Stealth Armor Model 7, Mark 1. This armor that was introduced in issue #152, is used for covert operations. Seeing how invisibility is imposible, Tony built an armor with the next best thing. This sleek, black suit of armor is a polarized steel mesh that uses every last bit of space for anti-detection and evasion components, and had no weapons.

      Multiple scanners and wave modifiers thwart rader signals. The armor also has force field technology to make Iron Man electrically invisible. A layer of low density plasma held in place by a magnetic field. A tripole wave form reflects all rader waves, completed with a wave modifier that helps.

      To eliminate any infrared scannable jet emmisions, Iron Man's exhaust is washed out by bursts of super cooled air.

A cool addition is an X-ray scan, a sonic scan, an extendible antenna, and an auto camera.

Later on Stark added a 40mm. low power Omni beam, and 25mm. palm repulsors.

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