God Understands

God understnads the heartache
When you face a lonely road.
And He'll be there beside you
To help bear the heavy load.

Though yearning for the touch
Of a loved one gone today,
Remember God still loves you
And will lead you all the way.

When the nights seem endless
And days are gray and drear,
Keep faith within your heart
For He sees the falling tear.

You need not feel forsaken
Trust His promises so true:
"Lo, I am with you always
With grace enough for you."

The Father's keeping watch
With His eternal love,
And peace He has promised
To send you from above

Aileen Williams

Missed dearly and deeply

In Memory of Tina

On June 21,2000 Tina lost her fight with breast cancer.
She will be so VERY missed by all who knew her
and all who loved her! She fought a hard fight!
A beautiful lady, that has given many grand memories!
She will be with us forever as our own Angel!
She will be well taken care of by her Daddy.
And very missed by her children, sisters, brothers,
Momma and her friends!

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