Anthony's Two Tae Kwon Do Experiences

Lot's o' groin strikes.

Took up TKD as I was bullied one day in the school bus. This big size guy wans't happy me and my friend. We were both talking and he started shouting at us. We were scared,with all the noise the driver asked if anything was wrong. Before me or my friend could answer, we felt a blow into out solar plexuses that took some air out of us. Even though angry, we did not dare to do anything. I thought, after taking TKD I would be better prepared in case anything happened again. But I was wrong as you can read on....

Story #1:

I had an argument with someone much smaller in size and younger as well. Well, we shook hands and I thought it was over but as he held my hand he pulled me towards him and kneed my balls. I fell down to my knees and he tried to kick me but I managed to deflect it and hit him on his shins. Then I locked his head with my arms and his position was waist high to mine. I started punching his head (not hard, but sort of like, threatening him) but before I knew what was happening he punched my balls with his left and right hand simultaneously- one from front and one from back. My knees gave way and he grabbed and squezed my balls till I pleaded with him to stop. Red-belt(me) against someone with yellow belt. Embarrasing, but no one saw it. Even after he let go I lashed out with a kick to his balls which got him nicely and I did a roundhouse, BUT he somehow managed to see that coming. Took himself to one side bent down and took revenge on the same spot twice!!!! That was more than I could take.I think I was down for about 10 mins trying to get up.

Was I right in trying to defend myself by trying to punch him back? Or should I have actually deflected all of his efforts? Too late anyway.

- Anthony

Story #2:

Yo man! Liked the links a lot. I have a red belt in taekwondo and I have to agree with the fact that muay thai fighters are strong and they have better conditioning. I had my cousin from Thailand come over with his friends and they challenged me to a sparrign fight. I am 21 and they are only 15. Gosh! It started nicely and I managed to keep out of their reach until my cousin's friend managed to 'hug' me and used his knee to my stomach. Boy that felt like a stone! I bent down and he let go and I punched his stomach. Would you beleive it if I told you no effect? He came forward and elbowed my chin and I fell down. I was halfway up when I saw him coming and using what I know from taekwondo, I caught his leg which was comign at me, hooked it up and sent a side kick to his balls. Hee Hee! But he had the last laugh. I thought he would be injured but he was not. I pushed him against the wall and he reversed the position like he lifted me off the ground. And he took revenge for what I did earlier. He knee'd my groin. Immediately, I just dropped to the ground like a dead wood. That was more painful than any kick I have received before. And I found out the practices thay carry out to make their knees like 'stone'. Glad that was just a friendly. Even though I had fights with others but this was humiliating. All it took was just one shot to my balls. But I decided against any rematch. Just something to share.

- Anthony

What can I really add to a chronicle such as this one? I guess I just wonder if this gentleman will ever be able to father children. It hurts just to read these.
- John


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