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Last Updated: July 31, 2000
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Hi! Welcome to Joyce's Figure Skating World! This page is dedicated all the figure skaters of the past, present and future. Here's my tribute to their successes and successes to come! This website mainly focuses on


The following basics, with links to detailed information, are intended to add to your understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of this sport.

    Things that I am working on and look forward to in the future (If you have any ideas or anything that you'd like to see on my site, please email me):

  • The Birth of Figure Skating
  • Figure Skating Hall of Fame
  • Photo Gallery
  • Apply for my award
  • Sound/Audio Clips
  • Guide to Jumps and Spins
  • Fan Buttons
  • TV schedules of upcoming competitions

  • Skater of the Month Tara Lipinski
    Precision Skating Skater's Poll
    Tips to protect your skates! Fan page
    Skater's Birthdays About me
    Contact skaters Inspirational Quotes
    Tara Lipinski's Timeline Webrings
    Michelle Kwan Introduction
    Skating Links Trivia
    Did you know that... Awards that I've won updated
    Olympic Results Glossary of Skating Terms
    Skating Tips Skating stories
    Poems What's New?
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