Cricket's Corner

My Sweet Puppy


July 31, 1990 - April 8, 2004

Cricket's health has been failing for over two years now. On April 8, 2004

we made the decision to put Cricket to rest.  She had nasal cancer and

had gone from a healthy 44 pounds to a weak 27 pounds.





Chasing squirrels, roast beef, long naps, getting my belly scratched *Chris seems to do this best!* Steak and boiled shrimp, visitors who pet me, going for walks, and playing "get the kitty!"

Hereeeee Cricket!

Cricket as a puppy.....with her favorite toy.

My puppy picture...Condor's Graystone Cricket Born: July 31, 1990 My dad was Zook's Rusty and my mom was Silver Rock Misty...which makes me a Graystone Cricket :)

..........get the kitty!


Cats, hair dryers, hair brush, baths, fast squirrels, hot sunny days, firecrackers, being put outside for visitors, visits to the vet, and being alone!

After a long day.....

Meet Bandit and Cody puppies. They were born just as Thanksgiving dinner was being served on Nov. 28, 1991. I had four males and two females. One female died at birth and Pepples died a day later. Dad was Smokey Bear Bevins of Kingsland, Georgia...later moved to Ohio.Bandit found his home in Kingsland, Georgia. Cody...aka KK's Bearstone Maximillian..Max found his home in Lake City, Florida.

Chestie and Roc

My other two puppies....Chestie and Roc. Chestie found his home in Greenwood, Indiana. Roc found his home in Callahan, Florida.

World's Sweetest Dog.....CRICKET!!




ABOVE: Steven age 10 with Cricket in 1990.................Steven  in 2003

BELOW: Travis with Cricket age 5 in 1990................Travis age 15 in 2003


Things that would make the world....a better place to live --according to Cricket!!

Dog food that doesn't taste like dog food. Can steak be that hard to put in a can?

Slow squirrels that can't climb very well. This would really make my day much less frustrating

Air Conditioning that can maintain my house at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. What is with this 78 degree nonsense?

The total elimination of all cats. At the very least, we should send these uppity attention stealers back to the wild.

Shorter Work owners agree with me on this one! Why should I have to be without attention for 40 hours a week? Them working two or three hours in the morning (before I wake up) is plenty.

Doors that open on command. It should only take a brief "woof" or two to get outside. The six or seven "woofs" that it now takes is unacceptable.

Matt Free Hair. I should not be forced to undergo the weekly indignity of being brushed for several hours at a time.

The outlawing of all baths. I don't insist that my family take baths, why should they force them on me? Every time I start to smell good they bath me in that smelly stuff. It takes me a good half hour in the yard to roll that smell off!

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