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Updated January 9, 2004
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Hi, my name is Bailey. I'm glad you dropped by for a visit. I love meeting new friends, especially since I'm a newcomer here! You see, I was a stray puppy wandering the streets before my new mommy came to find me! You can read about my story and learn more about me below! I am about five years old, and I'm a Lhasa Poo (that's Lhasa Apso and Poodle mix).

Bailey's Place Little Dog

I share a home with two cocker spaniels named Kayla & Kody. They have been living here long before me, and they let me know it. Sometimes I think I should be the lead dog, and sometimes I actually get away with it, but other times this is not the case! Kayla is clearly the head of the household (for now - wooof wooof). Kody doesn't like to share Mommy and sometimes we fight over who gets to sit in her lap! But when Kody's napping on mommy's lap, I sneak up there and share the couch! Kayla is fun, she likes to chase me and play, but sometimes she gets mad when I bite her ears, so she bites me back. Kody and I play too, but we kind of keep out of each others way. Mommy says we will learn to get along! I think we do ok!

Well, before I tell you anymore, Let me tell you how I got here!

More About Me

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!
  • Bananas - love 'em!
  • Raw Hide Chewies & Bones - good for my teeth!
  • Furry Stuffed Toys - love to carry them around!
  • Outdoors - love to run around and play!
  • Dogs & People - love meeting and greeting everyone!
  • Barking - gotta let people know who's in charge!

Kayla, Bailey, Kody
Oooh, my aching ears!!!!

Places To Go, Things To Do!

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I heard some very sad news! My friend Geoffrey went to Rainbow Bridge on March 27, 2001. He was a very handsome and quite a character! He has one of the coolest web sites on the net. I know I will miss him, and my love goes to his sister Gretchen, and his mom and dad.

March 17, 1986 - March 27, 2001

Look, I won the singing birthday cake from Santana!
singing birthday cake
You can win too if you sign up for Santana's Birthday Club!

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