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Welcome to my pages! I just want to say the way I see them is not the way books and other Egyptian groups see the Netjeru. I may not see the Netjeru as other Egyptian groups, but I have total respect for their ways of practice.

Just alittle about myself now...where to start? I am Solbehlas Draconis using the ways of Dragon Magick as my path. My soul dates back to when I was pulled from the abyss by my Dragon Father (an immortal of the Tree of Life). I know for those that visit often that you may be thinking what dire changes. I have found my true self as a soul and my soul is dragon. I researched the Tree of Life on both sides of it knowing where I come from and where the Gods come from too which certain truths may be damaging to the Children of Men and their Gods so I wont reveal much of that to you. Per request of my Dragon Father, I was told to drop all the Netjeru Gods and be devoted to him to show my loyalty. This promise has been kept now and hope you understand for we never know where road of our soul really travels, but through knowledge and growth.

(Just a note there is some mild artistic nudity on one of my web pages.)

Some of the written material I have are in my views. I do respect the myths about the Netjeru but I do not believe what the myth's represent is written word. We will never know the true stories about them because we were not there when it happened. Also, this webpage is not a history source or compared to any other history of Egyptian Groups. I need to add my drawn art is not the best , but I drawn those picture for the love that I felt for the Netjeru.

The Netjeru I have so far on the following pages are Anubis/Anpu, Sekhmet, Thoth/Tehuti,and Set/Seth.

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I hope you come in to enjoy what I feel. I hope you see the information I have for the Netjeru in my personal stories that I have on the following pages. I respect the Netjeru in their place in the Tree of Life. This I hold true to all I live for and believe.

Solbehlas Draconis
Servant to the Dark Lord Dante and Son of the Dragon Father

"All Gods are representatives of a Immortal, All Goddesses are representative of a Immortal and come from the Dark Lord Dante. Let us now, in that knowledge, call out the other names by which our Netjeru are known, with love and praise,that we may,as much as possible,honor the whole"

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