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I wanted to create this page 'cause I think there could still be more things about this wonderful actor Brent Spiner on the web. Unfortunately I will never be the one to show the absolute news about him. :(

Some things about me. Anyone who wants to know something about me and my VERY exciting life can click here

As I said, I'm a real Spiner Femme. If you're a Femme, too, you can disagree cause I've never been on a convention and have never seen Brent Spiner in person. But that doesn't matter :) If you want to see some pics of Brent, click here. I think everyone who wants to look at my page knows Brent, if you don't, don't hesitate to mail and ask me.

Brent, the second, enter here

and Brent, the third here

oh boy, Brent, the fourth here


some pictures, all from the magazine *Sci-Fi Special* (1999 - German edition)




Fan Fiction

My favorite Data-related stories. Not only taken from alt.startrek.creative anymore. It wasn't me who wrote them (alright, with one exception. Still working on it...)

See how Data has changed over the years ... Data gallery



Please tell me what you think about this *nothing* and mail me email All kinds of comments are appreciated, and I mean all!! If you notice a mistake, just tell me. These texts aren't written in my native language, but I didn't want to do everything in German so everybody would theoretically be able to read it.

Don't you sometimes wish you had a positronic brain?

I took all the links and put them here: Links


Whoa, now I'm in three webrings...


This humble excuse for a fan page has actually won this cute award. Thanks to everybody who took the time to vote for my page! It was a real surprise!

So if you think I did a good job of it, please take a second of your time ;) ............


last update 6/11/99 (two new stories, can be found on my fanfic page)



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