The Body Balancer

Inventor Creates Total Body Healing Experience

Individuals that are afflicted with diseases that are untreatable by modern medicine often times look to alternative therapies in an effort to heal their body. While most of these therapies such as acupunture, aromatherapy, and massage will not cure their ailments, they can help alleviate most of their symptoms and help them feel better. Now there is a new device that would combine several different alternative therapies in one machine that is a total sensory healing device designed to promote over all well being of the entire body.

Inventor Cheryl Grainger of Florence, South Carolina came up with the idea for the Body Balancer in 1997. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1994 and later with chronic fatigue syndrome. She was a RN for many years, however she was unable to continue her career and consequently went on disability due to both conditions. She has tried several different alternative therapies, and she thought that they would be most beneficial if they were combined in one.

This original idea is now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, especially in the health products industry. Mrs. Grainger is hoping to have the Body Balancer in full production and available to the public within the very near future.

Additional Information about the Body Balancer can be obtained by contacting Cheryl Grainger.

An Innovative New Product For Your Company...

Cheryl has invented a new product that she feels offer your company a unique opportunity to expand or diversify its current product line.

The following introductory description of her new product will explain its function and design features in very general terms in hopes of sparking your initial interest in her invention. She will be more than happy to provide more detailed product information upon your request.

She is certain that once her invention has been fully developed by a firm such as yours it will have the potential to become a successful, profitable new product. Your request for more information will be both welcomed and appreciated.

You may email Cheryl to get more information.

Invention: The Body Balancer

Designed as an innovative new alternative healing device.

Proprietary design feature combines several different alternative therapies in one machine.

Total sensory healing device.

Low manufacturing costs using existing assembly lines and production facilities make it simple to mass produce.

All production materials and components are readily available on the commercial level.

Appeals to a large growing market of individuals that seek alternative therapy to help relieve medical conditions.

Designed to promote over all well being of the entire body.

International Mass-Market appeal.

Can be sold at or made available through health and medical supply stores and department stores.

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This product will be represented at the following trade show events:

World Exhibition of Invention & Innovation
Messe Frankfurt
Genia - Patent World
The London International Inventions Fair
Salon International Des Inventions

Providence They have several innovative medical inventions so hopefully I can get them hooked up with Cherri so the Body Balancer can become a reality.

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