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Shorewoodplace Footprints and Odysseys
~ In Pursuit of Genealogy & Family History ~

Shorewoodplace Ocean Beach
Following the footprints of ancestors . . . from shore to shore . . . from sea to shining sea.

Searching for the genealogy and family history of my forebears
. . . for those stalwart and courageous immigrants, pioneers and settlers, who lived their lives and, somehow not only survived the times, but also, contributed to the values and heritage that preceded our family today.

17turq2.gif (580 bytes) Genealogy -- Family lines and localities. All my genealogy pages.

17turq2.gif (580 bytes) Midi Music Odyssey -- Over a hundred of my favorite midi files, links to lots more midi sites, and a search engine to find your favorite song on the internet!

17turq2.gif (580 bytes) Odysseys Around the Sound -- (Puget Sound, that is!)  News, views and information for the Seattle area and Pacific Northwest... Great local and regional sites!

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