Kansas City, Music, Laughter, Family, Friends, Internet, and a Cantoo?
What could they possibly have in common?
They all describe me.

Come on in and have some fun!
(The water is just fine.)

What You Will Find Here
(Or, Let's Get Your Feet Wet)

If you are using frames, simply click on the subjects at the left, or on the following links. New to the page if you are using frames -- you may select whatever song you would like to listen to. Just click the button by the listing. They are right underneath the navigation buttons on the left. If you would like to change tunes, simply click on another song.

Kansas City
I live in a fantastic city that I just had to share with you all. So check out this area to find out about Kansas City or check out some links about it. To prove to you how beautiful Kansas City really is, there are 6 pages of pics (37 pictures so far.)
MusicReady to find out about my thoughts on music? (You are a brave soul.) In the Music section, you will find lots of my favorite midis and links to fantastic music sites.
HelpDo you have questions about your computer or the internet? I've set up a whole section to help you. I also have links to sites for you to explore the internet, get help, sites for your family to enjoy and just for fun. Your answers (just don't expect to find the meaning of life) in the Help sectiion.
CantooThis is the internet, so did you expect me not to tell you about me? In the Cantoo section I will either fascinate you or bore you to tears. It isn't too long, so don't expect to use it to cure your insomnia.

I happen to be the lucky mother of three fantastic ladies. So I've given you a chance to meet my wonderful family. Please check the additional pictures while your are there.

I am constantly amazed at the internet, and in the Friends section you will meet my friends from around the world (from Yahoo Chat) and find links to their home pages. Two of my great friends, Lolly and Zeus44, have also taken liberties with some of the group and you can find your way to them from here. I've also added a 40+ Cookbook, please add your contributions too. They are the best group of friends a person could ask for.

NEW -- I've consolidated all of my links into one section. You can still get to them from the corresponding pages or simply go to Links button.
RecipesI've also added a navigation button to take you directly to the 40+ Cookbook. Some of our great cooks have graciously sent me their recipes to add. Lots of room left for yours. (But hurry, this is a limited time offer. If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale too.)
HumorNOW SHOWING - at a theater near you....oops, that's the wrong commercial. I have received so many funny things from my friends that I've included some of them in a new section called "Humor".
Just for FunI've also found some great things for you and your families to play with, be amused by and generally amazed by. I'll be adding those in a section called "Just for Fun".
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