CH. Chakra's Spirit Of The West FDJ, AgN, ADC, SGDC, NA
Within limited agility competitions in 2005, Spirit has excelled. He has completed his Novice Agilty title in the CKC and earned Q's towards his Intermediate Title. In AAC he completed his Agility Dog and Starters Games Dog Titles as well as earning multiple Q's at the Advanced Level. Finally, in AKC Agilty with a total of 6 runs he earned 5 Q's and 5 First Placements - completing the requirements of his Novice Agilty title and is one Q away from His Novice Jumpers with Weaves Title.
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Last Updated: January 21, 2006
Spirit is a wonderful and outgoing Vizsla.

He is truly a great family companion, along with demonstrating how enjoyable it is to live with such a versatile dog.
Spirit is four years of age. He has completed his Canadian Championship in very limited showing at a young age and earned honors as a top show dog in 2003. He was retired early from the show ring in order to pursue his agility career

He completed his Field Dog Junior title in three consective tests at a young age and has a natural retrieve instinct.
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