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I hope you share my love of the fanciful, the weird, and of course that most majestic of creatures, the great dragonkind. I also like gargoyles, gryphons, dinosaurs, dogs and wolves. When I was a little girl I started out reading fairy tales and the progression to science fiction and fantasy was a natural one. The day I first read Tolkien probably changed my life forever. It still is my all time favorite book, with Foundation Trilogy and Dune right up there. Heck, I love it all, spookies, supernatural, ghosts, sci fi, you name it. Escaping reality, maybe. So this fledgling homepage is here for me to bring out my dormant creative side and share the goodies I've found on the web with my fellow web travelers. I hope something in these pages will either bring a smile, be informative, or at the very least be pretty to look at and not a complete waste of time.
I'm just learning html and planting images and all this, so please be patient and check back often, this homepage has taken over my life and is always growing, evolving and undergoing modifications. So enjoy. I will be devoting every spare moment to making this a great homepage. Following are a few links I hope you find helpful

Links to other sites on the Web

Artwork CentralVery Very large selection of fantasy artwork as well as mainstream art , anime art, etc. Cool background music too!
Here be Dragons!
Darque Dragon Inn
Fantasy Art Card Images
This is the Mother of all J.R.R. Tolkien links
DragonWillow's Cave

The UndeadOuter Space
Newbie Diary

Ran out of link space, am now attempting beginning html. I will create a link within text aboutEdgar Rice Burroughs. This is fun, it actually links! Now if I can figure out graphics...... Speaking of graphics, for the traditional art lovers among you, the premier site to go to is "The Web Museum", it offers up the art of the ages for you. Also, please take a look at my very best friend's page (even if he isn't into Dragons, poor soul) Marty . Hope to add wallpaper soon.Have just added that beautiful creature to my site, have decided to stay with black background. I found a great selection of dragon icons at Here There Be Dragons. Following are some more links I think you'll enjoy.

Click here for THE TRUTH now told!

Isaac AsimovHey, the name says it all

Kenny and Ruth's Internet Pages Great Collection of Fantasy Art Links, personal favorite

The Ghost House Favorite of mine, has all the bells and whistles, great content.

Demon's Image Archive

Fantasy Art The ultimate guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Art on the Web.

Lothlorien Fantasy Art Gallery Good selection of some fantasy art by new artists.

More fantasy artPossibly the largest collection of fantasy art on the web, large selection of Tolkien pictures included

Dragonhold: Underhill Anne McCaffrey's homepage, author of the Pern series and more.

Malathar's Lair Where to find those cute animated dragon gifs.

Art of Michael Whelan Very nice display of his art

Mystic's Fantasy Images

The Art of Dragonlance Saga What self-respecting ode to Dragons wouldn't have a link to Dragonlance?

Dragonlance Homepages You want more Dragonlance? Here you can hop on the Dragonlance "Ring"

Dragon Realm Studios You can submit your dragon tales here, much more.


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This entire homepage is dedicated to my very good friend Marty, without whose help I would have gone completely insane and commited violence and mayhem

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