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Daniel is now 2 years old and he loves Thomas The Tank Engine.  He watches Thomas the tank engine videos all the time.  He plays with the trains and he has them with him to bed at night.  He's favorite trains at the moment are Percy, Toby and Thomas.  He hasn't got Toby yet, but we're looking.  They don't have that many Thomas trains in the Toy stors where we live, so each time someone in the family are out traveling they look for new trains for Daniel.  Well that's enough talking from his biggest sister.  Now here is Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends..........To get bigger pictures click on them...................

                            The Fat Controller's proper name is Sir Topham Hatt.
                      Many years ago he went to work on the Island of Sodor as an engineer
                      to the company which was building a railway there. He was eventually
                               made a director of the line he helped to build.
                   When he became Chairman, the engines nicknamed him "The Fat Controller".
                          He knows they call him this and he doesn't mind because he
                                 also knows they wouldn't do it to his face.

                        Thomas, an 0-6-0 tank engine, first came to Sodor on loan from
                        a line in the South of England. The Fat Controller took a special
                        interest in Thomas, and once he had proved himself to be a really
                      useful engine he gave him a branch line of his own. Thomas has worked
                      there happily ever since. His journey runs from Tidmouth to Ffarquhar,
                         where he lives. He has two coaches called Annie and Clarabel.

                         No one, not even the Fat Controller, knows where Percy really
                       came from. He's an 0-4-0 saddle-tank engine who has spent much
                         of his time on Sodor keeping Henry and Gordon in their places.
                       He has worked hard and the Fat Controller rewarded him by asking
                         him to help with the building of the new harbour at Knapford.
                         Now he helps Thomas with the goods traffic on the branch line
                                      and in the yard at Ffarquhar.

                        Toby, an 0-6-0 tank engine was built for work in harbours and on
                      roadside tramways, which accounts for his unusual shape, his sideplates
                     and cowcatchers. He keeps the roadside tramway running properly and
                       helps Percy with goods trains too. He has a coach called Henrietta.

                       James is a 2-6-0 mixed traffic engine. He can pull trucks or coaches.
                      He came to the Island of Sodor as an 0-4-0, but the Fat Controller had
                    another pair of wheels added in front and replaced his wooden brakeblocks
                          which caught fire on Gordon's Hill when James first arrived.
                        James lives at Tidmouth. He is inclined to grumble but has many
                        times proved himself to be a valuable member of the engine fleet.

                       GordOn, a 4-6-2 engine, was built at Doncaster on the other railway
                       as a test engine for a class of which The Flying Scotsman is the only
                       one left. Gordon is a boastful engine, but he works well and the Fat
                      Controller has been heard to remark that he wishes he had two of him.
                              But he is careful not to let Gordon hear him say it!

                    Edward, a 4-4-0 engine, has been on the island almost as long as Thomas.
                            First he worked at Wellsworth and then at Vicarstown.
                     The Fat Controller brought him back to Wellsworth and put him in charge
                      of the branch line from there to Brendam. Edward works this line with
                                      the help of the other engines.

                       Diesel is a standard Class 08 shunter from the mainland. He came to
                        the shed "on trial" but he quickly upset the other engines and was
                       sent away in disgrace. Later on, when an emergency arose and the
                        Fat Controller sent for a spare engine, he was not pleased when
                       Diesel was the only one available. But Diesel's behaviour improved
                         slightly on this visit and the bad feeling against him is now less
                                          strong than it was.

                      Duck is an 0-6-0 pannier tank Western engine. Duck is his nickname
                      his proper name is Montague, but he prefers Duck. The Fat Controller
                       put him in charge of the branch line to Arlsburgh, which he runs with
                                    Oliver, another Western engine.

                    Mavis belongs to the Ffarquhar Quarry Company. She was bought to shunt
                        in the sidings and was unreliable at first but after she had helped to
                      save Toby from his tightrope, the Fat Controller and Quarry Manager
                      decided to give her a chance and allowed her to go down the tramway
                     to Ffarquhar Yard. Now she has become quite useful and she and Toby
                              work the tramway very efficiently between them.

                       Bill and Ben are identical twins. They are 0-4-0 saddle-tank engines
                     and belong to the Sodor China Clay Company. They work between the
                       china clay pits and the harbour at Brendam. Edward keeps them in
                      order and Boco soon learned their ways as well. Then he was able to
                         help when Gordon was sent down the wrong line by mistake!

                         The Fat Controller was angry with Henry when he first arrived.
                      It wasn't poor Henry's fault - he couldn't make enough steam because
                       his firebox was too small. Then Henry had an accident when he was
                       pulling The Flying Kipper, and the Fat Controller sent him to Crewe
                      to be rebuilt. He came back with a bigger firebox and a new shape and
                          now enjoys his work. He is based at Tidmouth with Gordon.
                                        He is a 4-6-0 engine.

                     Bertie the bus came to the Island of Sodor soon after Thomas was given
                       his branch line. Like Thomas, he lives at Ffarquhar. Once he rescued
                      Thomas's passengers when he got stuck in a snowdrift. He also had a
                     race with Thomas, though Thomas won. Now they keep each other well
                             supplied With passengers and are the best of friends.

                        Harold is a helicopter who lives at Dryaw Airfield near Thomas's
                         branch line. Percy was the first of the Fat Controller's engines
                      to meet him. Percy thought Harold was noisy and Harold kept boasting
                     about how up-to-date he was. Percy challenged him to a race and won,
                        but Harold proved just how useful he was later by parachuting hot
                          drinks to Percy's passengers when he was stuck in a flood.
                                      Now they are firm friends.

                        Trevor is a traction engine. He was sent to the scrapyard because
                     he was thought to be too old to work any more. This was where Edward
                    met him. Edward persuaded the Vicar of Wellsworth to buy Trevor and he
                       now lives in the vicarage orchard. He saws logs in winter and gives
                               rides to children at garden fetes in the summer.

                                Terence is a tractor with caterpillar tracks.
                                    He lives on a farm near Ffarquhar.
                           His special tracks make him a useful friend to have around
                         as Thomas found out soon after meeting him - just the thing for
                                 pulling a stuck engine out of a snowdrift.
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