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As a non-believer, I am not moved by the lyrics of sacred music. The music itself, however, (some of the world's most beautiful music--- filled with past associations and passions) still inspires, still thrills. Yet, it is no longer a part of my life, for its supernatural lyrical content has no meaning for me.

"The Humanist Hymnal" is an effort to reclaim that music, to put it back into my life in a way that my reason can accept. The following selections are "revised" hymns and carols. Some are parodies and are meant to be funny. Others are more serious and attempt to promote a positive humanistic philosophy. Still others, in the parody process, emerged as very anti-Christian and will be considered offensive by some.  You have been warned.
All are products of the real world, of nature, and of freethought.

Selections are continually being added in the spirit of sharing. Please use them to spread the philosophy of freethought, humanism, and brotherhood, in an un-supernatural way, especially during the winter solstice holiday season.
Reclaim the Music.  Keep the good part---throw out the garbage.

Happy Holidays, Jerry Phillips

Music to these parodies may be found in The Methodist Hymnal, and elsewhere.

     INDEX Hymns are catagorized for convenience

A CANDLE IN THE DARK (To the tune of 'Dear Lord and Father of Mankind')
A tribute to the late Carl Sagan

ALL HAIL, THE POWER OF DARWIN'S NAME (All Hail,.........Jesus' Name) Humorous


AWAY WITH THE DANGER  (Away in a Manger)  Solstice Season

BE A "BRIGHT"  added 6/14/03 in honor of THE BRIGHTS' MOVEMENT
    Are you a 'Bright'? Join this extraordinary effort to change the thinking of American society.
         General and Winter Solstice


COME, THOU LONG-EXPECTED RAPTURE  (Added: 10/09/97)  Humorous

THE EVOLUTION CHORUS  for the 1999 Solstice Season (12/22/99)


FREETHINKER AND ATHEIST    (Added: Feb. 3rd, 1998) (Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise) 
General and Call to Arms against Creationism

HARKEN TO THE SONGS WE SING (Hark, the Herald Angels Sing)  Solstice Season



JOY TO THE WORLD  Humorous Solstice Tribute to television's  "Bill Nye, the Science Guy"

JUST AS I AM  General and Funereal

MOTHER LOVES ME     (Jesus Loves Me)  Secular Lullabye

NO MASTERS AND NO GODS FOR ME (O, Master, Let Me Walk With Thee)
Added March 17th 2001...It's been over a year since I've added a new song...This one has always been one of my favorites---musically, that is. Enjoy!  General and Funereal

NOW IS THE TIME FOR CAROLING (Coventry Carol)  Solstice Season

O CHRISTMAS TREE  Solstice Season

O COME, ALL YE FAITHFUL  Humorous Solstice Season

O COME, O COME AND LISTEN AS WE TELL  (O Come, O Come Immanuel)  General

SILENT NIGHT   Solstice Season

SOLSTICE TRIBUTE  by Dan Barker  (Sung to: O, Little Town of Bethlehem)

TELL ME NO STORIES OF JESUS   added June 17, 2003  General

THERE IS NO HELL (To the tune of 'The First Noel')  Humorous Solstice Season

THIS IS MY ONLY WORLD   added June 17, 2003   General and Funereal
                              (Hey, am I on a roll here? This is Fun)

THE WORLD OF RICHARD DAWKINS (God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen)  
Solstice Tribute to the great paleontologist.

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Treasures from the Hymnal   my personal favorite...gorgeous midi orchestrations

ONE MORE THING: Many have written of plans to go caroling this year. I would love to hear any recordings (groups or individuals) which might develop as a result of rehearsals or performances. If you should tape anything, please let me know.
Thanks, Jerry Phillips (The Humanist Hymnal Guy)

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