aired: 2/4/2002


268. The Truth Behind Valentine's (Part Three: The Solution)  

First aired: 2/11/2002


269. The Forgotten Memento from the Crime (Part One)  

First aired: 2/18/2002


270. The Forgotten Memento from the Crime (Part Two)  

First aired: 3/12/2002


271. Secret Rushed Omission (Part One)  

First aired: 3/11/2002


272. Secret Rushed Omission (Part Two)  

First aired: 3/18/2002


273. Quiz-Obasan's Dart Clue Case  

First aired: 4/8/2002


274. Truth About the Haunted House (Part One)  

First aired: 4/15/2002


275. Truth About the Haunted House (Part Two)  

First aired: 4/22/2002


276. Case of the Missing Policeman's Notebook  

First aired: 5/6/2002


277. English Teacher VS Great Western Detective (Part One)  

First aired: 5/13/2002


278. English Teacher VS Great Western Detective (Part Two)  

First aired: 5/20/2002


279. Hooligan's Labyrinth (Part One)  

First aired: 5/27/2002


280. Hooligan's Labyrinth (Part Two)  

First aired: 6/3/2002


281. The Small Eye Witnesses  

First aired: 6/10/2002


282. Mystery of the Water Flowing Stone Garden (Part One)  

First aired: 6/17/2002


283. Mystery of the Water Flowing Stone Garden (Part Two)  

First aired: 6/24/2002


284. Chinatown Deja Vu in the Rain (Part One)  

First aired: 7/1/2002

Kogoro, Ran and Conan decide to go to a Chinese restaurant because they have a coupon. When the owner says that they can't use that coupon, Ran gives a karate kick to the owner asking why they won't let them eat without an explanation. Conan discovers that today is a holiday, and they can't use the coupon then. Embarrassed, they go to leave, when a man at a table with a bunch of others say they can eat with them on him. They sit down and it turns out they man is a big movie director looking for someone like her in their next action film. While the conversation goes on, (With Ran declining with a romance scene), they start to eat. Conan while trying to get chili powder and soy sauce, they keep getting out of his reach. Ran gets each item for him....then later someone at the table dies due to poison. How was this done?

285. Chinatown Deja Vu in the Rain (Part Two)  

First aired: 7/8/2002

The police come onto the scene, and as the investigation is underway, Conan figures out the trick to the murder. Using Kogoro, he successfully solves the case. Though afterwords due to over working herself (Earlier she was studying for a test and also practicing karate). She falls to the ground with a high fever. Conan screams "RAN!!" She remembers two things. One: How Shin'ichi said that she shouldn't over-work herself, and Two: The man in the black ski cap watching her. The next few episodes are in flashback mode.

286. Kudo Shinichi's NY Case (Part One)  

First aired: 7/15/2002


287. Kudo Shinichi's NY Case (Part Two)  

First aired: 7/22/2002


288. Kudo Shinichi's NY Case (Part Three)  

First aired: 7/29/2002


289. Mitsuhiko's Mystifying Forest (Part One)  

First aired: 8/5/2002    Production Code: 65161612

one day, the Detective Boys (including Shiho!) were doing their morning excersizes at school when Ayumi said that Mitsuhiko wasn't there and that he was always there. they go to Mitsuhiko's house afterwards and learn that he went out. so they followed him.

Writer: efwegf, safqwf, qsfqwfq
Director: wfqwfqwf

290. Mitsuhiko's Mystifying Forest (Part Two)  

First aired: 8/12/2002


291. Solitary Island of the Princess and the Dragon King's Palace (Part One)  

First aired: 8/19/2002


292. Solitary Island of the Princess and the Dragon King's Palace (Part Two)  

First aired: 8/26/2002


293. Solitary Island of the Princess and the Dragon King's Palace (Part Three)  

First aired: 9/2/2002


294. Smash of Love and Determination (Part One)  

First aired: 9/9/2002


295. Smash of Love and Determination (Part Two)  

First aired: 9/16/2002


296. Houseboat Fishing Shock  

First aired: 10/14/2002


297. Courtroom Confrontation 2 Kisaki VS Kujo Reiko (Part One)  

First aired: 10/21/2002


298. Courtroom Confrontation 2 Kisaki VS Kujo Reiko (Part Two)  

First aired: 10/28/2002


299. Kanmon Strait of Friendship & Murderous Intent (Part One)  

First aired: 11/4/2002


300. Kanmon Strait of Friendship & Murderous Intent (Part Two)  

First aired: 11/18/2002


301. Parade of Malice and Saint (Part One)  

First aired: 11/25/2002

The Tokyo Spirits (Soccer team) have won J1! There's a parade in honor for them and they're going throughout the city. The Police are there in disguise steaking out a boming that might take place. In the meantime...there is a bombing. When Takagi's car blows up, everyone is in a panic. During this, Mitsuhiko's video camera was stolen. Though the criminal went away with a blank tape. Why did the person steal his camera? And with many other bombings, can the police stop this person?

302. Parade of Malice and Saint (Part Two)  

First aired: 12/2/2002

With Takagi-kun in charge of checking over the video tape with the Detective Boys, Conan notices something unusual. With the absence of something that should be there, the Detective Boys help solve the case, and the culprits are caught....but is everything solved?

303. The Victim who Came Back  

First aired: 12/9/2002


304. Trembling Metropolitan Police Headquarters 12 Million Hostages  

First aired: 1/6/2003

He's back. A bomber that made his first appearance seven years ago. Looking for the revenge of his partner believing the police purposely killed him, when a truck ran him over. Appearing again three years ago, he almost succeed in blowing up Tokyo, when the daring move of a police officer saved everyone, except himself. Now releasing a note to the police to strike again, Satou is in a rage not forgetting the deceased officer. Will the bomber succeed? Or can Conan and the crew stop him.

305. Unseen Suspect (Part One)  

First aired: 1/13/2003


306. Unseen Suspect (Part Two)  

First aired: 1/20/2003


307. The Dark Footprint (Part One)  

First aired: 1/27/2003


308. The Dark Footprint (Part Two)  

First aired: 2/3/2003


309. Contact with the Black Organization: Negoitation Chapter  

First aired: 2/10/2003


310. Contact with the Black Organization: Pursuit Chapter  

First aired: 2/17/2003


311. Contact with the Black Organization: Desperation Chapter  

First aired: 2/24/2003


312. Festival Dolls Dyed in the Setting Sun (Part One)  

First aired: 3/3/2003


313. Festival Dolls Dyed in the Setting Sun (Part Two)  

First aired: 3/10/2003


314. Broken Fence of the Observatory  

First aired: 3/17/2003


315. Place Exposed to the Sun  

First aired: 4/14/2003


316. The Tarnished Masked Hero (Part One)  

First aired: 4/21/2003


317. The Tarnished Masked Hero (Part Two)  

First aired: 4/28/2003


318. Cigar Case of Good Fortune (Part One)  

First aired: 5/5/2003


319. Cigar Case of Good Fortune (Part Two)  

First aired: 5/12/2003


320. Art of Ninja Alibi Craft  

First aired: 5/19/2003


321. The Vanished Kidnapper's Getaway Car (Part One)  

First aired: 5/26/2003


322. The Vanished Kidnapper's Getaway Car (Part Two)  

First aired: 6/2/2003


323. Hattori Heiji's Desperate Situation! (Part One)  

First aired: 6/9/2003


324. Hattori Heiji's Desperate Situation! (Part Two)  

First aired: 6/16/2003


325. Red Horse Inside the Flame: Incident Chapter  

First aired: 6/23/2003


326. Red Horse Inside the Flame: Investigation Chapter  

First aired: 6/29/2003


327. Red Horse Inside the Flame: Solution Chapter  

First aired: 7/7/2003


328. Mystery of the Birthday Wine  

First aired: 7/14/2003


329. Friendship Torn Apart (Part One)  

First aired: 7/28/2003


330. Friendship Torn Apart (Part Two)  

First aired: 8/4/2003


331. Suspicious Curry (Part One)  

First aired: 8/11/2003


332. Suspicious Curry (Part Two)  

First aired: 8/18/2003


333. Alike Princesses (Part One)  

First aired: 8/25/2003


334. Alike Princesses (Part Two)  

First aired: 9/1/2003


335. Secret of the Touto Film Developer Place (Part One)  

First aired: 9/8/2003


336. Secret of the Touto Film Developer Place (Part Two)  

First aired: 9/15/2003


337. Hidden Circumstances of the Falling Incident  

First aired: 10/13/2003


338. Four Porsche's (Part One)  

First aired: 10/20/2003


339. Four Porsche's (Part Two)  

First aired: 10/27/2003


340. Hidden Bathroom Secret (Part One)  

First aired: 11/3/2003


341. Hidden Bathroom Secret (Part Two)  

First aired: 11/10/2003


342. Bride of Huis Ten Bosch (One Hour Special)  

First aired: 11/17/2003


343. The Convenience Store Trap (Part One)  

First aired: 12/1/2003

After getting wind of Jodie's message that she's leaving from the high school, Ran and Sonoko decide to throw a good-bye party for her. They head for a convience store where they know a friend that works there. when they get there though, they find her boss accusing her of stealing goods. Is this possible?

344. The Convenience Store Trap (Part Two)  

First aired: 12/8/2003

This case continues and from last time, Sonoko and Jodie advise her not to call Conan for help, so Ran decides to solve it on her own. Taking repeated advice from Shin'ichi that she's heard, she has the theory to solve this case, and help Aya possibly.

345. Head-to-Head Match With Black Organization, Two Mysteries Night of the Full Moon  

First aired: 1/5/2004

Mystery One: Kogoro is invited to an "off" Halloween party on a cruise ship. by Vermouth. The guests have to dress as monsters. Ran not wanting to go, Sonoko takes her place instead. Meanwhile Shin'ichi is also invited. But he knows by the reaction of Ai that she is from the Black Organization. How can he go to the party and not reveal his true form? This case twists when a famous movie director is murdered. Mystery Two: Jodie has been having an interesting memory flashback, about a murder. But while Ai still has a cold, Dr. Araide is coming over to take her to a hospital. Though before he arrives, Jodie takes Ai in her car to meet him there instead. Though when Dr. Araide cuts them off on the road, some interesting questions are answered. The cases are intertwined somehow and this night might answer some questions in this two hour special.

346. Find the Buttocks' Mark! (Part One)  

First aired: 1/12/2004


347. Find the Buttocks' Mark! (Part Two)  

First aired: 1/19/2004


348. Love, A Ghost and A Wordly Inheritance (Part One)  

First aired: 1/26/2004


349. Love, A Ghost and A Wordly Inheritance (Part Two)  

First aired: 2/2/2004


350. The Forgetten Cellphone (Part One)  

First aired: 2/9/2004


351. The Forgetten Cellphone, (Part Two)  

First aired: 2/16/2004


352. Fencing Tournament Tragedy (Part One)  

First aired: 2/23/2004


353. Fencing Tournament Tragedy (Part Two)  

First aired: 3/1/2004


354. A Small Client (Part One)  

First aired: 3/8/2004

Summary to come later.

355. A Small Client (Part Two)  

First aired: 3/15/2004

Summary to come later.

356. Kaitou Kid's Miracle Midair Walk  

First aired: 4/12/2004

Summary to come later.

357. Sweetheart is an Illusion of Spring  

First aired: 4/26/2004

Summary to come later.

358. Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 5 (Part 1)

First aired: 5/3/2004

Summary to come later.

359. Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 5 (Part 2)  

First aired: 5/10/2004

Summary to come later.

360. A Mysterious Spring Beetle  

First aired: 5/17/2004

Summary to come later.

361. Teitan High School's Ghost Story (Part 1)  

First aired: 5/24/2004

Summary to come later.

362. Teitan High School's Ghost Story (Part 2)  

First aired: 5/31/2004

Summary to come later.

363. The City's Crows  

First aired: 6/7/2004

Summary to come later.

364. Synchronicity Case (Part 1)  

First aired: 6/14/2004

Summary to come later.

365. Synchronicity Case (Part 2)  

First aired: 6/21/2004

Summary to come later.

366. The Tragedy of the Pier in Plain Sight (Part 1)  

First aired: 7/5/2004

Summary to come later.

367. The Tradegy of the Pier in Plain Sight (Part 2)  

First aired: 7/12/2004

Summary to come later.

368. The Candy House the Witch Lives In  

First aired: 7/26/2004

Conan and Ran go with Sonoko to a "Candy Fair". Sonoko's main purpose for going was really for the 3 famous people from Patishie at the Western candy shop called Ekuriiru. Then Ekuriiru store manager is dead with a wound to the head. The thing is...the police can't find the murder weapon. Can Conan solve this case?

369. The Lucky Man's Suspense  

First aired: 8/2/2004

Yamoto Makoto, a doctor at the Beika Central Hospital, won a digital camera via a lottery. Also, the Detective Boys heard other rumors about winning lotteries, but the rumor has no foundation... What will the Detective Boys get into this time?

370. Running Away in a Game  

First aired: 8/9/2004

Summary to come later.

371. A Course Without Protest (Part 1)  

First aired: 8/23/2004

Summary to come later.

372. A Course Without Protest (Part 2)  

First aired: 8/30/2004

Summary to come later.

373. Poisonous Spider Trap  

First aired: 9/6/2004

Summary to come later.

374. A Code for Star and Tabacco (Part 1)  

First aired: 10/18/2004

Summary to come later.

375. A Code for Star and Tabacco (Part 2)  

First aired: 10/25/2004

Summary to come later.

376. Time Limit 15 hundred hours!  

First aired: 11/1/2004

Conan Ran, Ai and the Detective Boys go on a camping trip along with Dr. Agasa. When at the site, Conan, Ai Dr. Agasa, and the Detective Boys leave Ran to sleep inside the tent. Though, when she's sleeping in the tent, she's captured by an unknown man in sunglasses.

377. Momotarou Mystery Solving Tour (Part One)  

First aired: 11/8/2004

Summary to come later.

378. Momotarou Mystery Solving Tour (Part Two)  

First aired: 11/15/2004

Summary to come later.

379. Case of the Long Sleeved Kimono at the Hidden Hot Spring on a Snowy Night Part 1  

First aired: 11/22/2004

Summary to come later.

380. Case of the Long Sleeved Kimono at the Hidden Hot Spring on a Snowy Night Part 2  

First aired: 11/29/2004

Summary to come later.

381. Which One's Reasoning Show?  

First aired: 12/6/2004

Summary to come later.

382. Which One's Reasoning Show? (Part Two)  

First aired: 12/13/2004

Summary to come later.

383. Miracle at Koshien Ball Park! The Defiants Face the Dark Demon  

First aired: 12/20/2004

Summary to come later.

384. The Target is Mouri Kogoro  

First aired: 1/17/2004

Summary to come later.

385. Dissonance of the Stradivarius Violin  

First aired: 1/24/2005

Summary to come later.

386. Dissonance of the Stradivarius Violin  

First aired: 1/31/2005

Summary to come later.

387. Dissonance of the Stradivarius Violin  

First aired: 2/6/2005

Summary to come later.

388. Kogoro Gets Drunk in Satsuma (Part One)  

First aired: 2/14/2005

Summary to come later.

389. Kogoro Gets Drunk in Satsuma (Part Two)  

First aired: 2/21/2005

Summary to come later.

390. Metropolitan Police HQ Love Story #6 (Part One)  

First aired: 2/28/2005

Summary to come later.

391. Metropolitan Police HQ Love Story #6 (Part Two)  

First aired: 3/7/2005

Summary to come later.

392. Mysterious Height Difference of 20cm  

First aired: 3/14/2005

Summary to come later.

393. A Kidnapping Case . . . So it Seems  

First aired: 3/21/2005

Summary to come later.

394. Big Adventure at the Unconventional Mansion (Sealed Part)  

First aired: 4/18/2005

Summary to come later.

395. Big Adventure at the Unconventional Mansion (Scheming Part)  

First aired: 4/25/2005

Summary to come later.

396. Big Adventure at the Unconventional Mansion (Solution Part)  

First aired: 5/2/2005

Summary to come later.

397. Hot, Bitter, Sweet Soup  

First aired: 5/9/2005

Summary to come later.

398. Weird Family's Request (Part One)  

First aired: 5/16/2005

Kogoro is going to a client's in the morning, but Conan is still thinking about the SMS number (in his pajamas). Ran gets angry and yells for Conan to change. In hurridness Conan forgets to take his cellphone. And just at this moment Ran decides to send mail to Shinichi. Imagine her surprise when Conan's cell rings exactly when she sends her mail! Ran almost sees the mail's contents when Conan comes back, and takes the cell back. Now Ran is very suspicious, and expresses it stongly, making Conan very scared. The client had lost her cellphone, and is desperate to have it back (she is afraid that her husband would know that she was in love with someone else) Also, she is sure that someone in the house took it away from her. Kogoro tries to find the cellphone, but to no avail. Just when Kogoro gives up the client says that she has her phone back! Conan hurridly goes to Professer's house to tell him about Ran's suspicion... to find that on TV Kogoro's client is dead!

399. Weird Family's Request (Part Two)  


400. Ran's Suspicions  

First aired: 5/30/2005

Ran now has a hold on Conan's cell phone and is almost positive Conan has to be Shin'ichi! If Ran finds her mail to Shin'ichi on Conan's cell phone, this could spell trouble for the little detective.

401. The Caught Red-Handed Jewel Robber (Part 1)  

First aired: 6/6/2005

Inspector Takagi is looking for a brooch to give to Inspector Satou, hoping he can finally reveal his feelings for her. Conan and the Detective Boys meet up with him and all go to the jewelry store to get the brooch. However, a man steals from the jewelry store right in front of their eyes despite Inspector Takagi being there. After a bizarre chase the culprit appears to be dead! Is there more to this strange case than meets the eye?

402. The Caught Red-Handed Jewel Robber (Part 2)  

First aired: 6/13/2005

Continuation of the previous episode.

403. The Mysterious Angel's Mansion (Part 1)  

First aired: 6/20/2005

Conan and the Detective Boys go to a mysterious mansion along with one of their female classmates to help her out. There's more to this mansion than meets the eye though, with secret passages hidden everywhere and mysterious statues of angels and bulls throughout the grounds.

404. The Mysterious Angel's Mansion (Part 2)  

First aired: 6/27/2005

Continuation of the previous episode.

405. The Man Who Went to Call For an Ambulance  

First aired: 7/4/2005

A man comes across a dead body while jogging and calls for an ambulance immediately. The dead body's right hand seems positioned in an awkward position though. Could this be a message left by the dying man?

406. Conan and Heiji's Reasoning Magic (Part 1: Trick Part)  

First aired: 7/11/2005

Conan and Ran go with Heiji and Kazuha to the Illusion Magic Show starring the magician Dougo Hoshikawa. The group along with Dougo and two other magicians (Riki Handa and Tenko Himemiya) go to Mr. Masakage's (late mentor of many magicians throughout the series) house to visit. Later, Tenko magically turns up dead at the end of a corridor before Dougo, Ran and Kazuha's eyes.

407. Conan and Heiji's Reasoning Magic (Part 2: Mansion Part)  

First aired: 7/18/2005

Continuation of the previous episode.

408. Conan and Heiji's Reasoning Magic (Part 3: Resolution Part)  

First aired: 8/1/2005

Continuation of the two previous episodes. Conan and Heiji figure out exactly who the murderer is and how their trick was done in the murder of Tenko. It seems the hallway she was killed in has many surprises waiting in store for those who find out its secrets.

409. The Simultaneous Stage Advance and Kidnapping (Part 1)  

First aired: 8/8/2005

Conan and Ran are involved in a local stage production of the The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. Unfortunately, one of the members of the production, Renge Kataoka, appears to have been kidnapped! Conan and Nosuke Itoutama, who seems to be directing the production, later find out that it was a staged kidnapping, but now it seems Renge has now really been kidnapped! Will they be able to find Renge while the stage production is taking place?

410. The Simultaneous Stage Advance and Kidnapping (Part 2)  

First aired: 8/15/2005

Continuation of the previous episode. Renge has been kidnapped for real it seems! Ran is doing her best to cover up for her in the Taketori Monogatari play, but she can't for much longer! Can Conan and Nosuke find Renge in time before she's hurt and still make the play a success?

411. The Shinto Shrine Torii's Surprising Code (Part 1)  

First aired: 8/22/2005

Conan and the Detective Boys go camping with Professor Agasa and Ai out in the forest. While they go bug catching, Professor Agasa presents them with another code/pun for the group to solve. Normally Conan can guess the answer right away, but this time he seems stumped! The Detective Boys give up but Conan refuses to. While Conan tries figuring out the code, he receives a call from Ran and Sonoko about a murder and Sonoko's purse being stolen! The key to the mystery seems to be hidden in a picture of Ran Sonoko sent him, but can Conan figure out this mystery and the code while he's out in the middle of nowhere?

412. The Shinto Shrine Torii's Surprising Code (Part 2)  

First aired: 8/29/2005

Conan finally figures out how to read Professor Agasa's code which turns out to be simpler than he originally thought. Conan then realizes that this code is also the trick to figuring out a murdered man's dying message. Ran and Sonoko however are traveling with the murderer! Can Conan somehow warn them in time?

413. The Half Completed Crime Mystery  

First aired: 9/5/2005

Coming soon.

414. The Detective Boys' Bluebird Chase  

First aired: 9/12/2005

Coming soon.

415. The Evil Spirit Appeared on an Unlucky Day (Part 1: The Case)  

First aired: 10/10/2005

Coming soon.

416. The Evil Spirit Appeared on an Unlucky Day (Part 2: The Suspicion)  

First aired: 10/17/2005

Coming soon.

417. The Evil Spirit Appeared on an Unlucky Day (Part 3: The Resolution)  

First aired: 10/24/2005

Coming soon.

418. Home of Beika's Grenier  

First aired: 10/31/2005

Coming soon.

419. Sword of the Eight-Headed Serpent (Part 1)  

First aired: 11/7/2005

Coming soon.

420. Sword of the Eight-Headed Serpent (Part 2)  

First aired: 11/14/2005

Coming soon.

421. Ginkgo's Color's First Love (Part 1)  

First aired: 11/21/2005

After finding an old letter a girl sent Professor Agasa, the Detective Boys become determined to help him to meet up with his first love from his childhood.

422. Ginkgo's Color's First Love (Part 2)  

First aired: 11/28/2005

Continuation of the previous episode.

423. The Detective Boys and the Four Aomushi Brothers  

First aired: 12/5/2005

Summary to come later.

424. The Photograph Mail From a Clown  

First aired: 12/19/2005

Summary to come later.

425. Black Impact! The Instant that the Black Organization Reaches  

First aired: 1/9/2006

Summary to come later.

426. Love Letter to Ran  

First aired: 1/16/2006

Ran receives a love letter in her shoe locker with the English letters S.H. written on the back of the envelope. The secret admirer asks for Ran to meet in front of a local fountain the following day. Could the letter have been from Shin'ichi, who is a Sherlock Holmes fanatic?

427. Super Secret of the Road to School (Part 1)  

First aired: 1/23/2006

Summary to come later.

428. Super Secret of the Road to School (Part 2)  

First aired: 1/30/2006

Summary to come later.

429. Two People Who Can't Return Yet (Part 1)  

First aired: 2/6/2006

Summary to come later.

430. Two People Who Can't Return Yet (Part 2)  

First aired: 2/13/2006

Summary to come later.

431. Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 7 (Part 1)  

First aired: 2/20/2006

Summary to come later.

432. Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 7 (Part 2)  

First aired: 2/27/2006

Summary to come later.

433. Conan: A Strange Child  

First aired: 3/6/2006

(Summary to come later.)

434. The Famous Dog Coeur's Achievement  

First aired: 4/11/2006

(Summary to come later.)

435. Information Gathered On the Detective Boys (Part 1)  

First aired: 4/17/2006

(Summary to come later.)

436. Information Gathered On the Detective Boys (Part 2)  

First aired: 4/24/2006

(Summary to come later.)

437. Aya Ueto and Shin'ichi -- The Promise from 4 Years Ago  

First aired: 5/8/2006

(Summary to come later.)

438. In Pursuit of the Fish E-mail  

First aired: 5/15/2006

(Summary to come later)

439. And It'd be Nice If Everybody Disappeared  

First aired: 5/22/2006

(Summary to come later)

440. The Car Stunt's Utmost Limit  

First aired: 5/29/2006

(Summary to come later)

441. The Ahh at the End of Life  

First aired: 6/5/2006

(Summary to come later.)

442. The Man Obstructed by the Steel Frame  

First aired: 6/12/2006

(Summary to come later.)

443. Gathering Shellfish With a Sigh (Part 1)  

First aired: 6/26/2006

(Summary to come later.)

444. Gathering Shellfish With a Sigh (Part 2)  

First aired: 7/3/2006

(Summary to come later.)

445. Secret of the Russian Blue  

First aired: 7/10/2006

(Summary to come later.)

446. The Sealed Western-style Window (Part 1)  

First aired: 7/24/2006

(Summary to come later.)

447. The Sealed Western-style Window (Part 2)  

First aired: 7/31/2006

(Summary to come later.)

448. The Black-Eyed Saury Case  

First aired: 8/14/2006

(Summary to come later.)

449. Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story -- The Fake Wedding  

First aired: 8/21/2006

(Summary to come later.)

450. Trick VS Magic (Part 1)  

First aired: 8/28/2006

Magician Genyou Fuyuki invites Mouri to attend his magic show. So Mouri attends along with Conan and Ran, learning a few magic secrets and tricks along the way. During the final act of Fuyuki's show, however, the trick goes horribly wrong when Fuyuki is trapped underwater for a long period of time. Mouri tries but is unable to save Fuyuki. Was this really an accident, or was it murder?

451. Trick VS Magic (Part 2)  

First aired: 9/4/2006

Continuation of the previous episode.

452. The Mysterious Person From Konpira (One Hour Special)  

First aired: 9/11/2006

The episode starts out with Conan, Mouri Ran and her friend Sonoko on a train bound for Konpira where they plan to watch a play that will be preformed. On arrival they set out to where they will be seeing the show later. They are met with a long market alley going uphill for some hundreds of steps. So much so that there is a lady who gave them all walking sticks for free. So they make it a bit of the way up and right as they are about to continue Sonoko hires a personal chair carried by 2 people to get her up the rest of the way. Mouri ran off to the street's Bar for sake. But they then leave and continue back up the stairs. At the top Conan and Ran both pray at a shrine. Ran tells Sonoko it is almost time for their friends to arrive there. No sooner than she said it do they run into them. Megumi-Chan, Tamanoske-San, and his girlfriend all came to see the show with them. But Megumi-Chan just worries about where the rest of the detective boys were. They all move along to the theater itself after that. Upon entering they are still setting up for tonight’s show, and they are getting everything in place. There they meet the crew and cast members for the play. Conan notices some glowing tape on the ground. The tape is used for marking off objects in the dark so that the cast doesn’t trip over anything during the play. As everyone is leaving, a rope holding up a large light structure snaps and nearly crushes one of the actors. She gets up and just walks away and they tie a new rope to the structure. They then tell them about a rumor of a ghostly figure called the “Kaijin” appearing nearby and scaring people that are heading towards the theater. They have received threat letters as well. Deciphering the letters code reveals that he will strike tonight! So later the play starts and many people are now in the room along with Conan and everyone. The play seems to being going without a hitch when suddenly a ghastly figure appears on the ceiling through the see through paper roof. Only the actors notice him though. Conan seeing the strange behavior of the actors looks up to the roof and sees it too. He gets up from his seat and leaves the room heading toward the roof while the play continues. He gets to the ladder but is met by one of the security members already looking into the problem and is told to not trespass around security areas. During the intermission the actors head tot heir dressing rooms The Female lead character heads to her dressing room only to be confronted with the voice of the ghost. But he is nowhere in sight. She then heads back to the play to perform again. (Leaving the scene of the play for a minute) one of the actors left into the night towards a big stone structure and is struck with a knife in the back of the neck. The next morning an officer riding his bike comes across the scene of the murder. But one thing is different, Tamanoske-san (Mouri and Ran’s friend) is there lying on the ground with him and awakes with the knife in his hands. Conan and the rest of them all being at the bar eating are startled to hear the news of the murder and how he was involved. They all head over to the police station where he is being interrogated and tells them he was framed and hit over the back of the head with a rock. Conan looking to set things straight goes back to the dressing room. And searches the rafters and finds a speaker. This might be how they transmitted the ghost’s voice in the room last night. The police find a projector that had projected the image of the ghost. This was used when the ghost first appeared during the play on the roof. Conan was in the process of talking to the chief of police when they got a report of the ghost being at the theater. Ran and mouri's other friend was grabbed from behind and knocked out with chloroform. This whole time the murder and everything else has surprisingly turned out like the story of the play. With that in mind they head up a mountain trail to a cave and find both the ghost at the entrance to the cave. They all run into the cave (also the last scene of the play). Conan knocks out Sonoko after running in to reveal the murderer. He reveals the evidence left behind by the murderer and reveals the culprit. Roami-san the actress playing the lead role is the murderer. Feeling her guilt she decided to end her life and she jumps of a cliff into a waterfall below. Conan jumps into the water to save her and is aided by Tamanoske-san and pulls her from the water. She is then arrested. Then the screen goes to the scene of the play that was being preformed and shows all the cast in a line on stage for the applause. The episode ends.

453. Preview Meeting of Friendship and Fate  

First aired: 10/23/2006

While waiting in line for Star Blade VI, the Detective Boys and Professor Agasa meet Bungo Tatei, a cameraman who is a die-hard Star Blade fan. When Tatei receives a phone call he leaves behind his bag and claims he'll return shortly. Something about Tatei's actions bothers Conan though. Did Tatei really receive a call from work, or is he planning something sinister?

454. Upsetting Outcome (Part 1)  

First aired: 10/30/2006

(Summary to come later.)

455. Upsetting Outcome (Part 2)  

First aired: 11/4/2006

(Summary to come later.)

456. The Mystery We Loved  

First aired: 11/13/2006

(Summary to come later.)

457. Sonoko's Red Handkerchief (Part 1)  

First aired: 11/20/2006

(Summary to come later.)

458. Sonoko's Red Handkerchief (Part 2)  

First aired: 11/27/2006

(Summary to come later.)



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