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[Akhentef's World - The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt]
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Hello and welcome to Akhentef's World.
May the light of the Gods and Goddesses shine in and with you always.



Tefnut, Egyptian Goddess of moisture and rain My Lady

Beloved Netjer My own personal experiences with the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Links Lots of great places and information about Egypt and the Netjer


The Gathering - A Place for Pagans Who Have Lost a Loved One
The Gathering Message Board is also located here, so all may share.

GeoCities Pagan and Wiccan Pages Some of my neighbors in GeoCities, who just happen to be pagan or wiccan!

Pagan and Wiccan Links around the Net A wide variety of beliefs and knowledge to share.

Pagan Gifs, Graphics & JPGs A collection of interesting pagan graphics I've collected.

AvatarSearch THE search engine for the occult internet.


My Family Tree I do the family history. My main surnames are McClain, Shaffer, Reck and Viola, but with almost 1400 names and over 525 family groups, there are alot of other surnames to check out as well.

Genealogy Links Lots and lots of different sites to help you search out your family history!

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[Open for business!][Akhentef's ONLINE BOOKSTORE]

Astrology, Herbs, Stones, Tarot & More! LOTS of interesting places here! Come explore!

Gifs, Graphics and Boris Vallejo! Links to lots of animated gifs, beautiful graphics and of course, Boris Vallejo, whom I personally feel is the greatest fantasy artist of our time.

HTML Help Links to great sites that help with borders & backgrounds; html; getting published and noticed on the web; plug-ins and more!

Midi Mama's Music A wide variety of my favorite midis for your listening pleasure

Webrings 3 Pages of Webrings to which I proudly belong. Be sure to check them out!

Awards Awards my site has won! Thank you!!

5 Days in the Life of an Addict


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