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(Thank you to all the great people who have linked to my site and shared information over the years. Due to lack of time, I will no longer be maintaining my cat links here. What remains is a slimmed-down version of my page)

 We currently have 4 cats. Our newest addition was found at our neighbor's home. If you click on the cat's name you will be taken to the Cats' Picture Page. There, you will be able to view their pictures.

Hannah was adopted by us in early February 1997. The vet guessed her to be about 9 months old at that time. In fact the circumstances around her arrival at the local humane society, were very similar to Beana's: a young mom, nursing a kitten that once again, nobody wanted. Hannah use to refuse to drink out of the water bowls, but instead would cry until someone turned on a water faucet for her. She really has an *attitude* and gets away with so much. She has bad arthritis in her knees and doesn't get around well, therefore a weight gain.

We adopted Gold Kitty after the neighbors deserted him. They had always left him outside to hunt mice and squirrels. I started feeding him real cat food, treating him for fleas and ear mites, etc. Winter came and he still wasn't being kept inside. The last straw was a day that the temperature was wind chill of 25 degrees below and a phone call to them didn't get results. We put him in an extra room to warm up and he has been in our home ever since.

Another of our cats was a sweet kitten, Verla Joy. We adopted her from the local humane society. She caught our attention when we went to pick up our Christmas Card order. She was 14 weeks old when we adopted her. We never had a kitten before and she was a lot of fun...very playful and *so* trustworthy. She is a silver tabby.

Jerry was taken into our home at just 2.5 weeks of age. The neighbor lady found him and brought him to me, knowing I was a member of the local humane society. He had a rough start in life and almost died the one weekend. We found out he was not sucking properly and therefore not getting enough to eat. I had to tube feed him for several weeks. Wow, what a difference that made!

All my pets are spayed and kept in the house, two things I feel very strongly about. Visit my Spay/Neuter Page to read more. I thank my mom (God rest her sole) and dad for all of their help!

I really thought this cat graphic was cute because it looks like two of my cats, Sabrina and Hannah. However, don't ever let a cat play with string or yarn unattended. Thread and tinsel on Christmas trees are two other hazards. Sadly, I had to learn this the hard way. Please keep all these items out of the reach of your cats.

And please spay and neuter your pet!


"How you behave toward cats here below, determines your status in Heaven" -Robert A. Heinlein

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