Hi, this is Patrick & Payton Wheeler. This is one thing that we love to do in our spare time, ride our dirtbikes. This shot was at Tahuya near Belfair and they have tons of good trails. Paytons bike is a 2000 Suzuki JR-50 and it's really fast. Mine is a 1996 Kawasaki KDX-200 and it's ok. He owes a super big thanks to cousins Lorelei and Donovan for helping him buy it. They came over with their little boy (future dirtbike rider) Evan and did some riding with us this summer. PT had his first motocross race at Ward Creek this fall and he did great, 2nd in his class and 4th overall! I didn't get any good pics cause it was raining very hard and they cancelled the second race, big bummer... He's raced two flat track races at Elma, but thinks it's a bit boring, so he wants to stick with motorcross. The next picture was taken by Laura of Payton and our dear friend Logan (in the sled) during the snow we had this last January.

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This is our webpage, and this is us!

Our cat Millie, Laura, Pat, Payton, and our Christmas puppy Nala. Click on the family album to see more pictures of us.

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